U12 Div 2 v Pennant Hills

Cannons Under 12 Div 2, Round 10

Canada Bay Cannons U12 Div 2 v Pennant Hills

Round 10, Sunday 19 June, Ern Holmes Oval

Canada Bay Cannons 4-10 (34) def by Pennant Hills 6-3 (39)

We were seconds away from doing it again.

After fighting so hard in torrential rain for so long to finally get our noses in front, it all came down to a sodden three minute arm wrestle.

Going into the last quarter with the scores locked at 32 points each, a scruffy, skidding rushed behind put us one point ahead with three minutes to go after trailing by nearly two goals early in the third quarter.

The final three minutes was enthralling, an intense and fierce battle as 30 kids from both sides threw themselves at the footy, at each other and into the mud and puddles in a desperate contest for the footy.

Matty pulled off tackle after tackle, the rain couldn’t dampen Cooper’s skills, Paddy was at the bottom of every pack, Connor was impassable in defence, Damo drove the ball forward.

For two and a half minutes the ball went back and forth and through the puddles on the members’ wing; the result hinging on a tackle, a smother, a hopeful kick forward.

It looked like time was on our side and we were going to hold on for another thrilling one point win.

With the seconds counting down, the ball spat out of a contest on the wing and tumbled into the Pennant Hills forward line and, all of a sudden, they kicked a terrific goal out of a pack to regain the lead.

But, as always, our kids never give in. With 15 seconds left, Tom, Nic and Paddy combined at the centre bounce and scrambled the ball forward to within 20 metres of goal and anything looked possible but, just as the ball spilled loose, the siren blew.

Who knows what would have happened if the game had another 20 seconds in it?

We’ve won a few tight ones and now we’ve lost one but, whatever the result, the kids should be very proud of the way they fought hard and never gave up in a great display of hard, wet weather footy.

It all started in light rain and we got off to a flyer with two goals to Finlay and one to Alex in the opening term to take a two point lead into quarter time.

But as the heavens opened in the second term, the kids struggled to adjust and could only manage four behinds as Penno kicked straight and took control to lead by six points at halftime.

Coach Tony called for a greater effort in the second half and got it. But it took time. Slowly we worked our way back into the game as everyone lived up to their halftime promise to Tony to have a crack and the momentum finally swung our way.

We chipped away and when Alex kicked a long range special to lock the scores, the stage was set for a thrilling final term.

As the crowd sat in luxury under a tin roof while the brains trust impersonated drowned rats, the kids put on a show which proved footy in the wet can be just as beautiful as in perfect conditions.

We must thank Hornsby council and Pennant Hills footy club for keeping the ground open and giving the kids such a rare experience and muddy knees.

A full photo gallery is available at: www.canadabaycannons.com.au/photos.

CANADA BAY 4.10.34

Goals; Finlay 2, Alex 2