U7 Teal: Round 6 Match Report

U7 Teal v Moore Park Tigers

Round 6, Bat and Ball Oval

The Saturday morning sun was shining and, while it was chilly, it was the perfect playing conditions for our keen Drummoyne Power U7s Teal team.

The team started off with excitement and eagerness to play and shortly after the game commenced it was clear our opponents were ready to battle. Those keen Tigers really put pressure on Drummoyne throughout the game, which made for some tough opponents on Saturday.

During the game we saw some fantastic skills that the team have been developing and working towards so far this season.

Hayden produced an accurate kicking game and Oliver marked with precision, which saw the sidelines get involved. Not to mention the excitement that mounted when we saw Koji mark and follow through kicking a goal showcasing his skills. Ned showed us a courageous and pinpoint accurate goal that pumped up the team to push through the game.

Tyler, Isaac, Dylan & Fletcher were right in there in the mix supporting the team with some key kicks and passes to keep the pressure on the Tigers.

After a show of sportsmanship, with both team congratulating each other, the Power started chanting the national anthem again. Here’s to practising the Drummoyne Power team song for next week’s game!

Well done to Fletcher on being awarded player of the match. Keep up the great work.

Week 6 wrapped up with another courageous effort that has continued to build on improvements across the field that we are seeing as the team continues to grow and gel together.




U7 Teal v Maroubra Saints

U7 Teal v Maroubra Saints

Round 5, Drummoyne Oval

It was a cool, wet and windy morning for the U7s home game against the Maroubra Saints. Luckily the weather didn’t dampen the enthusiasm from the team or the crowd. The U7s got off to a great start with a handball by Koji onto the Man-of-the-Match Frank to score the first goal of the game! We were away with first points on the board only seconds into the match!

The excitement continued with a great mark by Ned who ran it up close to the goal posts and scored! Go Power! The scene was set for a great game to follow. The midfielders started to fire and there was some great hand-ball and kick combinations between Dylan and Tyler. A strong mark and goal by Ned and the momentum was starting to build!


The second period started with a brilliant tip off by Isaac and a pass onto Hayden who landed a big kick down field. With some fancy footwork around the Saints, Fletcher then followed with a successful goal.

The opposition started to press in the third period and Hugh came through with some great defence to keep the Saints at bay. Hayden then displayed impressive skill with a successful kick to goal whilst on the move.

Another sterling performance by the team and good to see improvements each week with several displays of superior long kicking skills, solid hand passing and kicks to each other.

The boys celebrated proudly singing both the National Anthem and the Club song.

Keep up the great work U7s!

Under 7: Match Report Round 3

u7 White v East Sydney Bulldogs

Round 3, Drummoyne Oval

Superb team performance throughout the three quarters by our team of eight players.

The first quarter belonged to Baxter who scored three goals putting the team in a strong position moving forward. Jeremy and Liam kicked, marked and hand passed regularly in the first quarter while Zoe did a wonderful job making sure the opposition regularly failed to kick the ball when in possession due to her strong marking and chasing down. Koji and Phoenix caught and kicked well with some nice hand passing to fellow team mates.

The second quarter saw a strong performance from Benjamin scoring five times, Isaac twice and Liam once. Jeremy continued his strong ball kicking combining well with Liam and Baxter. Zoe impressed again with her marking and passing with the team taking a strong lead into the final quarter.

The third quarter turned out to be a strong scoring quarter for the Power. Jeremy put five scores on the board,Liam, Zoe and Baxter put one each between the posts.

Some lovely touches from Koji, Isaac, Baxter, Phoenix, Liam and Zoe saw Drummoyne finish the game off in commanding style.

U7 White Drummoyne Power vs Western Suburbs Magpies

On a spectacular, sun-kissed Saturday, the U7 White team turned out ready to take on the Western  Suburb Magpies at their home ground. A full team turn out was put through its paces pre-match, with some great drill work from the coach. With an abundance of players, we shared our talent with the Magpies. Koji was the first volunteer to help the Magpies, followed up by Benjamin in the second and Charlotte in the final term. Great sportsmanship by the Power players.

