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In 2018, the NSW Government is helping kids get active with the new Active Kids program.

Parents, guardians and carers can apply for a voucher valued up to $100 per calendar year for each student enrolled in school.

The voucher may be used towards your AFL registration fees. It is important that you apply for your voucher online before paying your registration fees with Drummoyne Power.

So visit the Service NSW site, claim the voucher, then head over to our registration page.

Go Power!

GWS v Carlton AFLW

AFLW heads to Drummoyne Oval: Friday Feb 9

Club, block out the evening of Friday 9 February, when the AFLW competition heads to our very own Drummoyne Oval.

GWS Giants will take on Carlton in Round Two of the AFLW under lights at our beautiful home ground.

Entry will be free. Don’t miss this!

The game starts at 7.05pm.

See you there, Drummoyne Power!

2017 Yearbooks Out Now!


Yearbooks are available to view for free online from the links below (best viewed in full screen mode). They are also available as a soft-cover book, and are printed to order. Prices cover the cost of printing and postage only. Please note, the price of ordering back issues is higher, as we do not benefit from bulk order discounts for single copies.

Please download the Drummoyne Power Yearbook order form or the Canada Bay Cannons Yearbook order form and return to

2017 Drummoyne Power Yearbook

2017 Canada Bay Cannons Yearbook

Auskickers at Presentation Day

2017 Presentation Day and AGM

Presentation Day and Annual General Meeting

Presentation Day for Drummoyne Power teams will be held on Sunday 17 September, from 10am

Come along and celebrate the highlights of Season 2017


  • Early 2018 registration available (A $15 discount is available on 2018 prices)
  • Team photo pickup
  • Manager and Coach gear return

Annual General Meeting

The Drummoyne Power Annual General Meeting will be held on Sunday 17 September in the Greg Davis Stand, immediately after presentation day (approximately 1pm).

All Drummoyne Power parent members (including Cannons with home club of Drummoyne Power) are invited and encouraged to attend.

If you would like to nominate for a role in Season 2018, please download the Nomination Form and return to Drummoyne Power Secretary Alison MacDonald.

If you are unable to attend the AGM, we would ask that you fill in and return the attached Proxy Voting Form, to ensure we have a quorum.

Canada Bay Cannons Presentation Evening

We’ll be holding a separate Presentation Day for our Canada Bay Cannons Youth Teams. This will be Friday 15 September in the Drummoyne Pavilion, starting at 6pm. RSVP here for catering purposes.

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Drummoyne Power U6 v Maroubra Saints

Term I

The game started well with good clearances from Alfie but unfortunately intercepted by Maroubra on both occasions with the first goal to the visitors.  Hunter and Alfie were working hard in the middle but the Maroubra defence was stopping the Power move forward.

Lucas and Jack were working hard in defence with Lucas harassing the opposition well, stopping goals and putting his body on the line with a great charge down. Jack Ca. was clearing well, finding distance and space with each kick.  Movement from Jack to Alfie and then to Oscar saw Oscar stepping right, then left before sprinting towards the goal square for what seemed to be the first goal for Drummoyne.  Maroubra’s defence was just as keen and intercepted the ball with a goal at the end of a great team effort from Drummoyne.

Drummoyne was scrapping well and keeping their heads high as Maroubra managed most of the possession. Half way during the term, Lucas launched himself at the centre bounce, tapping the ball over the opposition, regathering and getting into a great position where he was able to hand pass to Jack.  Jack kicked from the 50 metre line – the ball sailed through the air before slightly hooking to the left of the goal post.

The next kick from the opposition was lofty but intercepted by Lucas who was rewarded for his relentless hunt for the ball.  He was able to back his way out of a sea red white and black before handballing to Jack who went left, then right before toeing a nice banana kick off his right boot that just skimmed the left goal post.

After a Maroubra counter attack that only managed a behind, Oscar kicked to himself and sprinted around the left edge.  A pinpoint kick to an unmarked Jack Ca. saw Drummoyne bustle their way forward.  There were great hands between Jack, #58 and Lucas but the Maroubra defence seemed up to the task this morning.

The Maroubra Saints attack was on show in the first term (unlike the Saints against Essendon that night) where they were able to go end to end on a number of occasions, however the boys never gave in.  Great defence from Oscar and then a big kick from Alfie seemed to be heading for a Drummoyne goal but unfortunately the hooter sounded and that was it for the first term.

