U12-2 v Heathcote

Cannons U12-2, Round 6

Cannons Under 12 Division 2 v Heathcote Hawks

Round Six, Sunday 15 May, Heathcote Park

A trip to the Royal National Park is always a pleasant Sunday outing.

Especially when you convincingly beat the top team and claim first spot on the ladder!

That’s a well-deserved reward for a bunch of kids who have shown great heart and spirit all season. But there’s still lots of season to go.

After a long drive south, Dave G was keen to sample the Heathcote bacon and egg roll and was more than pleased with its energy-restoring qualities. Likewise, the kids were full of beans from the start, but without having to head to the barbie.

The Cannons dominated from the outset and should even have kicked more than the three goals they had on the board by quarter time.

Strong work in the middle kept the ball in our forward half for most of the quarter, with Alex D setting the tone from the opening bounce, winning the first clearance to set up the Cannons’ dominance.

Alex DP kicked the opening two goals of the game, the first coming after good work by ruckman Ben M. Ben then combined with Dominator and Paddy who kicked long for ADP to take a strong mark and kick his second.

Dominator then capped off hard work in the middle when he earned a tough free kick in the
goal square to kick his first goal for Div 2.

The wall was strong and remained solid the whole day. On the odd occasion the ball ever made it over the wall, we had an impassable second barrier with Will and Connor patrolling the half back line and reading the play beautifully.

The second quarter belonged to Liam and Blake, who kicked one of the goals of the year.
Blake gathered on the outer wing, switched the play to the members’ side with a long kick and kept running to meet Connor who was strong in the contest. Connor dished the hands out to the supportive Blake who swung onto his left to kick a Buddy Franklin-like long goal from the boundary.

A classy combination between Archie, Blake and Matt in the middle ended up with Liam taking a strong chest mark in the square and kicking the first of his two goals for the term.
Liam kept offering a contest at full forward and latched on to another pass from Blake with a strong overhead mark and goal.

Thea’s revelling in her spot on the wing and was tough and creative all day, Finn kept taking brave marks, Jezza was strong down back and if only Ben C was sporting a bushy mo you would have sworn it was David Dench and his clearing runs out of defence.

Nic kept running and going in hard, giving a slick handball in the third term to Damo who kicked beautifully to the square where Brayden’s strong hands and then trusty left boot did the rest.

Tank steamed through the final quarter, taking marks at both ends of the ground and kicking two goals for the term, while his teammates just love it when Coach Tony tells them to take the game on, play on and go for a run. And the results showed with five goals in the last quarter to record a great win against strong opposition.

CANADA BAY GOALS: Will 3, Alex DP 2, Liam 2, Tom 2, Brayden 1, Dom 1, Blake 1, Paddy 1.