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Unfortunately, our new family orientation sessions this year were cancelled (twice!) due to wet weather.

We apologise that we were not able to schedule this briefing session.

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Instructions for finding your team on Game Day Sports TG.

Once you have logged in, select ‘find my team’ and then ‘Australian Football’. Search for ‘SJ Sydney Harbour City’ and then under the tab ‘competition’, and you will find a list of divisions.

Please note that that while your team colour may be black, white or teal, your division may be a different colour. Just look through all the entries for your age group for Drummoyne Power until you find it. Once you’ve found it once, press the star in the top right hand corner, and it will stay on the home screen of the app, so you don’t have to look for it again.

Also, the publication date for the draw is March 29. While it appears that the draw has been loaded ahead of time in some age groups, its veracity cannot be confirmed until March 29. Consider anything you see before then as a draft.

After March 29, the draw is considered the single source of truth. If there is ever any conflicting information about game times or locations, consult the online version of the draw.






U12 medal

2016 Premiers: Under 12 Div 2

Canada Bay Under 12 Division 2 v Pennant Hills

Grand Final, Sunday 4 September

Ross Gwilliam Oval, Macquarie University

What could be better than winning a grand final by one point? Doing it on Fathers’ Day!

These kids sure know how to treat their mums and dads. They gave us the Mothers’ Day Miracle in May and now the Fathers’ Day Fantasy.

But they make us sweat.

Time and again this year we’ve said these kids have guts, character and resolve.

They just wanted to prove it one last time in the biggest possible moment. To stick at a tight grand final all day, trail by less than a goal at every change, hit the lead halfway through the last quarter and then hang on in a desperate and frantic last five minutes.

The backline, like in the prelim, was massive. Led by Will, who always seemed to be in the right place at the right time, they held out attack after attack as Pennant Hills were camped in their forward line and tried everything to snare that winning goal in the dying minutes. Each time that goal looked inevitable, a Cannon threw himself on a Penno boot, smothered, tackled or punched the ball clear. It was inspiring stuff.

Penno edged closer and closer, point by point with a few rushed behinds, but, thanks to the relentless Cannons pressure, they couldn’t bridge the gap before that beautiful final siren blew.

After the lead changed hands four times in the gripping first half, Penno got on top in the third quarter and went away to a 10 point lead midway through the term, the biggest lead of the day.

But we just knew the Cannons weren’t about to drop their heads. They kept fighting, kept themselves in the contest and Alex’s third goal for the day put us within three points at three-quarter time.

They believed they could do it and they believed in what Coach Tony told them:­ if they kept tackling, pressuring and helping each other the game would turn their way. They did and it did.

An early behind in the last quarter stretched Penno’s lead to four points, but the Cannons persevered and the tide turned. Once again it started with desperate defence; Will, Ben C, Connor, Fergus, Archie, Jezza, Blake and Brayden fought for the footy like men possessed. The ball ended up on the flank with Cooper, who sent it wide to Damo on the outer wing.

Damo had space, but only after he burned off a flailing Demon with sheer pace, took a couple of bounces as he dashed down the wing and sent the ball long into an open forward line, otherwise known as Thea’s Paddock.

Thea turned a couple of defenders inside out, gathered the ball and, still under extreme pressure, slotted the goal from close range and we were back in front for the first time since the second quarter.

Two minutes later, strong defence sent the ball back into the middle where Tank earned a free kick. He reacted quickly when he saw the paddock open, kicked the ball long and again Thea collected the footy to kick another pressure goal and, suddenly, we were nine points up late in a grand final.

And didn’t the crowd full of family, friends and clubmates love it! And didn’t they then endure the longest eight minutes of the year:­ the team manager was asked the time more than the old talking clock.

Penno hit back with a goal to make the final minutes even more tense but every Cannon threw themselves at every contest and helped each other like great mates, for an amazing end result.