After a hard first period, the boys were keen to get back in the sheds to regroup.

Term II

The chat from coach Caz obviously helped with Alfie and Oscar M. combining well from the first bounce.  Lucas, who had been everywhere during the first term, was waiting eagerly.  Oscar M. delivered the ball cleanly allowing Lucas to fight his way through the what seemed like 50 red white and black jumpers.  He moved right in front, lined up aaaaaannnd… whack!, slotted the footy right between the main uprights for a goal….his first for the season….woot woot!!!!

Bryce took the restart with a nice little kick to Jack Ca. who swivelled and launched the ball down the park and straight into Alfie’s waiting arms. Alfie fought hard for the ball but unfortunately a ball up was needed.

Bryce, Oscar M. and Jack Ca. were working hard at the back stopping a number of certain goals.

At one stage, Jack Ca. kicked beautifully to Oscar M. who ran forward.  Spotting Alfie in the corner of his eye, he kicked to an unmarked Alfie who chipped nicely to Lucas for an uncontested mark.

With the goal line insight and the ability to kick his second for the match and year, Lucas unselfishly hand balled to Hunter who ran forward and slotted home a nice goal for the Power.

The final goal of the period was due to great defence by Bryce and the ensuing team work of Drummoyne.  Bryce was all over the 2 Maroubra players and able to apply pressure to stop a certain goal.  Jack Ca. took control of the loose ball, kicking it forward to Alfie who then set the ball forward again to Hunter who, under pressure, managed to take his tally to 2 goals.

Period III

The third period was a tussle between two teams that were working well together.  Jack Ca. was hassling and harassing from the centre getting great delivery from Bryce.  At one stage, Jack Ca. was able to handball cleanly to Oscar M. who too some work to evade 2 defenders and after a short sprint toward the goal line score a major.

The last quarter saw the Power continue to contest hard for the ball with good chasing and kicking from Bryce.

Unfortunately, time ran out for the Power.  There were great performances across the park, none-so-more than Lucas who took away Player of the match… and deservedly so.

CBC Under 13 Div 2 v Pennant Hills, Rd 12, July 16

Down in numbers, but never down in spirit, the Cannons put up one of their gutsiest efforts of the year as they once again pushed Pennant Hills to the limit.

Never giving up, ignoring the odds, perfect kicking for goal and a beautiful winter’s day were all ingredients for a good day out. Just a pity my sausage was overcooked.

While Penno had a six man bench, we were stretched on a warm day with all 14 kids taking the field on a long and dusty Ern Holmes Oval designed for 18 adults. Onballers Ben, Paddy and Nic ran all day without change and were as competitive at the end of four quarters as they were at the start of the day.

From the outset, our backline was under the pump, but Will, Blake, Sam and Liam combined with force to repel repeated entries and pressure the Penno forwards into kicking six consecutive behinds before they could finally find the goals.

Jack was back after recovering from yet another injury setback and took no time to settle right in. Starting in defence, he quickly tested his arm with a strong clearing punch from behind, ran hard and straight and kicked with penetration. He then moved into the middle where he added a few shimmies to his straight running to bamboozle would be tacklers and set up teammates further afield.

After withstanding the early pressure, the Cannons turned the momentum late in the first quarter and, having gone into the break three goals down, assumed complete control in the second term.

Thea was playing her usual creative linking game on the wing and combined with Nic and Paddy whose precision pass was well marked by Ben. The tireless ruckman went back to convert the set shot and we were on the scoreboard and making our charge.

Brayden moved to defence and helped keep Penno scoreless for the quarter, while Joey and Finlay gave us plenty of drive through the middle.

Two clever goals to Jonno, one set up by a beautiful tap from Ben to Archie, and there was only six points in it at halftime.

Penno’s fresh legs allowed them to use the wide open spaces in the third term and they shut us out with three unanswered goals.

But, as we’ve come to expect from these kids, heads didn’t drop. They just looked up, saw a challenge and threw themselves back into the contest.

Thea and Jack ran through the middle, Paddy and Ben were running all over the ground, Nic was taking them on, Archie was tackling them, Will was relentless at the footy and we were back in the game.

Liam moved up forward and was just as effective as he was in defence, always creating a contest and kicked a smart goal when he roved off the pack to snap truly and kept our perfect goalkicking record intact.

