Drummoyne Power White VS Newtown Swans (under 7s) – Round 1

Drummoyne Power U7 White vs Newtown Swans

Round 1

The heavens provided a glorious sunny autumn morning for the opening match of the season between the Drummoyne Power (Under 7 White) and Newtown Swans. Our boys entered the opposition territory with enthusiasm and were ready for the clash. Final encouraging words and tactical advice from coach Nathan led the way to what was to be a cracker of a game.

From the ball up, our boys dominated the first quarter. Goals were aplenty from our forwards; man of the match Koji who was involved in almost every play; rookie Lachlan who kicked an outstanding 15 metre goal and the tenacious Tyler who marked fiercely. Our backs were left to enjoy the game as ‘spectators’. However, half way through the first quarter the Swans decided to lift their game and our boys were under intense pressure. Liam fearlessly smothered a ball which was sure to be a goal. His agility enabled him to regather the ball and kick it away from the goal line, however, the ball bounced awkwardly. Jeremy’s athletic prowess enabled him to scoop the ball up, outrun the defenders and kick a torpedo of a ball downfield which was marked by the omnipresent Oscar H, who then disposed of it with stealth precision to his forward for a goal. It was a gameplay that was executed to perfection. They played as a cohesive unit, with sensational hand passes, courageous marks and goals which sent the Drummoyne crowds wild.

The second quarter started off in similar fashion to the first. Baxter’s powerful and accurate arm saw the Power win continuous ball ups from the middle. Benjamin’s nimble side steps enabled him to beat the opposition time and time again, disposing the ball through skilful kicks and hand passes. Our defenders again were given some time to socialise whilst they waited for the ball to intermittently reach their end. An exciting second quarter resulted in more goals from all the forwards with the occasional behind.

The third quarter opened up quite evenly. Our backs were constantly under attack. Phoenix proved to be instrumental in stopping the Swans score at almost every instance. His ability to smother numerous balls and quick play up the middle to our forwards resulted in goals for the Power at every opportunity. The Swans were able to take sensational marks, yet our boys applied intense pressure to force many behinds and the opposition’s goals rarely eventuated. Our boys played with passion, with integrity and unselfishly as they continually passed or kicked to their team mates to share the scoring. There was a contribution of either a goal or a behind from EVERY Power player.

It was an exciting game to watch and a game our boys deserved to win with all their hard training during the weeks leading up to the opening round. A big thank you to coach Nathan for his coaching skills which achieved an outstanding result for Drummoyne Power.

Well done boys! It was a comprehensive win to the Power and a tremendous start to our season.

We are ready for Round 2 at home next week!

Under 7 teal v Newtown Swans – Round 1

Under 7 Teal v Newtown Swans

Round 1

In hot sunny weather, the under 7s Teal had a brilliant game against the Newtown Swans.

The game started with three spectacular goals from Zoe in the forwards. The Swans were a strong team so the Teals had plenty of opportunity for defence. Dylan, Issac M and Jack CA all had excellent clearances from the defensive zone. A stellar mark from Jack CA would be a contender for the AFL’s Mark of the Year.

Fletcher’s solid successes ruck work was commendable and Hayden’s efforts to push forward were excellent and helped the team to move the ball into the forward half. Charlotte and Sophia paired well to pass the ball around. Oliver was awarded man of the match for his consistent defence.

Congratulations to all of the players for a great first match!

Drummoyne Power U/7s (Black) v Newtown Swans – Round 1

Drummoyne Power U/7 Black v Newtown Swans

Round One

A glorious autumn morning greeted Drummoyne Power U7s (Black) as they took on the Newtown Swans at Alan Davidson Oval in Alexandria.

Drummoyne began the game full of running, with Frank and Jack setting the tone early. There was great sharing of possession, with all that handballing work at training certainly paying dividends.

The midfield of Isaac, Zac and Eli was functioning well, and getting good ball to the forward line.

The goals began to come, and a penetrating run by Oscar F resulted in the first Power goal.

Archie was also proving elusive, and kicked a great goal around his body.

At the start of the second term, the Power continued to push forward, with Eli doing good work, even with the defence in his face, and Isaac full of running.

In the third term, the forward line showed terrific form, with all of the boys sharing the ball around, and Bryce capped off his match with a great goal. Ethan got well involved with several kicks and handballs to his team mates.

A highlight of the match was the number of marks taken, with Archie and Oscar F leading the way.

The Newtown Swans were at times elusive, and the Power defence was made to work hard. Special mention goes to Frank, Ethan, Bryce and Zac for their efforts in defence during the course of the match.

Coach Lucas was as amazed as the rest of us by the off-season improvement in the boys, and awarded today’s best on ground to Jack for his awesome running and all-round involvement.

A terrific first outing for Under 7s, played in good spirit, and we all headed home to escape the beating sun.


The Season Draw

The Season Draw has been published online. Please bookmark it, or download the free app to your smartphone.

