Canteen Coordinator Mamie McLean with Club President Jeremy Stanwix

Round Three MVP: Mamie McLean

Round Three MVP: Mamie McLean

With Sydney’s wild weather playing havoc, causing sporting fields across Sydney to be closed, it was unfortunate that Round Three was a total wipeout for all Drummoyne Power teams.

So with no action on field, we have had to look OFF field for our Most Valuable Player for Round Three.

The Sydney Swans are holding a weekly Club MVP competition, asking each junior Club to nominate a weekly MVP for our Club. The MVP could be a player, an official or volunteer around the grounds. If our entry is selected, the nominee wins four tickets to a Swans game.

Our nominee for this week is bound to be popular. Mamie McLean has been the Club’s Canteen Coordinator for a couple of years now and makes an enormous contribution to the Club. Revenue from the canteen is extremely important in ensuring our club is adequately resourced, and that our registration fees don’t skyrocket.

But while everyone knows who Mamie is, there are a couple of things you may not know about Mamie.

The first is, Drummoyne Power is not the only organisation to benefits from her great community spirit and super organisational skills; she’s an active volunteer for a number of community organisations (where does she get the time??), including the Hunters Hill Food and Wine Festival, which was unfortunately this year also cancelled by the weather.

You also may not know that just after the AFL season ended last year, Mamie was gravely ill, requiring a brain operation for an aneurysm. And while she appears to be as bright and energetic as ever, Mamie is still in recovery mode and may need some TLC. We’re super grateful that she now has a team around her to provide support. Thank you to Nicole Chung, Leanne Bromley and Leanne Hart, who are all making invaluable contributions to the Drummoyne Power canteen, and supporting Mamie behind the counter and behind the scenes.

Thank you, Mamie, for all you do. You’re an obvious choice for Club MVP for Round Three!

PS: last year, some of our Auskickers even made a video about Mamie… Didn’t see it? It’s worth a look!

Youth girls team photos

Team Photos: 30-31 May, 3 June

Say Cheese! Team Photos

This year, we’ll be trialling an online booking system for club photos, similar to that used by schools. Photos will be taken at Drummoyne Oval games on Saturday 30 and Sunday 31 May. There is a backup day on Wednesday 3 June at Drummoyne Oval.

Managers will be provided with photo envelopes to distribute. If you want to order by cash or cheque, fill these in and return to your manager BEFORE photo day.

Alternatively, you can order online. Go to and enter the online code: NT8 T2A YM6.

Select your team and order your package. Follow up with an email to your manager, so they know they don’t have to chase you.

Please note: credit card payments can only be made online, also if you order AFTER photo day, there’s an additional re-order fee applied, so get your orders in beforehand.


Caltex Drummoyne, Caltex Gladesville, Caltex Woolworths Gladesville, Caltex Woolworths Rozelle logo - Gold Sponsors

Sponsor Update: Caltex

New Gold Sponsors

A huge shout out to Nabil and Peter from Caltex Drummoyne, Caltex Gladesville, Caltex Woolworths Rozelle and Caltex Woolworths Gladesville.

Silver Sponsors last year, they have increased their sponsorship commitment to Drummoyne Power for Season 2015 to Gold.

This is a great investment in grassroots kids sport, that allows us to properly resource our kids playing AFL, while keeping fees at a reasonable level. Thank you!

Support the businesses that support your club and let them know you appreciate their sponsorship next time you drop in! See below for map locations.


Caltex map locations

Laura goals under pressure

Laura (U10 Silver) Club MVP: Round Two

The Sydney Swans are holding a weekly Club MVP competition, asking each junior Club to nominate a weekly MVP for our Club. The MVP could be a player, an official or volunteer around the grounds. If our entry is selected, the nominee wins four tickets to a Swans game.

Our nominee for Round Two is Laura from U10 Silver. Laura made her AFL debut last year, so this is her second season playing AFL with Drummoyne Power.

Laura LOVES her footy. She is a die-hard Swans supporter and constantly has a football in her hands, practising drills that Coach Tim sets for the team each week.

After a quiet game in Round One, Laura hit her stride in Round Two, scoring two goals in the first quarter and being in the thick of the action for the whole game. What a confidence boost! She received the Coach’s Team Player of the Week award for her efforts.

Coach Tim says Laura “posesses, and indeed this week kicked her running goals off, a booming ‘Buddy-like’ left boot”.

“Laura very regularly contributes this strongly... Laura is also a coach’s dream in terms of her approach to learning the game and developing her skills,” he said.

As well as playing for U10 Silver this year, Laura has been invited to play in our Youth Girls U14 competition and she’s said she’s willing to give it a go. If this weekend’s form is anything to go by, she’ll be amazing!

Congratulations, Laura, you’re our Club MVP nomination for Round Two.

Finlay U5 2015

Club MVP

Club MVP – Round One

The Sydney Swans are holding a weekly Club MVP competition, asking each junior Club to nominate a weekly MVP for our Club. The MVP could be a player, an official or volunteer around the grounds. If our entry is selected, the nominee wins four tickets to a Swans game.

So, who to select for Round One? How about our registrar, Simon Osborne? In the job for just a few weeks, he has processed hundreds of registrations in preparation for round one, generating seemingly endless streams of updated team lists.

What about our other committed board members – Jeremy Stanwix, Adrian Walton, Milan Serovich, Damon Jones, Warren Hart? They’ve put in hours above and beyond what’s expected to get the Club ready for Round One.