Against all odds, the Cannons once again showed great spirit to stay in the contest, finish the game off strongly and do themselves proud.

CANADA BAY 4.0.24 Goals: Jonno 2, Ben 1, Liam 1.


U11 Black vs East White – Round 10

U11 Black – Round 10

Drummoyne Oval 17.6.2017

Great to be back at Drummoyne Oval: 18 degrees, cloudy sky – but the oval in great condition to play against Easts. The boys looked on top form following their team photo.

From the first minute of the first quarter, the mighty Drummoyne Power played to win with Mikhail taking a mark followed by a clean goal. Tackling was strong and consistent. On occasions, Easts were in our half and they were challenged with good defence. Lucca was great in defence at goal with Alex again being in the right spot to defend. Tackling was strong, Toby and Luke had eaten their weeties and were unstoppable. By the end of the first quarter Cooper was on fire with a goal, followed by Luke and Denver with a point on the bell.

The team was motivated by John the runner who dashed on and off the field at impressive speed in pink bib. In the second quarter, Drummoyne Power was on top with many marks from the team and goals by Denver and Nicholas who had 2 goals in a row from his left foot. Three additional points just added to to the impressive score.

In the third quarter, the sun came out and Easts  found their game and came back with a couple of goals, DP upped the ante and push hard in defence but there was no danger of Easts pulling ahead: Three of the goals in the third quarter were from clean marks in front of goal, with DP pulling away with a convincing lead at the end of the third.

Toby swopped ruck for defence with Alex and DP fight on in the fourth. All of the team was ‘in the zone’ and every player worked hard and looked to be enjoying the game. With three subs, Anthony and John were able to rotate players. Damian kicked a long goal, Cooper took a ball in the face, bounces up and kicks a goal 30 sec later, Russell and Denver very strong tackling.

Drummoyne Power finished with a strong lead – it was a great result. The team is really improving week to week under the coaching of Anthony. As John summed up the day: it was the most complete game yet.

For me, the highlights were Brad instructing Chris as goal umpire while texting, Jackson for team sprit playing for Easts and singing the team song without the laminated sheets. Wow! These boys have made real progress.

Round 8 – Drummoyne U11 Black

Drummoyne Power U11 Black v Newtown Swans White

Round 8 Alan Davidson Oval 27.5.2017

From the first ball up the strength of the Black team was evident with Russel, Denver and Luke making a defensive wall to ensure the ball spent the majority of the quarter in the forward half, keeping Jasper and Jackson busy. Lucca was everywhere, firing a classy kick to Damien to set up Drummoyne’s first major.  The forward and centres continued to pepper to goals, keeping the Swans under pressure.  A free kick late in the quarter saw Alex drop punt a ball into the pack in front of goals, resulting in a snap goal to Lucca.

The second quarter saw Drummoyne with the majority of possession and continuing to keep the Swans defence under the hammer. Jarvyse worked tirelessly in the centre, moving the ball away from the ruck with some big clearing kicks.  Ethan’s ability to snatch the loose ball and push forward was rewarded when he combined with Luke B in a ferocious assault on the Newtown defence line, resulting in a great goal to Luke. Likewise, Russel and Hamish’s grit in the forward line created a scoring opportunity for Toby.  A crashing tackle from Jonty sparked a turnover and another push forward, and another goal to Luke.  To its credit, Newtown didn’t look like giving up, and came back late in the quarter for its first goal.

Newtown regathered during the break and gained momentum in the third. Denver was having none of it, taking a fantastic mark to keep pushing the game towards the Newtown goal. Our U10s, Yoshi and Jacob, played exceptionally well, keeping Newtown in their own half. Toby and Denver shared the ruck duties, holding their own against larger competitors. Newtown managed another goal, however, Mikail quickly answered with another goal for Drummoyne.  This quarter saw some great football skills on show from both teams.

The sun was setting as the fourth quarter began, the bright green of the scoreboard showing that Drummoyne was well in front. The boys were tired, but kept the intensity they started with.  Ethan and Lucca did not stop, relentlessly driving that ball forward with a series of short passes and good marks. Denver took a mark in front of goals and kicked his first for the day. Newtown continued to push back, but as the clock counted down, Drummoyne had done enough, taking a well-deserved win.