The tone was set in the first quarter ­when Finlay saw the biggest kid on the field coming at him, he licked his lips, rubbed his hands together, wrapped his arms around the big fella and threw him down with the tackle of the season. More inspiring stuff.

From that moment on, everyone knew they had to do the hard things as well as the skilful things.

It was a classic grand final of grit, skill and character and our guys did it just that little bit better.

The game was a typical grand final arm wrestle early on with neither team able to gain any momentum until Alex pulled out one of his best magic tricks of the year to kick the opening goal (his 50th for the season) with a banana grubber from close to the boundary.

Nic was everywhere and racking up effective possessions and Paddy was winning the ball by going in hard, while Penno kicked a late long range goal to go into quarter time two points up.

A Damo tackle saved a goal early in the second term, Ferg took some telling marks, Whitey was clever and elusive and JA was an effective linkman between defence and attack. But scoring was still difficult for both teams until Cooper’s strong pack mark at centre half forward gave him a set shot which he calmly potted.

Ben M and Liam were crucial up forward as they provided strong contests and Dominator made an impact.

Everybody contributed to a great win to end a great season.

Great thanks and congratulations to Tony for the way he instilled a strong team ethic and belief among the kids as well as his emphasis on skills development, not to mention his calm and ultra-effective approach on match day.

And we must also acknowledge the great contribution Andrew and Clint have made to the football development of the Drummoyne kids over a long time –  seven years for many of them.

(And of course thanks to Luke for the biggest and best looking Under 12s banner ever seen.)

Thank you to Pennant Hills Demons – worthy opponents in a classic grand final game.

CANADA BAY 6.6 (42) Goals: Alex 3, Thea 2, Cooper 1


U12 Div 2 Finals

Under 12/2 Preliminary Final v Moore Park, Aug 28

Congratulations everyone. Whatever your age and whatever level of footy you play, making a grand final is a fantastic achievement and something of which you should all be very proud. Grand final week and the game itself is great fun. Enjoy!

To get there, though, these kids once again showed the character and guts they’ve become renowned for.

The preliminary final was tight all day and after we snatched the lead in the second quarter, little more than a goal separated the teams throughout. And for that we owe our backline so much. Led by Will sweeping up across half back and with Ben C, Connor, Fergus, Archie and Blake repeatedly throwing their bodies on the line, helping each other out and desperately fending off Moore Park attacks.

So many times their willingness to support each other and not let their mates down saved goals which ultimately proved the difference.

Going into three quarter time eight points up, an early Moore Park behind and goal quickly cut the lead to one point and it was anyone’s game.

Anyone, that is, who has the character to persevere and handle pressure. And the Cannons yet again stood up.

The backline kept withstanding the pressure, Tank, Cooper and Nic in the middle were giving us best use of the footy, Damo kept tackling and we were again getting on top of the game, but needed to convert our possession.

Paddy lifted when the team needed him and after laying a strong tackle, he played on quickly from the free kick and passed nicely to Alex who took another strong mark and calmly went back to slot his third goal for the day to put us seven points up.

Shortly after, our attack yet again started deep in defence where Will mopped up and sent the ball downfield, a string of passes found Cooper who delivered to Whitey who played on immediately, skipped past a couple of defenders and steered home the sealer, putting us 14 points clear with five minutes to go.

But Moore Park also showed plenty of character, kept coming and ensured the crowd on the hill were never at ease. They clawed back to within eight points and still had a sniff, but the Cannons held firm even though a Moore Park goal on the siren narrowed the final margin to two points. Even when you think you might be clear, you still need to fight hard until the final siren.

As the game opened in the accustomed dewy conditions, Cooper, Damo and Will kept us going in the first quarter. Cooper was everywhere, taking marks, tackling, running through the lines and delivering beautifully by foot; Damo led the way with his tackling and stopped many promising Moore Park attacks, while Will was impassable in defence.

Tank in the ruck set up our first goal from the opening bounce in the second term when he roved his own tap, dished off to Paddy who handballed to a running JA streaming through the guts to find Alex on the lead. His goal locked the scores at 1.2 apiece.

