Under 11 Teal: Round 9

U11 Teal v Newtown Swans

Round 9, Alan Davidson Oval

On a perfect winter afternoon for football, Under 11 Teal travelled to Alan Davidson Oval to take on the Newtown Swans.

It was a scrappy affair as the pitch was soft, and the wind was swirling around making kicking and marking difficult for both sides today. A pretty even first quarter with Rafferty being a standout for Drummoyne getting plenty of the ball and working really hard. His efforts really lifted the team. Callum in the ruck was also working hard pushing the ball forward.

Coach Sean used the game to really mix up our attack and defence, and most players found themselves in unfamiliar territory, but a great opportunity to give everyone a chance all over the ground. Declan was laying plenty of tackles, and we pretty much had the measure of the Swans for most of the game.

The second half was a grind but Ethan W was outstanding for Drummoyne even after he received a stray boot to his hand in the 2nd quarter. Good efforts across the park, and important goals at critical times from Sam W, Rory, and Stephen kept our noses in front.

As the sun disappeared and the shivering spectators made their way to the car park, Under 11 Teal enjoyed another hard earned victory.

Go Power!

Under 9 Black – Round 9

U9 Black vs Concord Gman

Round 9, Saturday 16 June, 2018

St Luke’s Oval

Everyone got up super early to allow plenty of time to travel the distance to the away game this week – after all it is such a long drive to St Luke’s Oval in Concord!

After a week off for the long weekend, the boys were super keen to lace up their boots and get onto the footy field and show Concord how to play AFL.

The first half of the game was tight. Drummoyne Power matched Concord on the field in every respect. There were some great plays getting the ball down the field, with a particularly good combo from Austen P, Dimitri and Alex G.

Austen P just didn’t stop all day, and he worked with Hamish to halt Concord in their tracks from scoring a goal. Talan used his height to his advantage throughout the game, tipping and running after the ball with ease. And even though Concord did manage to sneak in a goal in Q1, the boys showed great teamwork in Q2 to set Austin D up with the opportunity to kick for goal — which he did with precision!

Moving into the second half, Concord U9s clearly ate something other than orange quarters as they came on guns blazing, and scored a couple of quick goals in Q3. However, this was answered by some fantastic play from the Drummoyne boys, with Luke, Rohan and Nathen doing some great chasing down of the ball and tackling, while Arnaud got in there and picked the biggest Concord players to tackle to the ground! This hard work resulted in moving the ball down to the Drummoyne end and Dimitri scoring a goal.

Alex V and Lachlan just seemed to be in the middle of the play all game, with great kicking and tackling. Sam took on the advice of the coach and kept his positioning, marking his player and helping slow Concord’s flow to a mere trickle and allowing the boys to find their rhythm towards the end of the game with two amazing goals by Alex G and Akira.

Overall, this was one of the most evenly matched games so far this season. Even though the U9s games are not scored, there was some debate as to who ‘won’ the game as it was so close — but in my mind, Drummoyne U9 Black, with their great teamwork and good sportsmanship, were the winners on the day!

Under 11 Teal: Match Report Round 8

On a cold, blustery Saturday afternoon at Drummoyne Oval, Under 11 Teal took on the Glebe Greyhounds. The Greyhounds are sitting on top of the ladder, and they gave our boys a bit of a touch up in the first game on the season. Much has changed from the season opener as the Teal boys have improved every game since then.

A tense first quarter saw the boys go the break trailing by a single point as both teams could only manage a goal each, as defence was even across the ground. Well done to Sam J who kicked our first goal, taking a strong mark in front of goal, and going back and slotting it through.

A tight second quarter saw Teal go to the main break with a lead by a point after kicking a couple of points. Unfortunately we couldn’t capitalise kicking with the wind. Callum and Albie were working hard trying to get the ball forward.

The Greyhounds kicked 2 goals to our single major, as the tense scrappy game continued in the third quarter. An unfortunate clash saw Ethan W and Callum needing a break as some ice was found. Good on both boys for getting back on the field and getting amongst it again. Some good lead up work from Tom C and Rafferty delivered a nice kick to Phinn, who put our only goal through. We went to the break 5 points behind the Greyhounds. Ethan D was having a big influence on the game, with one of his best games so far.

