Cannons Under12s-2, Round 2


Round Two v Glebe

A glorious morning in the inner west couldn’t wait for the sun to warm the earth so it was left to us to kick the dew off Jubilee Oval.

And in doing so we got wet feet, slippery hands, a soggy footy and a football lesson.

The bar of soap shaped like a Sherrin didn’t help things early on. It was a scrappy start to the game and both sides found it hard to string together any decent footy. So let’s fast forward to the second quarter.

A couple of goals down early in the term, the Cannons sparked a spirited comeback and the game was on!

It was great to have Finlay back. The smallest man on the ground regularly took on the biggest, and won. His tackling, attack on the footy and courage in standing his ground to take marks was inspiring.

He set up the first goal when he attacked a loose ball in defence, beat a pack of Greyhounds and sent it long to Alex DP who kicked truly.

The momentum was swinging our way – we won the next centre clearance and the game was straight back into our forward line where Alex D won a free kick and put the ball to the top of the square.

Nic brilliantly roved the contest and snapped a great goal and we were back within four points and on a roll!

Blake followed Finn’s lead and tackled like a demon and cleared the ball from defence, while Ben C at fullback marshalled his troops and was precise with his trusty left boot.

Nic was winning the footy in the middle, Thea was creative and we had taken control of the the game.

But Glebe managed to sneak in a couple of late goals just before halftime to restore their lead going into the big break.

Their discipline in the second half proved the difference as they kept a structure and system that we couldn’t match.

They had set up a solid wall on their halfback line, while we too often kicked aimlessly into space.

We battled it out in the last term, with Tom providing good service and a tough contest in the ruck and our persistence paid off when Alex DP kicked his second goal with a clever snap through traffic.

The good thing about lessons is they teach you things. As Tony said, footy’s not just about being able to kick and mark well, it’s also about being smart – listening to the plan, getting to the right spot and sticking to your role in the structure.