The first term saw Drummoyne jump off to a strong lead. Baxter lead the mid field team, dominating with some penetrating long kicks into the forwards. Upfront Liam converted the first goal of the game and quickly backed it up with his second goal, taking us out to a handy lead. Liam and Lachlan combined up forward to allow Lachlan to dance around and convert his first goal of the game. The midfield was proving impossible to penetrate, with Jeremy swooping off any loose ball with some outstanding pick ups, just like the team practised in the pre-match drills.

Baxter kept the intensity on the scoreboard by slotting his first goal to start the second quarter. The goal was good and worthy of his trademark post goal celebrations. Some great marks were taken by Koij and Charlotte. Sophia worked herself into space and cleared the ball down the wing into the waiting forward line, where Jeremy and Baxter combined to keep the scoreboard turning over for the Power. Benjamin was working hard in the midfield for the Magpies and created opportunities through his on ball pressure, but the Magpies could not get past with Phoenix smothering the ball in a great defensive move.

The intensity didn’t ease in the final term. A great display of teamwork as Liam handballed to Lachlan in the midfield, who kicked a long ball into attack of Koji to convert a goal. Our defence was relentless. At one point, the Magpies faced a wall of three players all with their arms up blocking the path to goal. Charlotte backed up her goal and mark in the second term by helping the Magpies finish strong the final term. The song was sung with gusto….though maybe we need to practice the words a few more times.

U7 White Players and Coach


U7 Teal: Match Report

U7 Teal v Western Suburbs Magpies

Round 4

Round 4 was played at WH Wagener Oval against the Western Suburbs Magpies with the morning conditions great for footy. Building on some great efforts over the first few rounds the boys came bursting out the gates early with great passing and goal scoring efforts by Jack and Oliver in the first third. Tyler also impressed with a great left footer around the corner for his first of the day. Tyler had one of his best games so far which resulted in a Best On Ground performance!

Hayden was making sure the Power kept pressure on with some excellent work in the midfield through great use of speed and kicking to keep the ball forward. Fletcher also seemed to enjoy his time in the middle with a great mark and then finding an open teammate with a huge kick. Both boys also helped on the scoreboard today with each picking up impressive goals later in the game.

It’s clear to see that the boys are putting in at training as the effort and willingness to share the ball is great. Isaac did so well with a number of key handballs that led to scoring opportunities for the Power and also worked hard in the middle. Dylan and Hugh showed great energy as we come to expect each week and kept pressure on the Magpies all game, constantly competing for the ball. Ned did a great job for Power but it was also pleasing to see him help out the Magpies for a period as they were down on numbers. Hopefully this won’t be required often as the Magpies definitely looked a lot better with Ned leading the charge.

If this game’s performance was anything to go by it looks like this Power team will be a force all season long. Well done U7 Teal – keep up the good work and enjoy your footy!

Match report by David


Round 2: Under 7 Teal vs Concord Giants

Under 7 Teal vs Concord Giants

Round 2

Taplin Park turned on a scorcher for Round 2 of the season. In a keenly anticipated local derby, Drummoyne Under 7 Teal faced their local nemesis, the Concord Giants. There’s plenty of respect between these two teams and the competitive tension in the air added to the heat of the day.

Coach Caz had pre-planned a cunning series of rotations designed to throw off the opposition. Her homework paid early dividends in the first quarter and Drummoyne got away to a cracking start with a brace of early goals. In the centres, Jack set the tone for the match, calmly and confidently kicking the ball up to his eager forwards. He was a pivotal player throughout the match, with the most accurate boot on the team. Dylan, in his debutant season, dazzled the opposition with fancy footwork, nailing a critical early goal and staking his claim to AFL greatness.

After an injury-plagued start to the season, Ned was keen to make his mark and slotted a quick goal and a behind (maybe more, depending on which stats you believe). Isaac was a huge presence in the first quarter, keenly following his coach’s instructions and playing an experimental role as a roving centre-forward utility.

The Giants fought back hard and tested the Power defence. Recently promoted from the Under 5s, Ollie was a revelation in defence, stopping Giants in their tracks. On the sideline, grown men quietly shuddered and thanked the stars they didn’t have to face that young man themselves. Zoe (aka Agent 99) stood tall in defence and sent the ball back upfield with some booming kicks.