Unfortunately it looked like we were running out of steam in the last quarter as the Greyhounds posted a couple of goals to set up a handy lead. Declan capped off a good game with a nice goal to go with his strong defence.

The final score was 33/52 to the greyhounds, but the Teal boys should take some real positives out of the game, as we put a much better team effort than the first meeting.

Next weekend is a bye so enjoy your weekend off.

Under 11 Teal: Match Report Round 7

U11 Teal v Newtown Swans

Round 7, Alan Davidson Oval

On a warm and sunny afternoon, Under 11 Teal travelled to Newtown to take on the Newtown Swans.

From the opening ball up Teal was away! Like a well oiled machine Teal clicked into gear straight away, kicking three quick goals. Ethan D and Callum were winning the hit outs and midfielders Rory and Rafferty were  getting the ball quickly in the forward line with Phinn and Stephen converting into easy goals. By quarter time we had a comfortable lead.

Coach Sean decided to swap the forwards and the backs in the second quarter, and we kept going from where we left off. Josh and Scott both slotted early goals, and there was more good work in the mid field by Albie with his long kicks, and Declan who keeps worrying the opposition with his strong tackling. Sam J also got into the action and kicked a good goal as well.

At half time Sean asked Sam W and Callum to play for the Swans to even things up and they gave it their all putting in strong performances. During the halftime break, Sean said he wanted to see the boys working on their teamwork.

The boys continued to dominate the 3rd quarter kicking another 5 goals, and it was great to see the confidence levels rising across the park. Our tackling, kicking and hand passing kept improving and we were heading for our best win of the season.

Samson, Sam J and Rhys (in only his second game this year) were getting amongst the play, and the two Toms – Tom N and Tom C – were working hard and really kept shutting down the Swans. Winston is getting more confident each game and tackled strongly. He was close to kicking a goal on a couple of occasions.

Declan also joined the Swans in the last quarter, and all Power players and parents were a bit nervous about being on the receiving end of Declan’s tough tackling style, In the last quarter we were playing 18 Swans, including Sam, Callum, and Declan against 13 Teal players. Parents from both teams cheered wildly as the Swans kicked four last quarter goals, to give them some confidence by the end of the game.

The Swans manager made a point of thanking us the spirit in which the game was played, and for the contribution of our boys to lift them in the last quarter. The team song was sung with plenty of gusto; the coach was happy; and the Teal boys headed off for a well earned rest.


U10 Teal: Round 4

Under 10 Teal v Western Suburbs Magpies

Round 4

Another difficult game for U10 Teal this week who came up against a bigger, stronger opponent in Wests Magpies. Although our boys were out bodied and faced some superior long kicking skills, the effort and intensity of the Teal unit could not be questioned.

Across the ground, Teal had to be on the defensive and stop the ever pressing pressure from the Wests outfit. Otto was superb across half back, repelling many an attacking foray. Dylan was also the coaches choice for superb efforts across the ground.

Playing short, we had two children from a younger grade step up to help out and both held their heads high. Specific mention needs to go out to Hewie who kicked a tremendous goal under pressure.

The team had fun and sang the club song with gusto!

Next week we host the Maroubra Saints and will hopefully turn the season fortunes around.

Under 9 Black – Round 4

U9 Black vs Western Suburbs Magpies

Round 4, Saturday 5 May, 2018

WH Wagener Oval

Coming off a tough game in the previous week, the battle-scarred U9 Black team was determined to make amends.