Or our Auskick Coordinator Megan Chandra? She has the mind-boggling job of slotting kids into teams, taking into account their friendship groups and skill levels (“people-tetris”, she calls it).

Could it be those the coaches and managers who have devoted time and energy to organising our 20+ teams to get on the field? Some have taken up the slack for more than one team.

All worthy contenders for the MVP role.

We volunteer because our kids love AFL. It’s a great sport – whether you’re aiming for the big time, or just in it for “fun, friendship and fitness” – and Drummoyne Power is a fabulous Club, with a strong community spirt and volunteer ethic.

Watching kids take the field yesterday for Round One, which went off without a hitch – even despite a last minute wet-weather ground switch –  was pretty satisfying for those of us who have put so much effort into launching this season.

And, for that reason, we’ve chosen Finlay from our mighty U5s. He is just one of dozens of kids in our club – across all age groups – who experienced AFL for the first time in Round One.

For the past couple of years, Finlay’s been on the sidelines every week  – on game day and at training –  watching his big brother Raff play for Drummoyne Power.

Yesterday, it was finally his turn and he played his heart out for our U5s, earning the coach’s award for best on ground in a team of future champions. Congratulations Finlay! You’re our Club MVP for Round One!


Auskick match report

New! Online Match Reporting

Online Match Reporting

Club, we have a new system for lodging and distributing those all important match reports after the games. They’ll be visible from your team blogs, accessible through your team pages, or through the blog section of this website.

Match reports are now filed online – and the process is really easy. Best of all, you can add photos or videos of your AFL stars. The instructions are outlined in Manager Resources section, and your manager will be able to provide you with user names and passwords.

You will be able to submit your match reports online, pending review by our website coordinator. Best of all, match reports will be able to be shared with your family and friends by using the social media share buttons, at the bottom of the page.

It is a new system for us all, so let us know if you have any difficulties or find any glitches! If you need help, contact Michelle Hauschild.


Sydney Uni Colts

Player Pathways

One of the really important things we do as a Club is provide pathways for kids who want to continue their footy through to senior levels. We’ve got strong relationships with Sydney University and the Balmain Tigers (for men’s footy) and the Balmain Dockers (for women).

This week, we saw three recent graduates of Drummoyne Power Junior AFL line up for the Sydney University U19 Colts.

At a jumper presentation ceremony, there was a nod to past tradition with Xavier (X) Nelson, Luke Egan and Ethan (Spida) Willis all receiving the same playing numbers that they’d worn at Drummoyne Power for the past 10+ years. Xavier was presented with number 18, Luke 17 and Spida 10.

The jumpers were presented by new Swan Jack Hiscox, himself a former Colts player, who actually wore the number 17 jersey presented to Luke. (An extra good omen, for sure!)

Xavier, Luke and Ethan joined Drummoyne Power as Auskickers, and played together all the way through to U17s last year.

You’ll still see Xavier around the traps, as he’s a regular umpire for youth games (award winning umpire, we should note!).

We wish the boys well in their new playing careers at Sydney University!

Sydney University Jumper presentation

Xavier Nelson receives his No. 18 jumper for Sydney University Colts

Register Now!

Club, if you haven’t finalised your registration for Season 2015, now is the time to do that.

While it is never too late to encourage your friends to try AFL, our coaches and managers are trying to finalise the team lists.

If you’re not on their list then you won’t be allocated to a team.

You can’t train and play without being registered and financial – unregistered players are not covered by the Club’s insurances and cannot take the field.

If you have any difficulties with the registration process, then please contact us and we’ll do all we can to help.

For full details on how to register, see the registration page on this website.

Wet Weather Procedures

AFL is a winter sport, so we sometimes play and train in the rain. (Mud is fun!) Here are some general guidelines about wet weather procedures.

Mid-week training and wet weather. The Canada Bay Council decides on the status of grounds about 2pm and we put wet weather information out as soon as possible – usually by about 2.30pm – on this website, on Facebook and through Twitter.

Grounds are closed if they are too wet and liable to be damaged – so sometimes they are closed in bright sunshine if there’s been rain earlier in the week; sometimes they are open, even though it is raining.

If there’s no word, training is on.

If you’d like to check the status of fields for yourself, then you can do so through the Council’s wet weather line. Details are here:

Games and wet weather. If we’re at home, a decision on ground status is usually made by the Canada Bay Council late Friday afternoon for games on Saturday. On occasions, a second inspection may be organised on Saturday afternoon for Sunday games. We’ll advise on ground closures as soon as we can through the website, Facebook and Twitter.

If we’re playing away, the home club will notify us that games are cancelled, then we’ll notify you through the usual channels (it just sometimes takes a little longer).

If grounds are open, but the ground manager of the home club makes a decision that it is unsafe to play on the day, he or she can cancel play.

Please be aware that on game day, individual teams cannot make a decision to cancel because of the weather. If the team doesn’t turn up, it is counted as a forfeit. There are other teams, umpires, grounds managers and canteen volunteers all waiting for you.

If you just don’t know whether or not the game is on, please go to the ground anyway. The gumboots, umbrellas and raincoats may be a hassle, but playing in the wet can be a fun or, at the very least, memorable experience for your child!

Pre-season Training Cancelled 24 March


Sorry for the late notice but due to the late downpour a decision has been made by Council that all fields are CLOSED for pre-season training and no lights will be activated. Pre-season training at Five Dock Oval on Tuesday 24 March is CANCELLED.