Tank wasn’t just strong in the ruck, he was running down opponents, tackling, shepherding and, along with Jezza, provided a big presence for their teammates.

We hit the lead midway through the second term after a Cooper tackle turned over possession and Liam ran hard to beat two defenders to the loose ball, kicked it ahead for Ben M to gather and, from long range, potted the goal to give us a five point advantage.

It was a lead the kids fought hard to preserve. They kept Moore Park goalless in the second and third quarters and their hard work and constant pressure was rewarded when Alex snapped a goal in the third term to give us our eight point buffer.

That hard work and pressure were crucial to the win. There were so many examples of little. but very big, efforts which proved so decisive …

Tank running about 40 metres down the flank to beat two Moore Park players to the footy; Connor climbing up off the deck to chase and lay a crucial tackle in defence; Will punching the ball clear from what looked like a certain Moore Park mark; Finlay putting himself in danger to hold his ground and mark under all sorts of pressure; Dom stepping into traffic to put on a shepherd; Brayden bursting through a pack to clear the way for his mates.

They were hard to do, but had to be done. They’re the little things that are actually big things that can win a grand final.

CANADA BAY 5.5 (35)

Goals: Alex 3, Ben M 1, Whitey 1

MOORE PARK 4.9 (33)


U12/2 Canada Bay Cannons v Heathcote, Round 13

U12 Div 2 Canada Bay Cannons v Heathcote

Round 13, Drummoyne Oval

The scoreboard lit up with the names of our 50 game veterans.

And the way they’re playing, they’re heading for Boomer Harvey’s record.

The Cannons racked up another good solid win against a physical Heathcote in, yet again, Arctic Drummoyne conditions whipping off Five Dock Bay leaving the families shivering in the stand waiting in vain for the coffee van to arrive.

But despite the cold, the Cannons fired from the start, straight from Tom’s first tap at the opening bounce.

Even when we didn’t have the ball the teamwork was impressive. Gang tackles were called for throughout the day as some of their big kids insisted on taking on three or four tacklers at a time. They might have got through one, they might have got through two, but there was always another Cannon there to help their teammates and eventually make the tackle stick. Teamwork doesn’t just apply when you’ve got the ball. Helping your teammates in every part of the game is a crucial part of footy.

Tom dominated the ruck all day and his beautiful tapwork created so much of our attack, as he provided silver service for Cooper, Damo, Blake and anyone else who wanted it.

He wasn’t just content with palming it straight to his midfielders.

He was also picking the ball off his toes and sending out a handball, or taking marks and finding a teammate with a pass. It was the complete ruckman’s game.

While Tom gave them the service, the midfielders used the ball well and there were so many examples of fluent teamwork through the middle as Cooper regularly connected with Nic, Thea, James and Will to send the ball forward where Liam and Alex were waiting.

Liam took some big marks up forward, including one on a high speed lead, and also read the play brilliantly, kicking two goals after roving the pack. And he was thinking about the team, finding Thea in front of goal with a perfect pass after he had marked near the boundary.

Thea did the right thing and duly kicked the goal, one of her three for the day, while Alex also pulled three goals out of his bag of tricks.

Finlay was a livewire on the wing, attacking the footy and tackling the man, shepherding, smothering and taking intercept marks on the wall. He was finally rewarded with a goal after Tom took a mark and passed to Nic who found Thea who shot the hands out to Fin for a clever  goal.

Ben C started the day with a strong shepherd and was reliable in defence where Brayden again took some telling marks. Archie as usual threw himself into everything, Dom was another key man in defence and Ozzy ran well through the middle where he picked up a handball from Damo and delivered a sweet pass to James to kick a goal.

Goals: Thea 3, Alex 3, Cooper 2, Liam 2, James 1, Will 1, Finlay 1, Damo 1.


