Under 7 Teal: Round 10

U7 Teal v Western Suburbs

Round 10

Though the sun was out, it was a very cold day when Drummoyne took on the Western Suburbs Mapgies at Five Dock Park. The Power showed their professionalism by warming up as a team. Circle work, handpassing drills, the kids looked focused, and you could tell they were there to win.

It was a tough start to the game, with the Magpies coming out fast. Koji was strong in defence, clearing the ball out on numerous occasions. Hayden played as a roaming centre, and provided a constant link to the forwards. Our forward line was on fire. Ned kicking three goals for the term, and Fletcher showing why second efforts are so important. After having a shot for goal smothered, he showed poise to gather his own ball, and convert with a booming left foot on his second attempt. Highlight of the term started from the backline, where it flowed from Dylan to Hayden to Ned for a goal, showing the fans a passage of play we could be seeing for years to come.

The Magpies came out aggressive in the second term, and if not for Isaac, our rock in defence, they could of run away with the game. Stopping the ball, and feeding to Ned and Fletcher to run out of defence. Charlotte, playing in the centre, may have found her ideal position, as she did not lose a hit out for the entire term. Highlights of the term were Hayden stepping between two Magpie players to kick the early breakthrough goal, and Sophia’s long run from the back line. Tucking the ball under her arm and daring the Magpie players to try and stop her.

The third term got under way with a nice early passage of play, with Dylan getting the ball to Koji, resulting in an early goal. Along with Charlotte, the three provided a powerful three pronged attack for the entire term. Isaac was strong in the middle, and Haydens long run from defence near the siren capped off a great game.

It was a fantastic team performance, with a number of players playing really well. The hard training everyone is doing is really starting to pay off. Best on ground could of gone to any number of players, but for her tireless work all day, and her constant pressure on the opposition, the award was given to Sophia.

Great game Sophia, and great game Drummoyne Power!

U7 Black: Round 9

U7 Black v Concord Giants

Round 9

Archie – Team oriented play has improved through the season and his hand-pass to Frank on the run was great. Terrific snap for goal in the second quarter

Ethan – Ethan kicked a long range goal in the second quarter and followed it up with a fantastic defensive chase and pick up in the last.

Frank – A standout was his strong mark at center-half forward after which he wheeled around on to his right boot and kick truly.

Jack – Features of Jack’s game were his strong overhead marks, great contests for the ball and an team inspiring smother in the first quarter.

Oscar F – Desperate defence at fullback saved a number of goals and his deadly left foot put a few through at the other end.

Oscar H – Exceptional pass from halfback to Oscar F that resulted in a running goal. Set up a number of plays and his ability to include his team mates was great.

Sebastian – Good pass from fullback to Oscar H. Volunteered to play for the Giants in the second quarter and kicked a terrific running goal.

Zac – Played for the Giants in the first quarter. Very good handballs to his team mates and a great intercept mark at halfback.

Zoe – Absent

Drummoyne Power U7 White

Drummoyne Power U7 White v Wests

Round 10, Five Dock Park

It was a home game with a different view, as Drummoyne took on Wests from a sunny Five Dock Park this week. Coach Eric warmed up the team with some handball drills before embracing the opposition. Liam volunteered to help out the Wests in a tightly contested first quarter. Baxter and Phoenix provided plenty of passes from the midfield, with Isaac O opening the goal scoring for the game. Benjamin followed up converting a goal from some hotly contested ball. The teams were closely matched and players were staying on their feet, creating a lot of ball ups.

The break provided coach Eric an opportunity to instruct the team to be hungry for the ball. They took this literally with the quarter time oranges but also fought hard for any loose ball in the rest of the match. Wests stepped up the intensity but it was Isaac who rebounded the ball out of defence with a long kick to Baxter who ran and kicked a long shot at goal, narrowly missing. Oscar M was helping out the Wests this quarter and locked the ball up in the midfield. Fortunately, Phoenix did some fantastic ruck work to tap the ball straight into the waiting arms of Jeremy to drive the ball into our forward line. In a really tight quarter, Benjamin withstood the pressure to convert to give back the lead to Drummoyne. Phoenix and Baxter combined to give Baxter back to back goals. Wests wouldn’t give up though and their number 22 was starting to get into the game.