The draw is available online via Sports TG (formerly Fox Sporting Pulse)

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Instructions for finding your team on Game Day Sports TG.

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Please note that that while your team colour may be black, white or teal, your division may be a different colour. Just look through all the entries for your age group for Drummoyne Power until you find it. Once you’ve found it once, press the star in the top right hand corner, and it will stay on the home screen of the app, so you don’t have to look for it again.

The draw is considered the single source of truth. If there is ever any conflicting information about game times or locations, consult the online version of the draw.

Please also note, you should check the draw regularly. As the season progresses, it will be tweaked. We will, of course, notify you of any changes but nothing beats the eagle eyes of a whole team checking it.


The Nervous First-Timer

By Penny Langman, Drummoyne Power Auskick Coordinator

As our AFL season gets underway, there is a lot of excitement among the returning kids – and a lot of parents preparing themselves for the chilly early starts of game day mornings!

But not all kids are feeling the love.

It is very common – and normal – for our first time Auskickers to feel nervous about starting a new sport, particularly if they don’t know much about AFL or have not played organised team sport previously.

As the Drummoyne Power Auskick Coordinator, each year I have a lot of conversations with parents of nervous kids, and have first hand experience with one of my own sons.

With my husband being from Adelaide, there was no question that our sons were going to play AFL. However, my eldest son hadn’t been exposed to AFL (TV or live) so really had no idea when we turned up to U5 pre-season a few years ago.

My son is naturally shy, and when his friend couldn’t make the first week, we had tears on the oval. He would only participate for half the time. The following week was the same (even though his friend was there). And the week after was the same! We just went along each week, and I stood nearby, so he could see me all the time, and encouraged him. I got involved with the activities when the coach needed help so he could see I was a part of the action – and enjoying myself.

He slowly became more comfortable and confident and hasn’t looked back. He is now in U8s and loves AFL and his team mates.

Our story is very typical of many young kids joining us for the first time.

So what can our Club do to help if your child is apprehensive about playing?

If your child has any friends in the same age group, then we make sure they play in the same team. Our coaches are friendly and gentle and will encourage your child to participate.

If your child is still unsure, then please just let them watch. Turn up each week so they can start to feel comfortable. Get yourself involved with the training drills and have fun with it, which will further encourage your child to have fun too. On the weekends, get outside and muck around with the footy. Make it fun and silly.

Auskick is a fantastic, non-contact team sport for children, so if your child is like mine, please persevere!

Once settled in, your child will have years of fun and friendship (as well as learning great team values and respect for coaches), and you will have years of enjoyment seeing their skills progress. Oh, the joy (and shock!) of seeing them take their first mark!

Drummoyne Power vs. Concord Giants. Under 6s

Drummoyne Power U6 vs Concord Giants

Round 15, Saturday 5th August 2017

It was a beautiful clear morning approaching spring at Five Dock Oval, the sky was clear and the grass was only slightly wet. Perfect conditions for our little guys to get out and enjoy a game. Although we had no jerseys, that wasn’t going to stop us. The game started right on time. We had Caroline leading the boys and controlling the game.

1st Quarter

Well it was straight into it for Drummoyne, a winning tap-out and the ball was heading up to our forwards. A great mark was taken by Ned, who ran it up to close to the goal posts and goal! We’re away first points on the board.

We saw some great team work and the ball was being passed around freely. Our boys were on attack. Before we knew it Ned, scores again.

We saw Ben take a nice run up and pass over to Oscar M, who kicked right between the posts.

We temporarily lost possession and Concord was at our goals. But strong defence and a great block prevented any goals. Jack intercepted a pass and ran it up followed by a powerful boot. Picked up by Ben, and again passed to Oscar M. Kick another goal!

98 picked up the ball and a massive kick got it up to our forwards to get on the attack. We saw a few long runs from Jack followed by a strong kicks. Unfortunately we never got another goal in Concord’s defence was waking up.

Right before the end of quarter, Concord scored.

2nd Quarter

Jeremy was a star a get getting hold of the ball and running up. Drummoyne forwards were on the attack again. Unfortunately a pass got intercepted and it was up the other end of the field in no time followed by a Concord goal.

Jack got hold of the ball, passes to Hunter who runs it and big kick, goal!

Sebastian kicks it up to forward nicely. Before I know it another Drummoyne goal. So quick in-fact I never seen who kicked it.

Koji wins the tap-out, well done. The ball was being passed around and Concord picked up a dropped ball, and managed to get it up to goal and score.

Drummoyne score again in no time, again I missed the kicker and the lead up. (Sorry.)

Concord have possession and making ground on us, but brilliant defence from our boys didn’t let it through, particularly strong block put in by Jack.

Isaac took the tap-out Drummoyne are in control again, the ball is passed to 98 who kicks another goal.