U12-2 v Kellyville

Cannons Under 12 Div 2 v Kellyville

Cannons U12 Division 2 v Kellyville

Round 12, 17 July

We had kids fly back from all corners of the globe; Ireland, Japan, England, Geelong, so a trip to Kellyville was an easy 40k jaunt up the M2.

Awaiting us in the Hills was a great challenge against Kellyville, only two weeks after they outclassed us. And the kids answered it brilliantly.

Inspired by Archie L leading his cheersquad on the terraces, the Cannons were back to their trademark footy – team oriented, clever and persistent.

The Cannons responded every time Kellyville challenged, regularly setting up goals deep in defence and finishing them off up forward with smart and unselfish passes to teammates in a better position.

After the result last time, an early statement was important and Tank and Cooper made it loud and clear when they combined brilliantly at the opening bounce to win the first clearance of the game. It set us up to dominate early possession but we just couldn’t convert. Kellyville then took its chance and scored the opening goal.

But our response was swift. Tank and Cooper combined again at the next bounce, got the ball to Paddy who kicked inside 50 for Will to mark strongly and slot the goal to put us in front, where we stayed.

Tank has really developed his rucking as the season has gone on and he was crucial in winning the clearances, while Brayden on the last line of defence had his best game of the year. He was poised and clever, took strong marks, tackled, kicked long and beautifully and saved the day many times, but also set up many attacks. The only forward line he’ll be in for the rest of the year is the opposition’s.

Cooper has added grunt to his silky skills and was always in and under extracting the ball for teammates while Finlay also kept going into the contest and coming out with the footy.

Thea was taking marks, running and providing a great link on the wing, combining with Nic to set up James for a first quarter goal, while Ben C and Dominator were cool when under siege in defence.

The passing, leading and marking was composed and impressive – James sent a precision ball in the second term to Will who did likewise to Alex DP for the first of his four goals. Will did it again in the third quarter when he took a strong mark on the wall and with a short pass found Nic who kicked his first goal. And after marking on the 50, Paddy found a strong lead from ADP and hit him on the chest.

Archie G made an immediate impact when he came on, crunching some Magpies with massive tackles, one of which spilled the ball loose for Nic to scoop up and kick a terrific running goal from the boundary to give us a handy halftime lead.

Alex DP turned his defender inside out a couple of times for a pair of third quarter goals after good lead up work from Damo and Blake and Nic’s major gave a big lead going into the final break.

We cruised home in the last quarter for an impressive win, but the highlight of the day was Archie L’s even more impressive cheersquad.

Goals: Alex DP 4, Nic 2, Will 1, Paddy 1, James 1

Cannons U15-1 v Easts, Round 12

U15 Division 1 Canada Bay Cannons v Easts Bulldogs
Round 12

First match back after the break saw the 15/1s playing long term rivals Easts in a must-win match to keep in finals contention, at East’s home ground. No pressure then, boys.

As the team took the field it was clear they had their game faces on. They gave it all they had from the first bounce, scrambling, smothering and determined to send the ball forward. And forward it went to the goal square, Josh H got his foot on it in the melee – goal to Cannons. Great start. Easts immediately responded with a strong attack, only to be repelled by a committed defence, co-captain Gus leading by example, and solid as a rock Ben W running the ball out. With the centres at full pace, Ely and Pierce using their strength and height to hold up play and the running combination of Luke G and Tommy taking the ball forward, Cannons attacked again. This time a kick forward, mark and goal from 40 out by Brendan. Strong play by Luke L and another score. Quarter time Cannons ahead to a goalless Easts.

The second quarter saw the centres start with the same desire and the same result, this time measured kicks and marks all the way to Gull at full forward – goal. By now Easts was frantic for a goal and threw extra players into its forward line, twice Ben W taking on three Easts players by himself and turning the ball back. Gus and Zac were also outstanding in mopping up play. Finally Easts goaled, Cannons up 20-10 at half time.