The WH Wagener Oval was ready, the sun was out and the boys were there early. The warm up was solid and Coach Mark recapped the prior week, tugging at the hearts of those who felt the pain of defeat. (There’s no scoring in U9, but everyone knows that Junior AFL players are master mathematicians when it comes to their six-times tables.) The boys knew what they needed to do, each committing to give it their all.
Right from the first bounce it was tackle, tackle, tackle. The message had gotten through, and leading the charge was Arnaud – what he lacks in stature he more than makes up for in effort and determination. He is a player reborn.
Grit. It’s what gets you through tough times, and U9 Blacks had plenty of it. Clearing the ball from the rucks (Nathen, Akira and Rohan proving to be deft hands at this), smothering the Pies attempts at clearing kicks (Tom and Dimitri) and wrestling the ball from fierce opposition (Alexander G and Alexander V) laid the foundations for a win and kept the Pies scoreless in two quarters.
Pace. Outrunning your opponent will either win you the ball or save you from eating dirt – both desirable outcomes. And it was again Lachlan, with his incredible turn of speed, with Talan, Luke and Akira who chased down balls and the opposition like cheetahs on a gazelle.
Teamwork. If you don’t have it you won’t win. And today it was there in spades. Austin D and Austen P personified teamwork – they were everywhere today. It didn’t matter what position they were playing, they were there to make the tackle, take the pass and make the mark. Rohan, Luke and Nathen provided great support with a number of possessions and disposals.
Confidence. It could have been a little shaken after the previous week, but you wouldn’t have known it from the way the team played today. The level of confidence was high, none higher than Akira whose mark on the siren in the 3rd term left him with an 80m kick for goal. As he tucked his mouth guard into his sock and lined up the monster kick, you knew this kid was the real deal. Unfortunately, some chewy on his boot and a gale force headwind worked against him today, but his confidence was in no way rocked.
In season 2017, U9 Black was a goal scoring machine, and this match was reminiscent of those days, with 4 goals in total (Dimitri with two, and one each for Talan and Hamish). Throw in a handful of behinds and U9 Black had shaken the monkey of their backs. They are back!

Under 9 Black – Round 1

U9 Black vs Newtown Swans Red

Round 1, Saturday 7 April, 2018

Alan Davidson Oval

The season opener was played under sunny skies and summery temperatures at the lovely Alan Davidson Oval and the excitement was palpable.

With the onset of their first post-Auskick season of tackle the boys had about as much room to move as a PM facing 30 consecutive Newspoll losses but handled the pressure admirably.

From the first kick of the game our talisman Alexander G showed what it means to step up when he recovered after an intercepted kick and put his opposite number on the ground – it’s a long way from putting someone on back foot (the best possible result in 2017!)

Austin D took the lead-by-example approach to captaincy to a new level and after taking a massive hit rebounded more powerfully than Turnbull could ever dream of. Dimitri’s play was as sharp as his haircut and with Xavier kicking truly the Power took the momentum into the first break.

With a quarter-time inspirational speech ringing in their ears the Swans came out strongly with Hamish the first to find out that you have to be quick in the post-Auskick era. Arnaud also found out what it means to have 200kg of in-your-face pressure when three Giants in a Swans strip seized upon his attempt to break free – but showed no fear at all!

With the boys getting used to the new conditions some great play started to emerge, with the play of the match seeing a clearing kick from Luke swooped upon by Lachlan who took a quick right-foot snap at goal. Our first-gamer Talan was proving to be a fine recruit, showing best-on-ground qualities in a super all round performance that turned back raid after raid.

With the Swans scoreless at half-time the defence had reason to smile as all the boys headed to a well-deserved orange and H2O injection.

The second half continued with the heavy hitting with Alex V giving as good as he got in a battle with the Swans tall timber. Alex V also set the spark for a great goal with a post-mark kick finding Akira who then chipped a short pass on to Dimitri who split the sticks. Nathen was absolutely everywhere in the midfield and Austin D once again showed his teammates what it means to lead with a great tackle that extinguished another Swans raid.

With the heat in the field matching the final quarter on-field temperatures the Swans kept on coming but great goals from Alex V and Austen P keeping the Power fire burning. Rohan got strongly involved in the midfield, with his prints all over the ball at the final whistle.

Overall, the season opener was an eye-opener and the boys adjusted to the new world and they have every right to be proud. We’re not in Kansas anymore and there’s no free runs or friendly coaches acting as referees – and here’s to a great season to come.

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