Quarter 3

Started with a good run and kick to forwards from Oscar M. No goal happened this time, the ball was back with Ned whom booted it from mid-field to our forwards again. There was a bit of wrestling and shoving trying to get the ball off the ground. Oscar M passes to Isaac, great kick, 1 pointer scored.

Before you know it Isaac has the ball again and kicks a perfect 6 pointer this time.

Concord are back in the game and the ball is up at our goals, and unfortunately 2 got through. But we didn’t make it easy for them. There was some excellent defence. Ben was getting in the middle of pack and coming out with the ball regularly. However our guys dropped a few passes.

Ned won the tap-out and passes to Koji who puts in a massive kick. Goal ! Straight away backed up by Jack putting a 6 pointer in too.

The game is getting tighter and Concord are fighting back. Ned passes to Isaac, kick, but blocked, he caught it back and kicked again. Goal !

End of Game

We’re not supposed to keep score, but I think it is fair to say Drummoyne won this game.

Great game to watch and truly is amazing the progress the boys have made during the season. I think ball skills have improved a lot, the boys are sticking to their assigned positions and most impressive team work is happening. Well done, boys.

We thank our opposition for a good game, huddle around for the team song and wait to see who wins the award this week. BEN !! Congratulations

Thankyou all. Big thanks to Caroline, Sarah, and Lucas.

I apologise if I have missed anyone. It was difficult today with no jerseys to refer to numbers.

Drummoyne Power Under 6: Round 14

Drummoyne Power Under 6 v Western Suburbs Magpies

Round 14

Picken Oval was the destination where the Drummoyne Power faced the impressive Wests footy team. Each week the quality of footy and skill on display has improved and the team are playing some great footy.

Lead by the wrecking ball Oscar H and supported by Archie J, Drummoyne Power dominated the first Quarter. Archie was taking some impressive marks and feeding the ball off to Oscar H who weaved and stepped his way through for some quality play and a number of goals. Oscar F won a tip off and and Jack scooped the ball up and with one of his trademark long kicks down field found Oscar who finished off a great team play with a goal. Koji H, Lucas S, Issac O, Jeremy L, Archie R and Sebastian G were playing their part and contributed to an entertaining quarter of footy.

Isaac O and James D held the defence together and managed to limit the damage that could of been done by a Wests team who was just warming up.

Second quarter saw the Wests team trying to turn the tide and force the Drummoyne Power into unforced errors. Then came Archie J who through his body around on a number of occasions to let Wests know who is BOSS. Isaac O and Archie R dominated the tip offs and Lucas S, Oscar H and Jeremy L linked well to keep the ball moving from end to end. Jack C was super busy from mid field creating a lot of scoring opportunities. Oscar F was strong in defence and forced a number of ball ups. Archie J and Jeremy L scored two of the goals of season both from long range! The goals didn’t flow as much as previous quarter due to the relentless defence and energy from the little girl in the Wests side.

The third quarter Drummoyne Power took off from where they finished in the first and dominated play from the tip off. Oscar H and Lucas held strong in the mid field and Sebastian G showed plenty of energy and involvement to create two goal opportunities for Oscar H who made no mistake in front of goal. Oscar F cleared the ball with long accurate kicks out of the defensive end! Archie J was involved in another one for the highlight reel when he took a screamer of a catch and then followed up with an accurate long range kick to Jack C. Play of the quarter was an end to end play which involved Oscar F clearing kick to Isaac O who linked with Koji H, back to Isaac O who finished with a tremendous goal.

Drummoyne Power Under 6 v Glebe Greyhounds

Saturday, 22 July 2017
8:10 AM

A large turnout from the Greyhounds meant three teams were in play on a crystal clear but cold – really cold – morning. No matter for the young players who responded with a bristling end to end game and keeping the heat on. Midfield played a particularly important role in general as did the mini combinations and link ups between the defence, midfield and attack.

The first quarter started fast with everyone eager to warm up and Jeremy led the early charge with the first point. Jeremy was well involved throughout, ran and linked well. He scored a good goal after foraging for the ball and was a good example of the players linking up, particularly with Ned.

Ned continued his good form darting, running and scoring goals for fun. His all round play was also on show with strong performances in defence, midfield and attack, while combining well with teammates. Harry made lots of good runs, scored and chased down well in midfield helping his team no end, including a great clearance from defence.

Archie R and James played well with James scoring a goal, running well through midfield and joining up play. Archie R used his hand skills to assist a goal for Alfie and chased back well.

There was little between two great performances from Alfie and Phoenix. Phoenix set the tone with an early goal and followed up with more in the second whilst also being heavily involved in all aspects of play, including consistently linking up with Alfie.

But Alfie was the star player on the day turning up the heat and racing ahead of the Greyhounds. Good goals, lots of running and combinations and fine defending whenever there was danger meant a thoroughly deserved award.

Congratulations to all the players for a committed, end to end and fast paced showing which certainly helped warm up a very chilly morning!