U14/3 three quarter time huddle

Cannons U14/3 v Easts: Match Report

Canada Bay Cannons U14/3 v Easts

Drummoyne Oval, 31 March

Two very dominant quarters by East sealed the victory as they ran away with the game in the second and third quarters. However, the Cannons were very competitive in the first quarter and only trailed by a single goal.

In fact the Cannons opened the scoring and Easts found the going very heavy as the Cannons showed great vigour and some enterprising football. The Easts Coach told me after the match that his team were quite worried about how “up for it” the Cannons were in the first quarter.

The Cannons learned a very valuable lesson about commitment and consistency in the middle quarters.

The team still had some players who were determined to play to the best of their ability. However. they needed better support from their team mates.

Last quarter and the last throw of the dice. Could the Cannons make amends and win the quarter? The coaching staff thought they could. So the Cannons accepted the challenge to win the quarter, to win every position and win every contest.

And there were some mighty efforts all over the ground. Josh P was mighty; he won an aerial contest against 3 significantly taller opponents Joshua L was mighty; he reached into the suitcase of courage and made every post a winner. And Zac D was mighty; leading by example and easily led the hard ball gets statistic.

The Cannons won the quarter and they won a lot more than raw numbers can reveal.

We watched the Cannons fire up in the last quarter and we loved it.

Congratulations Easts and we look forward to our next match.