As Easts came out from the long break it was obvious they were fired up and ready to play. And play they did, getting right back into the game to even the score. Was this to be another match where Cannons lost focus and lost the match in one quarter? Not this time. The boys regrouped, refocussed and went hard again, with Louie M ignoring jet lag to run through the middle and kick the ball forward and Josh G grabbing mark after mark to frustrate Easts. Pressure, then more, resulted in goals to Josh M and Pierce. Cannons back in front.

The match see-sawed during the final quarter with Easts briefly taking the lead before a last push by the Cannons had Luke G and Gull kicking majors to see our boys home by 8 points (7.4.46 – 5.8.38).

Overall a great day’s play from every single Cannons player. Well done, boys.

U14 Cannons

Cannons U14 v Wests, Round 12

Cannons U14 Division 2

Round 12, Picken Oval

Canada Bay Cannons 6.8.44 d Western Suburbs Magpies 6.4.40

Canada Bay Cannons co-captain Joshua scored an inspirational running goal 20 seconds from full-time to snatch a four-point victory over a dogged Western Suburbs outfit at Picken Oval today.

In dour, slippery conditions the Magpies’ good basic football and hunger at the ball kept them in the match against the second-placed Cannons.

The visitors’ normally strong ball-handling skills had abandoned them for the most part of the match.

“We were sloppy today,” coach Dean Lee said after the match. “And it’s an area we need to improve on if we are to beat the stronger teams.

“After a slow start to the season last year, we came good around this time to make the finals. We can do it again but we have to be hungrier at the ball,” he said.

The Cannons did just enough today to escape with a win.

There were very good patches of play but the strong, well-directed kicks, thoughtful handballs and hard tackling – hallmarks of the Cannons’ match efforts of the past three games wasn’t on show against an under-manned Magpies.

The home-team kept their game plan simple: boot to ball and moving it forward. And they rattled the Cannons early who struggled to find their rhythm in the first quarter.

There were great passages of play from Ed, Joel and Joshua out of the centre, from Pat in the forwards and Jaden in defence but Wests were resilient. They earned turnovers in their defensive half and mounted their attack quickly.

Four minutes in, the homeside kicked their first goal.

A minute later Cannons’ Joel scored one back after some great lead-up work from Joshua, Jack and George.

When the silky-skilled Joel gathered a loose ball and slotted his second within 60 seconds, it looked as though the Cannons were away. But the Magpies would not give in.

After a glut of possession in their forward arc, they kicked the equalizing goal at the 13-minute mark and took the match to the first break 2.2.14 apiece.

With clouds closing in overhead and a light drizzle making the ball as slippery as soap, the match descended into a struggle for clean possession in the second term.

While there were bright moments through Jack, Daniel, Matt, Jaden and Jasper, play was lack-lustre.

Wests edged ahead with a goal and a behind to the Cannons’ two points.

Coach Lee challenged his players at the long break to unload the ball quickly, get back to basics with long kicks out of the contests.

And it appeared to work not long after the siren to resume play had sounded. The Cannons’ dependable midfielders stepped up through Joshua, Jack, Pat and Joel.

Fullback Jasper, playing a cameo in the forward line, kicked a goal just one minute in.

Jack followed with another at the four-minute mark, then Daniel broke through the pack to score one just two minutes later.

Wests regained their composure in the latter stages of the third term and managed a long-range running goal of their own to keep them in the match at just 11 points adrift of the visitors.

They took this momentum into the final quarter, scoring a goal in the opening minutes to cut the deficit to four points.

Another goal by the home team late in the quarter had them in front by just two and a whiff of a major upset in their nostrils.

The Cannons had their chances in attack but the Magpies were equal to the task.

Then with just seconds to goal, Joshua played on from a mark 40m from home and slotted the match-winner for Canada Bay. A real Houdini act.

Though it wasn’t the Cannons prettiest win, it was well fought in the end.

Good passages of play from Jonothan, Matt, Jaden, Jasper, Hugo and Daniel. Cassidy was good in the ruck until he injured ankle and was forced from the game.