#22 started the 3rd term with a goal and followed it up with a cracking sidestep to score from long range in the goal of the day. Briefly sidelined after an infield clash, Lachlan bravely returned to take a mark and pass down to Jeremy, who ran out of room. Bryce and Oscar worked hard to try and stop Isaac O, who was playing the final term for Wests. He passed the ball into their forward line from several stoppages. The handball practice paid off with Lachlan, Benjamin and Jeremy all passing well by hand. Oscar M received a hand pass from Lachlan to take us forward again before the final siren ended a great game. The team’s shook hands and the song was sung, though the last verse may need some practice. Lachlan’s bravery to come back and fight hard for any loose ball was rewarded with the player of the match by coach Eric.

U7 Teal – Round 9

Drummoyne Power U7 Teal v Concord GIANTS

Round 9 was played at St Lukes Oval against the Concord Giants with the morning conditions great for footy. Building on some great efforts over the first few rounds the boys came bursting out the gates early with great passing and goal scoring efforts by Ned and Charlotte in the first third. Tyler also impressed with a great left footer around the corner for his first of the day.

Hayden was making sure the Power kept pressure on with some excellent work in the midfield through great use of speed and kicking to keep the ball forward. Fletcher also seemed to enjoy his time in the middle with a great mark and then finding an open teammate with a huge kick. Both boys also helped on the scoreboard with each picking up impressive goals later in the game.

It’s clear to see that the boys are putting in at training as the effort and willingness to share the ball is great. Isaac did so well with a number of key handballs that led to scoring opportunities for the Power and also scored later in the game. Koji and Hugh showed great energy as we come to expect each week and kept pressure on the Giants all game, constantly competing for the ball. Oliver did a great job around for Power with great handball skills, goals and marks.

Well done U7 Teal – keep up the good work and enjoy your footy!

U7 Black: Match Report Round 8

U7 Black v Newtown Swans

Round 8, Drummoyne Oval

The second official day of winter and there certainly was a chill in the air, carried by that breeze. Our team was really keen to get the game underway with this weather and plus they had just finished standing still for their photo session.

Coach Nathan was leading U7 Black. A few runs around the field to get everyone warmed-up, our opposition arrived and it’s time to get to game underway.

The Swans were quick to get some points on the board. But this was quickly followed up by a great mark and goal by Archie. He and Oscar M took a few marks and got more goals away. Oscar H kicked one from the midfield. Some great marks and kick outs were seen from Oscar and Isaac. Ethan, Zoe, & Jack were doing a fine job defending in the backs.

Second quarter Oscar H and Isaac were amazing, more goals and a few decent marks too. Oscar M and Archie were busy protecting our goals preventing the Swans getting too many goals on us. The mid-field was busy all quarter, Jack, Ethan and Zoe were taking a mark, getting the ball up to the forwards. It was an action-packed quarter.

The third quarter was just as exciting Zoe goal kicking was brilliant, Jack also put a few goals away and Ethan got an awesome goal just before the end of play. The centres had some great teamwork happening, Oscar M ad Archie were everywhere. Our backline was awesome too. Isaac and Oscar H made sure the Swans found it difficult to score.

This was another great game to watch there were many proud parents cheering on from the sideline. Coach Nathan said he was super impressed with the game today everyone had a great game. It was a tough decision for him, but Ethan took the man of the match this week. Excellent game Drummoyne Power! Thank you Coach!

Under 7s Teal v Glebe – Round 7

Under 7 Teal v Glebe

Jubilee Oval. Round 7

The Greyhounds game plan was obvious – they wanted to make an impression, take no prisoners and head home glorious winners. From the first bounce they scored the first goal of the match, and the mid-fielders of Zoe, Fletcher and Dylan suddenly got a steely glint in their eyes, and the backs of Jack, Hugh and Ned were ready to take up the challenge to defend their goals.

At the next bounce Glebe once again had the ball, but were defended heavily by Zoe, giving Jack the chance to grab the ball and send a strong straight kick down the field. Picked up by Ned and then Jack again they ran the field to get the ball of out Greyhound territory, with some pirouetting, bouncing and flash dance moves that left everyone slightly impressed. Ned then took an impressive mark, and scored! (Hang on Ned – aren’t you playing in the backs?). Who cares! The Power was back!

