Registrations are open

Registrations have opened for boys and girls to play AFL with Drummoyne Power.

We’re accepting new and returning players in all age groups, from U5 through to U17 boys and U18 girls.


AFL Auskick is an introductory program and is the best fun kids can have being active! In weekly sessions kids will explore the world of AFL, building football skills and playing in a safe and super fun setting. Expect small groups, heaps of games and parent/guardian involvement.

Our Auskick program is for U5 to U8.


In U9 and above, our kids play home and away games. It’s still a modified version of Aussie Rules and the emphasis is still on fun, participation and learning footy skills. In U11, games are scored for the first time, and finals are introduced.

Youth footy

From U12 and above, Drummoyne Power kids play for our youth club, the Canada Bay Cannons. They still register as Drummoyne Power, but they train and play as Cannons.

Girls footy

Girls play alongside boys from U5 until U14. In U10 they can choose to keep playing alongside boys, or join our Youth Girls teams in the Canada Bay Cannons. Come girls even choose to do both! They play for Drummoyne Power in a mixed team on Saturdays, then play in Youth Girls with the Cannons on Sundays.

So, what are you waiting for?

Head over to our registration page to sign up to play AFL for Drummoyne Power in 2023. Don’t forget to download your Active Kids Voucher BEFORE you pay. It takes $100 off the cost of registration, but can’t be claimed afterwards.

You’ll also find lots of cool Drummoyne Power off-field merchandise on offer. It’s non-compulsory. We’ll supply all their on field uniforms at the start of the season – you just have to organise footy boots and a mouthguard!


coach with team

Drummoyne Power AGM: 19 Feb 2021

Members of Drummoyne Power Junior AFL are invited to attend the Annual General Meeting.

We’ve scheduled the meeting for a Friday evening, hoping to meet more of the parents in our Club. So, come and share a meal and a drink with us, and meet the new leadership team.

WHEN: Friday, 19 February 2021 at 7pm.

WHERE: Oxford Hotel Drummoyne, 195 Victoria Road Drummoyne (corner Lyons Road)

We’ll be calling for nominations for two elected Directors to join the Drummoyne Power Board, but we also need to fill many other crucial roles. You’ll find more details in the Nomination Form, which can be downloaded below.

2020 Drummoyne Power AGM nomination form

Questions on the AGM should be directed to Secretary, Fiona Gaal.

Please RSVP to Fiona to let us know you’re coming by Wednesday 17 February. 

If you can’t attend, we would welcome your proxy, to ensure we have a quorum.

2020 Proxy voting form

If you have questions about volunteering for Season 2020 and would like to chat through some options about how you can get involved, please contact our new President, Paul Gallo.

Members are any Club officials as well as registered, financial parents / guardians of players or umpires registered with Drummoyne Power. This includes parents of players in Canada Bay Cannons teams, registered through Drummoyne Power. This meeting was held over from 2020.

girls playing AFL with Drummoyne Power

Girls play AFL

Female footy is continuing to grow and Drummoyne Power is the place to start!

Our Auskick program for U5 through to U8s is the perfect place for girls (and boys) to learn basic footy skills. There’s no tackling, modified rules and an inclusive atmosphere. Auskick is fun and safe, and a great place for girls involved in this terrific team sport.

Girls can play alongside boys up to the age of 14, and we have girls playing in Drummoyne Power’s U9 to U11 teams.

But we also offer all-girls teams from U10 through to U18 as part of our Canada Bay Cannons youth AFL club.

Why not give it a try in Season 2021? Registrations are open now.

PS: Don’t forget to claim your Active Kids Voucher before registering… it takes $100 off the cost of registration. All the details and links are on our registration page.


children playing AFL

egister here

Pre-season is just around the corner so it’s time to start registering.

Drummoyne Power, together with our youth club, the Canada Bay Cannons, has teams to suit boys and girls right through from U5 to U17 boys and U18 Youth Girls.

Remember, footy is more fun with your mates so encourage your school friends or summer sport team mates to play AFL in Season 2021.

Parents don’t forget to claim your Active Kids Voucher before registering – it takes $100 off the cost of the season.

For Juniors (U9 & over), register here

For Auskick (U5-U8), register here

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The Season Draw

The Season Draw has been published online. Please bookmark it, or download the free app to your smartphone.

The draw is available online via Sports TG (formerly Fox Sporting Pulse)

  • Sports TG website version
  • Sports TG also has a free app, available from the Apple App Store and Google Play, called Game Day Sports TG. 

Instructions for finding your team on Game Day Sports TG.