Joel 2, Jasper 1, Jack 1, Daniel 1, Joshua 1

U15/3 v Manly Pittwater Bombers, Round 10

UNDER 15 Division 3 Canada Bay Dockers v Manly Pittwater Bombers

ROUND 10, Weldon Park

Canada Bay Dockers 4-7-31 defeated Manly Pittwater 0-6-6

It is perhaps somewhat fitting that Canada Bay Dockers U15/3 broke their duck in weather more suited to ducks.

The Manly Bombers were heroic and the final score of 4-7-31 to 0-6-6 belied what was anything but a walk in the park.

In the first quarter, our ruckmen asserted themselves early and moved the ball into the forward line but the Bomber defence was having none of it, and cleared the ball after a stacks on skirmish.

A Bomber kick or two later, and Gully took an overhead mark that most would expect to be a ball for the crumbers. The ball was returned for our forwards to contest and some scrapping and snapping brought about our first score.

The ball was soaking up water and Canada Bay’s defence was soaking up Bomber running pressure, but Bryson would concede only a miserly behind. The scores were even and you just know Steven is going to get a mention.

The arm wrestle continued with the boys using a mix of brute force and finesse to secure our first goal. Brute force applied by Mitchell and Jack and finesse courtesy of William. At quarter time, we hit the lead, with the boys ticking all the boxes.

As the game progressed, the ball got heavier and handling became very difficult. Trying to get the ball on the outside of the ruck to open up the field was proving very difficult and many handballs missed the mark or were deemed throws.

So the boys traded flair and overhead marks for “get it on the boot” and a practical chest marks. With slippery ground underfoot, player turning circles were bigger than a team of 18 bullocks and wheeling out of the pack became a rarity. The battles across each line were great to watch and the key position players called on their flanks, pockets and wings to get to the fall of the ball and keep driving it forward.

The contest was slowly going our way and we scored several more behinds, small reward for such great effort, and easily nullified with just one straight kick. The Bombers had several such chances but were denied by Diesel standing alone in the goal square. Reset rather than rebound, the backs pushed the ball forward and we were eventually rewarded with George bringing up the double pistols and two very welcome flags.

Canada Bay had a 13-point lead going into the final quarter – job certainly not done. Coach Michael exhorted the boys to believe in themselves and keep reproducing the effort.

Several passages of play went unrewarded, denied by the last line of defence or a ball that stopped dead in a puddle. But effort does produce results and Liam F knocked in goal after some great tackling and Georgie boy got a second goal with his team mates making great second efforts.

Brilliant work, lads, and what a joy to hear those Dockers fire up!

The team would like to thank the U14s and U15/1s who backed-up for their support. We thrive in your company and your experience helps us bring a better physical and mental game to the paddock.

A big thank you to Adrian Walton and Bruce Wrigley for backing up and performing the goal umpiring and boundary duties.

Cannons Under 12 Div 2 round 11 v Glebe, June 26

Cannons Under 12 Div 2 v Glebe

Round 11, Sunday 26 June

Drummoyne Oval

The numbers on the scoreboard were impressive, but the numbers on the thermometer had us all shivering.

The mercury struggled to reach six degrees as we made our way to a bracing Drummoyne Oval where we were confronted with no coffee cart and a wind chill factor that made it feel even colder.

So it was left to the kids to warm the crowd up with some pretty hot footy against Glebe after taking a quarter to thaw out.
We dominated possession early but couldn’t quite reap the rewards that efforts like Nic’s attack on the footy and Blake’s courage deserved.

Eventually the weight of possession was converted when Ben M, playing as a big target up forward, kicked the first of his four goals. Glebe answered quickly and scores were locked at 1.1 apiece at quarter time.

With the sun finally over Gladesville bridge and some warmth on their backs, the Cannons took control in the second quarter, kicking six goals to nil to virtually wrap up the match before halftime.