The tempo went up a couple of notches in the second quarter. Ned moved to the centre and didn’t stop running for the rest of the day, earning himself a man-of-the-match award and a chupachup. Jack revelled in the quality ball he was receiving and found the big sticks in no time, celebrating with ‘the aeroplane’ when he troubled the scorers. Zoe peppered the posts and was rewarded with bagful of points. Sophia found her rhythm, with some dashing runs and accurate kicks upfield to her centres. Isaac was intimidating in defence, keeping the talented Giants mostly at bay.

The moment of the match came in the final quarter, when a risky but well rehearsed playground manoeuvre came off. Jack, deep in defence, sent a trademark drop punt towards schoolmate Ned in the centre, who took a clean mark before dodging a couple of Giants and snapping the ball to schoolmate Ollie in the forwards. Ollie marked, paused, thought about his options for a second, and finally roosted a huge kick into the wind and straight between posts. “50 metres at least,” the sideline commentariat exclaimed! It was a fitting end to a fine match and the crowd roared their appreciation. Go Power!

Drummoyne Power White VS Newtown Swans (under 7s) – Round 1

Drummoyne Power U7 White vs Newtown Swans

Round 1

The heavens provided a glorious sunny autumn morning for the opening match of the season between the Drummoyne Power (Under 7 White) and Newtown Swans. Our boys entered the opposition territory with enthusiasm and were ready for the clash. Final encouraging words and tactical advice from coach Nathan led the way to what was to be a cracker of a game.

From the ball up, our boys dominated the first quarter. Goals were aplenty from our forwards; man of the match Koji who was involved in almost every play; rookie Lachlan who kicked an outstanding 15 metre goal and the tenacious Tyler who marked fiercely. Our backs were left to enjoy the game as ‘spectators’. However, half way through the first quarter the Swans decided to lift their game and our boys were under intense pressure. Liam fearlessly smothered a ball which was sure to be a goal. His agility enabled him to regather the ball and kick it away from the goal line, however, the ball bounced awkwardly. Jeremy’s athletic prowess enabled him to scoop the ball up, outrun the defenders and kick a torpedo of a ball downfield which was marked by the omnipresent Oscar H, who then disposed of it with stealth precision to his forward for a goal. It was a gameplay that was executed to perfection. They played as a cohesive unit, with sensational hand passes, courageous marks and goals which sent the Drummoyne crowds wild.

The second quarter started off in similar fashion to the first. Baxter’s powerful and accurate arm saw the Power win continuous ball ups from the middle. Benjamin’s nimble side steps enabled him to beat the opposition time and time again, disposing the ball through skilful kicks and hand passes. Our defenders again were given some time to socialise whilst they waited for the ball to intermittently reach their end. An exciting second quarter resulted in more goals from all the forwards with the occasional behind.

The third quarter opened up quite evenly. Our backs were constantly under attack. Phoenix proved to be instrumental in stopping the Swans score at almost every instance. His ability to smother numerous balls and quick play up the middle to our forwards resulted in goals for the Power at every opportunity. The Swans were able to take sensational marks, yet our boys applied intense pressure to force many behinds and the opposition’s goals rarely eventuated. Our boys played with passion, with integrity and unselfishly as they continually passed or kicked to their team mates to share the scoring. There was a contribution of either a goal or a behind from EVERY Power player.

It was an exciting game to watch and a game our boys deserved to win with all their hard training during the weeks leading up to the opening round. A big thank you to coach Nathan for his coaching skills which achieved an outstanding result for Drummoyne Power.

Well done boys! It was a comprehensive win to the Power and a tremendous start to our season.

We are ready for Round 2 at home next week!

Under 7 teal v Newtown Swans – Round 1

Under 7 Teal v Newtown Swans

Round 1

In hot sunny weather, the under 7s Teal had a brilliant game against the Newtown Swans.

The game started with three spectacular goals from Zoe in the forwards. The Swans were a strong team so the Teals had plenty of opportunity for defence. Dylan, Issac M and Jack CA all had excellent clearances from the defensive zone. A stellar mark from Jack CA would be a contender for the AFL’s Mark of the Year.

Fletcher’s solid successes ruck work was commendable and Hayden’s efforts to push forward were excellent and helped the team to move the ball into the forward half. Charlotte and Sophia paired well to pass the ball around. Oliver was awarded man of the match for his consistent defence.

Congratulations to all of the players for a great first match!