Once you have logged in, select ‘find my team’ and then ‘Australian Football’. Search for ‘Sydney Harbour City’ and then under the tab ‘competition’ you will find a list of divisions. Tip: Make sure you’re looking at the 2018 competition, as they leave the 2017 in place and you may have to scroll past 2017 to find it.

Please note that that while your team colour may be black, white or teal, your division may be a different colour. Just look through all the entries for your age group for Drummoyne Power until you find it. Once you’ve found it once, press the star in the top right hand corner, and it will stay on the home screen of the app, so you don’t have to look for it again.

The draw is considered the single source of truth. If there is ever any conflicting information about game times or locations, consult the online version of the draw.

Please also note, you should check the draw regularly. As the season progresses, it will be tweaked. We will, of course, notify you of any changes but nothing beats the eagle eyes of a whole team checking it.


Under 13 Div 2 Canada Bay Cannons v Forest Lions


Round 15, 6 August

We arrived to the beat of the Bee Gees blaring over the PA and drifting on the wind across the Lionel Watts dust bowl.

And, come the last quarter, the Cannons were Stayin’ Alive, Jive Talkin’ and they could even have been Dancin’.

The last term was about the best quarter of footy the kids have played all year. The scoreboard might not have obliged, but the Cannons certainly dominated a much bigger team placed much higher on the ladder with run and endeavour and their trademark never-say-die attitude.

Trailing by a fair bit at three quarter time, Tony set them a challenge for the final term – to play on at all costs, use their pace and take the game on. If not for a few cruel bounces and long Lions’ arms on the goal line, they could have had their just reward with three or four goals and even a sniff of victory.

But the reward came in just knowing they can play that brand of footy with beautiful results.

They ran the ball the length of the field on several occasions, dancin’ around their bigger opponents. Jonno started one passage of play deep in defence when he quickly played on and the ball swept down the wing via hand and foot through Finlay, Ben C, Liam and Blake into the goal square where one of those cruel bounces denied us the goal of the year.

While the last quarter was inspiring, the first was almost as good, but this time the scoreboard reflected our dominance.

Nic started the game at his usual pace and provided plenty of drive in the middle, Jack was running the ball off the half back flank, Blake was creative on his wing and Jonno, Liam and Hugh combined brilliantly in the forward line.

Jonno’s perfectly weighted kick over the back of the pack for Hugh to mark in the square set up an easy goal and also showed skills and maturity beyond a kid in his first year of footy.

But the play of the day probably came from a defensive effort from Brayden.

As a Lion set off down the wing, Brayden kept chasing and chasing and chasing, pressuring him as he took 12 bounces into the forward line. Brayden’s pressure from behind allowed Ben C to read the situation and time his front on attack perfectly to throw the Forest kid off balance and spray his kick wide. What looked like a certain goal as he streamed forward was foiled by relentless pressure from Brayden and clever defensive work by Ben.

And it enabled us to go into quarter time seven points up.

The Lions dominated the next two quarters, however, and took a hefty lead into the last break.

Even as Forest were hitting the scoreboard in those middle quarters, the Cannons kept working hard and putting in.

Ben M and Paddy again ran on the ball all day on a big, hard and dusty ground and were at every contest, even deep into the final quarter. Ben’s clever tap work gave us plenty of the ball and set up the first goal, while Paddy’s run and gutsy mark ended up with Joey kicking a clever goal in the third quarter.

Will was competitive as always, mopping up and tackling and spoiling our way out of trouble, Archie kept tackling and regularly rebounded out of defence with clearing kicks, while Sam was in and under at the contest.

Blake was taking marks all day on one wing, wheeling around on to his left foot to deliver precision passes to his forwards, while on the other side of the field, Finlay showed off some lovely ball skills and racked up effective possessions.

Liam’s use of his left foot is a continued highlight, while Nic’s crunching shepherd in the second quarter showed he’s as tough as he is skilled.

The overall effort, but that last quarter especially, should give us a lot of momentum and belief going into the final game of the year on Sunday. If we play on quickly, move the ball with pace and keep up those disciplined defensive efforts, we can certainly finish the season on a high.

CANADA BAY 2.7.19 Goals: Hugh, Joey.

Cannons U13 Div 2 v Kellyville, Round 13


Wasn’t it great to hear the song again – even though it had been so long, the kids forgot the words!

Wasn’t it great to see Fin tackling again.

Wasn’t it great to see Will, Ben C, Sam and Jack save the day on the last line of defence time and again.

Wasn’t it great to see Thea “dartin’ and fartin'”.

Wasn’t it great to see Sam and Nic still smothering in the dying minutes.

Wasn’t it great to see Ben M kick three goals then dish off another.