The impressive defence continued into the 2nd term by Isaac O, and Isaac (playing up from the U6s) defending off determined Greyhounds, however it was now Power’s turn to start kicking goals. Jack made an impressive run to bring the ball to Zoe, Fletcher and Dylan, but a fumble and the ball was lost. Jack was back – grabbed the ball again and sent it back into play. Isaac O stole the ball from the Greyhounds, supported by Dylan and Fletcher and the ball was back to Jack who scored! The crowd went wild.

The mid-fielders of Jack, Hugh and Ned continued to run hard, and at the next bounce Ned took control of the game with great support from Isaac’s kicking and scored his second of four goals for the day.

By the third term everyone was working solidly as a team, and the goals were coming thick and fast through real team work. Zoe to Fletcher. Fletcher to Jack. Jack to Ned, and score.

Highlights of the day:

Dylan’s frustration at the Greyhounds getting ahead (they did give us a run for our money), but after great advice from our champion coach Carolyn, going on to be a real play maker and taking home Player of the Match. Well done Dylan.

Zoe taking a bolting run down the centre, but forgetting to keep her feet going at the same speed as her determination, and over she went. She kept the ball, got up again and was off with a kick into the forwards which resulted in a goal. Girl Power at its best (yes, I’m her Mum).

Great marks from height by Ned, and Fletcher. Like, really really great marks!

Ned scoring a goal between the legs of the Greyhounds. They didn’t see that move coming.

Isaac playing up from U6s, and being impressive all day.

Jack and Hugh’s support of their team members, and being real play makers. Jack did a lot of running, and helped score many goals.

Isaac scoring a goal, after great defence saw him steal the ball and bring home the bacon.

Brilliant game – Go Power!

Under 7s Black v Glebe

U7 Black v Glebe

Jubilee Oval, Round 7

On a beautiful day for footy, it was standing room only to watch the mighty Drummoyne Power U7 Black take on the Glebe Greyhounds at Jubilee Oval. The opening bounce saw Koji, with the first of many booming clearing kicks out of midfield, kickstart proceedings as he and the Drummoyne Power dominated early. Starting the game up front, Hayden was leading well and finding the ball but just couldn’t get the radar working. Archie was the first to register a major with a clever snap from the pocket. Sophia was keeping things tight down back with some great defence and worked incredibly hard as the Greyhounds finished the term strongly.

Coach Camille was pleased with the enthusiasm and effort in the first term and encouraged the players to let the ball do the work in the second. Oscar H took it upon himself to implement the coach’s instructions with an accomplished display in the midfield as he racked up a number of marks and disposals. Bryce worked tirelessly upfront as he tried hard to finish off the work of his midfielders. At the back, Will showed his speed as he pushed high up the ground in support of his midfielders and was quick to retreat to limit the opportunities for the Greyhound forwards. As the siren sounded for the end of the second term, the match was evenly poised as the team enthusiastically huddled around Coach Camille.

The third term went from end-to-end as each team struggled to assert their ascendancy. Charlotte was reliable in defence as she relentlessly pressured the Greyhound forward line into error. Archie continued where he left off in the first and second terms as he terrorized the opposition midfield by dominating the contested possession and providing great support to his defence and crisp service to his forward line. In the end, the might of Drummoyne snuck home in what was an exciting display of Auskick and a great demonstration of teamwork.

While there were a number of strong performances today, Archie J proved to be the difference and was rewarded with Best on Ground. Congratulations Archie and well played Drummoyne U7 Black.

Under 7s White. Match Report Round 7

Drummoyne Power under 7 –White v Glebe Greyhounds

Round 7, Jubilee Park

It was a mild autumn morning, not too cold. The ground had bit of moisture in it and it was chopped up a bit from prior games. The boys were going to get a bit of dirt/mud on them it would seem.

Coach Eric quickly got the team in order and some warm ups underway. Hand passes and kicks to team mates were run, then we moved into side-step practice with kick outs. A few more drills and we were ready to play.

First quarter got underway and it was strongly dominated by Drummoyne. Phoenix got a few goals away while he was in the forwards. Oscar managed a goal from the mid field. Sebastian and Baxter took some nice marks. Isaac took a ball to the nose, but was back with a vengeance and went on to play the remainder of the quarter strong. Benjamin & Jeremy took some good marks and showed their strength in defence.