The goals all came at the end of terrific passages of play, most of which involved Cooper who not only marked everything that came his way and kicked with great skill, but chased, tackled and smothered all day.

Twice he combined with Alex who used his brain to move the ball quickly and set up Ben to run into open goals, while James read a

Glebe kickout beautifully to intercept and lay on a goal for Cooper who danced around a few defenders on the boundary before kicking a banana.

Will, as always, kept competing and scrapping and was rewarded with a goal while Hugh took a strong mark and kicked truly and

Alex finished the quarter with a determined chase and tackle that earned him a free kick and a goal.

While Ben was a dominant presence up forward, Tom rucked and competed tirelessly and one fearless contest for a loose ball in the middle ended with another goal to Alex.

It was a thorough all-round performance that featured plenty of skills and clever footy but, more importantly, also relied on the gutsy little things that win you tight games. Even with the game well and truly decided late in the final quarter, Dom and Matty were still chasing and tackling, Ben C was throwing himself into the ruck contests and Thea kept running and competing.
When we return from the school holidays, we’ll need every part of our game to click as we head into the final stretch of the season.

Goals: Ben M 4, Alex 2, Cooper 1, Thea 1, Will 1, Finlay 1, Hugh 1.

U12 Div 2 v Pennant Hills

Cannons Under 12 Div 2, Round 10

Canada Bay Cannons U12 Div 2 v Pennant Hills

Round 10, Sunday 19 June, Ern Holmes Oval

Canada Bay Cannons 4-10 (34) def by Pennant Hills 6-3 (39)

We were seconds away from doing it again.

After fighting so hard in torrential rain for so long to finally get our noses in front, it all came down to a sodden three minute arm wrestle.

Going into the last quarter with the scores locked at 32 points each, a scruffy, skidding rushed behind put us one point ahead with three minutes to go after trailing by nearly two goals early in the third quarter.

The final three minutes was enthralling, an intense and fierce battle as 30 kids from both sides threw themselves at the footy, at each other and into the mud and puddles in a desperate contest for the footy.

Matty pulled off tackle after tackle, the rain couldn’t dampen Cooper’s skills, Paddy was at the bottom of every pack, Connor was impassable in defence, Damo drove the ball forward.

For two and a half minutes the ball went back and forth and through the puddles on the members’ wing; the result hinging on a tackle, a smother, a hopeful kick forward.

It looked like time was on our side and we were going to hold on for another thrilling one point win.

With the seconds counting down, the ball spat out of a contest on the wing and tumbled into the Pennant Hills forward line and, all of a sudden, they kicked a terrific goal out of a pack to regain the lead.

But, as always, our kids never give in. With 15 seconds left, Tom, Nic and Paddy combined at the centre bounce and scrambled the ball forward to within 20 metres of goal and anything looked possible but, just as the ball spilled loose, the siren blew.

Who knows what would have happened if the game had another 20 seconds in it?

We’ve won a few tight ones and now we’ve lost one but, whatever the result, the kids should be very proud of the way they fought hard and never gave up in a great display of hard, wet weather footy.

It all started in light rain and we got off to a flyer with two goals to Finlay and one to Alex in the opening term to take a two point lead into quarter time.

But as the heavens opened in the second term, the kids struggled to adjust and could only manage four behinds as Penno kicked straight and took control to lead by six points at halftime.

Coach Tony called for a greater effort in the second half and got it. But it took time. Slowly we worked our way back into the game as everyone lived up to their halftime promise to Tony to have a crack and the momentum finally swung our way.

We chipped away and when Alex kicked a long range special to lock the scores, the stage was set for a thrilling final term.

As the crowd sat in luxury under a tin roof while the brains trust impersonated drowned rats, the kids put on a show which proved footy in the wet can be just as beautiful as in perfect conditions.

We must thank Hornsby council and Pennant Hills footy club for keeping the ground open and giving the kids such a rare experience and muddy knees.

A full photo gallery is available at:

CANADA BAY 4.10.34

Goals; Finlay 2, Alex 2