And, after several weeks of building and building, wasn’t it great to see the kids put together a four quarter hard-at-the-ball effort and finally get their deserved reward with a good, tough win.

All 16 kids came in at quarter time huffing and puffing, red faces and sweating, even on a brisk Drummoyne morning, and it was clear they all wanted the win from the outset.

They’d come close in recent weeks, but this time they didn’t want close.

They came out firing in the first quarter and although their domination only yielded three points to nothing in the opening term, the signs were there.

The goals were going to come and Ben finally put one through midway through the second quarter.

As Tony urged her to do, Thea took the opposition on and kept dartin’ and fartin’ through defenders, used the ball beautifully by hand and foot, had clever vision, ran hard, linked well and it was no coincidence she was instrumental in three of our five goals.

Fin on the other wing also had a hand in several goals – Ben’s first came from a slick handball from Tank, but it started with Fin winning a hard ball upfield.

The Fin-Thea-Ben combination produced the next two goals and we all loved Fin’s trademark crunching tackle which set up Ben’s second goal late in the third quarter to give us a nice 15-point lead going into the final break. Some kids get a big grin on their face when they eat ice cream. Fin grins when he tackles big kids.

That lead owed a lot to the backline which kept Kellyville scoreless in the first half and without a goal until the final quarter. It wasn’t as if they didn’t have their chances, it was just that every time they threatened, our backline was relentless and combined brilliantly – Will sweeping and taking intercept marks, Jack, Sam and Jonno running the ball out, Ben C not only using the golden fist, but outsprinting forwards to get first use of the footy and clear it our way, while Blake mopped up the loose ball.

Fresh from carving up the snow at Perisher, Tank carved up the opposition ruckman, not only in the air but around the ground, while Archie’s tackles keep rattling bones and Joey was creative in the middle and up forward where Liam provided a strong marking option.

Even with a handy lead at three quarter time, the game still had to be locked away and with a win in sight, the Cannons weren’t going to let it slip. An early Kellyville goal made it a nine point game but Ben M’s third goal quickly restored the buffer.

Minutes later, as she was streaming forward at full pace, Thea gave off an unselfish handball to Ben who had his fourth goal in his sights but, rather than go for glory, he took the team option and chipped over the top to Hugh who gathered in the square and slotted it through with his left foot to give us a very handy 22-point lead.

A couple of quick Kellyville goals introduced some nerves to the contest for the final few minutes until Paddy fittingly kicked the sealer after following his own kick into the forward pocket, tackling, smothering, extracting himself and the ball from the bottom of a pack and then putting it through from a tight angle.

Jeff’s GPS said he clocked up 5.6km running the boundary, Paddy and Nic probably doubled that, but Darren earned his sweat having been sent out on a marathon’s worth of messages.

So, the battle for the spoon was won and we’re off the bottom. Three more games to go and with three more performances like that, we’ll be hearing plenty more of the re-learned song.

 CANADA BAY 5.6.36 Goals: Ben M 3, Hugh, Paddy


CBC Under 13 Div 2 v Pennant Hills, Rd 12, July 16

Down in numbers, but never down in spirit, the Cannons put up one of their gutsiest efforts of the year as they once again pushed Pennant Hills to the limit.

Never giving up, ignoring the odds, perfect kicking for goal and a beautiful winter’s day were all ingredients for a good day out. Just a pity my sausage was overcooked.

While Penno had a six man bench, we were stretched on a warm day with all 14 kids taking the field on a long and dusty Ern Holmes Oval designed for 18 adults. Onballers Ben, Paddy and Nic ran all day without change and were as competitive at the end of four quarters as they were at the start of the day.

From the outset, our backline was under the pump, but Will, Blake, Sam and Liam combined with force to repel repeated entries and pressure the Penno forwards into kicking six consecutive behinds before they could finally find the goals.

Jack was back after recovering from yet another injury setback and took no time to settle right in. Starting in defence, he quickly tested his arm with a strong clearing punch from behind, ran hard and straight and kicked with penetration. He then moved into the middle where he added a few shimmies to his straight running to bamboozle would be tacklers and set up teammates further afield.

After withstanding the early pressure, the Cannons turned the momentum late in the first quarter and, having gone into the break three goals down, assumed complete control in the second term.

Thea was playing her usual creative linking game on the wing and combined with Nic and Paddy whose precision pass was well marked by Ben. The tireless ruckman went back to convert the set shot and we were on the scoreboard and making our charge.

Brayden moved to defence and helped keep Penno scoreless for the quarter, while Joey and Finlay gave us plenty of drive through the middle.

Two clever goals to Jonno, one set up by a beautiful tap from Ben to Archie, and there was only six points in it at halftime.