Second quarter and our boys had stepped it up a gear. We saw some great goals from Tyler, Oscar, Isaac, and Sebastian. Mid field was awesome, Jeremy, Benjamin and Baxter all took some great marks.  What was amazing was the team work; passing, and calling for the ball.

Third quarter was no different. Goals from Benjamin, Tyler and Jeremy. Some great set ups were initiated in the mid field by Phoenix. Isaac and Sebastian too were at the start of some great runs which resulted in goals.  In the backs, Baxter did some great work blocking, also Oscar took care of getting the ball back and up the other end of the field.

Now, while we don’t keep score, and our opposition brought a good game. I can comfortably say Drummoyne was absolutely awesome. This was the best game play I’ve seen them play. I can’t imagine how much better they will be by the end of the season! Well done boys and well done coach. Congratulations to you all!

Under 9 Black – Round 6

U9 Black vs Moore Park Tigers Black

Round 6, Saturday 19 May, 2018

Bat & Ball Oval

The Power made the cross-town trip to Bat and Ball Oval for the highly anticipated match up against the Moore Park Tigers on a beautiful Saturday morning to play the beautiful game.

For an age group that doesn’t score, the Tigers supporters have in the past seemed very focused on the invisible scoreboard. If they were looking at it on Saturday the only word they would have been able to make out would have been “WOW”.

While scores aren’t part of the equation in U9s, the Power dominated on the non-existent scoreboard, in the tackling contest, under the high ball – well, they dominated everywhere!

Austen P (this is his Dad writing) was awesome from start to finish – so good in fact that I’m working on a novella-sized matched report that documents all his feats on the day (you can now pre-order an advance copy for only $49.95).

After a great pass from Akira, Austen put the writing on the wall with an excellent mark and goal only seconds after first bounce. Talan, who was also very good for the entire game, put an excellent tackle on a soon-to-be-tamed Tiger; and when Alex followed up with the tackle of the day that stopped what looks to be an inevitable goal, it was all over bar the shouting.

After a first quarter pep-talk from Mark “the greatest junior AFL coach in 100 years” Gunning, the floodgates open with Akira, Alexander G and Talan all finding the space between the big sticks. Dimitri and Hamish found more space than you’d see on an African safari and the now tamed Tigers had no answers.

As the second half rolled on Sam B was really good in the ruck and Lachlan showed the pace of a gazelle (in fact, he wouldn’t look out of place on safari!). When Tommy “I should be playing for the Cats” showed how to kick truly after taking another great mark, it seemed like more of the same – but it wasn’t, this was special!

Everyone was awesome (though I’ll state once again for the record that the Austen P was the best – to order an advanced copy click here)!

Rohan got right into in, Austin D shrugged off injury, Nathen shrugged off high contact, Arnaud stuck to his opposite number like glue and Luke N proved really strong when the ball did make its way into the Tigers’ forward line.

Congratulations to all the boys and a massive thank you not only to our SuperCoach but also to all the parents that bring such a lovely energy to the game every Saturday morning – we truly are a lovely tribe (and while we don’t score, it is great to tame a Tiger!)

P.S. Don’t forget to order your advanced copy of Austen was Absolutely Awesome here. Naturally, Austen P was the MoM but a special mention too for Alex V and Alexander G!

U7 White: Round 6 Match Report

Drummoyne Power U7 White v Moore Park Tigers

Round 6 Match Report

Drummoyne U7 White faced a stern test from a well drilled Moore Park Tigers at Bat and Ball Oval.

In the first term, the defenders and the midfielders had to work very hard to get around the Tiger’s defence and get the ball into the forward line. Some good running by Isaac and Liam got things moving out of the back, and Phoenix was marking well up front.

Some strategic advice from Coach Eric during the break resulted in some fluent forward progress in the second term. The midfield of Will, Ben, and Lachlan made good inroads, and Phoenix and Baxter did some good ‘ripping’ to secure possession.

The match evened out in the third term, with a good goal to Will, and Oscar M and Lucas doing some elusive running from the midfield.

Coach Eric was particularly pleased with the team’s ability to adapt to the defensive pressure from the Tigers, and the award for this week went to Ben.