Penno’s fresh legs allowed them to use the wide open spaces in the third term and they shut us out with three unanswered goals.

But, as we’ve come to expect from these kids, heads didn’t drop. They just looked up, saw a challenge and threw themselves back into the contest.

Thea and Jack ran through the middle, Paddy and Ben were running all over the ground, Nic was taking them on, Archie was tackling them, Will was relentless at the footy and we were back in the game.

Liam moved up forward and was just as effective as he was in defence, always creating a contest and kicked a smart goal when he roved off the pack to snap truly and kept our perfect goalkicking record intact.

Against all odds, the Cannons once again showed great spirit to stay in the contest, finish the game off strongly and do themselves proud.

CANADA BAY 4.0.24 Goals: Jonno 2, Ben 1, Liam 1.


Under 13 Div 2 v Wests, May 14

U13 Division 2 Canada Bay Cannons v Wests

Round 6, Drummoyne Oval

It didn’t take us long to feel at home on our return to Drummoyne.
With the quickest goal in Cannons history we were well up and heading for a win when Paddy won the clearance from the opening bounce, took off and kicked long for Alex to mark and goal less than 30 seconds into the game.
Sadly, it took us three quarters to kick our next. 
In between, we battled and scrapped but were outplayed by a better team on the day.
The backline was busy and was again led by the poised and clever Ben C who hasn’t just been solid on the last line of defence all year, but creative and attacking with his smart kicks and long handballs.
Ben was supported by Will who was back to his aggressive and competitive best, taking intercept marks and tackling fiercely, while Jonno made a strong Div 2 debut.
Thea overcame a talkative start and let her courage do her talking in the second quarter when she had eyes only for the footy as she flew with the flight of the ball to take the bravest of marks with the opposition charging from the opposite direction.
Ben M was again great in the ruck and around the ground, while Tank fought hard all day.
We finally got back on the scoreboard when Paddy found Alex again early in the final quarter as the Cannons finished strongly.
While Thea provided the tough highlight of the day, Brayden and Ben M combined late in the final term for the extravagant highlight. Brayden gathered the ball on the boundary deep in the forward pocket from where his left foot bouncing banana looked like it might take the perfect bounce through the posts until Ben stormed in and volleyed it through to hit the back of the net for the goal of the day.
While once again the kids showed plenty of heart and competed for most of the day and the score probably didn’t really reflect the effort, there’s plenty room for improvement, particularly working on foot skills, defensive skills and tackling.
Canada Bay Cannons Goals: Alex 2, Paddy 1, Ben M 1

Cannons U13 Div 2 v Kellyville, Round 5

Canada Bay Cannons U13 Div 2 v Kellyville

Round 5, 7 May 2017

It’s a long way to the Hills, that M2 just keeps going and going. Just like our Cannons – they keep going, even against the odds, they never give up.

OK, they had one bad quarter, and it was costly. Kellyville outscored us by 16 points in the third term and although we pegged them back with a gutsy last quarter, the 25-point three quarter time margin was just too big to haul in.

Especially on the biggest ground in Sydney. And with a few players down and no fresh legs on the bench, the ground almost felt as long as the M2.

The three-quarter time grapes were a big hit and when Liam converted a set shot early in the last term it looked like they could just provide the energy to spark a great comeback.

Ben M was still winning ball in the ruck and on the ground, Ben C was controlling things in defence, Nic was still running, Paddy kept putting his head over the ball and we were still in the game.

A bounce here and a bounce there could have gone either way, but Kellyville regained the momentum with a goal midway through the final term to stretch their lead back over 20 points.

But the Cannons never dropped their heads, even though they were running out of legs, and kept fighting hard to the end.

Ben C charged out of defence, linked up with Thea who found Alex who dug into his bag of tricks and curled in his second goal with the outside of his boot and we still had a sniff, but ran out of time.

Sam continues his improvement in his first year of footy, regularly starting attacks from the half back line as he stepped through and around opponents with ease, while we need to give a big thankyou to Mark from the under 12s who thought he was coming just to watch Liam play but ended up helping us out with his third game of footy for the day!

And thanks also to runner Darren and boundary ump Jeff who probably ran a half marathon each.

Poor old Jack can’t take a trick. Five games into a great comeback after a year out following  knee surgery and playing another powerful match, he fractured a bone in his arm and will be in a cast for the next 6-8 weeks. We wish him all the best and look forward to seeing him in time for the finals!

In the end, it came down to that one sleepy quarter in which we allowed too many of their men to roam free and take uncontested marks.

CANADA BAY 4.3.27 Goals: Alex 2, Paddy 1, Liam 1