U12 div 2 v Forest

Cannons U12-2, Round 7

Canada Bay Cannons U12 Div 2 v Forest Lions

Round 7, 22 May 2016, Drummoyne Oval

We keep racking up the wins and this was another one we had to work hard to score.

It was the classic games of two halves: dominant and sleepy; comfortable and tense.

Finlay got us going in the first quarter, not just by tackling kids twice his size and taking big marks, but he’s playing smart footy. His pair of goals in the opening term were a result of being in the right place at the right time, as he patrolled the wall across our half forward line.

Paddy led by example in the second quarter and filed another contender for goal of the year when he gathered from the centre bounce, tucked the ball under his arm, beat two defenders, took a bounce and kicked from 30 metres out, while this week’s trick from Alex DP was a backwards over-the-head goal.

Manfred took a great mark on the flank and Jamie earned a tough free kick early on and just missed his shot for goal.
With five goals and a few too many behinds in the first half, we were in control and looked headed for another comfortable win.

But the 30-point halftime lead must have made everybody a little complacent, including the team manager who forgot to bring out the oranges.

Without their vitamin C at the break, the kids looked flat in the third quarter and the lead shrunk to 12 points as Forest went in harder and got to the footy first.

As the game started getting tense, Thea seemed to have a sixth sense and repeatedly stepped up to settle the side down. She’d take a gutsy mark, run the width of the ground to make a contest or create an option, or lay a strong tackle to stop a Forest charge.

And, after Nic, Damo and Paddy linked together down the flank to get the ball to Thea near goal late in the last quarter, she selflessly dished off a handball to Xavier who kicked the sealer and we all breathed easier.

The Dependable Twins Blake and Damo were again, well, dependable all day, both with great delivery by foot as well as doing the hard stuff – the tackles and shepherds that matter so much.

Ben C also continues to be Mr Reliable down back and, with a new shimmy and sidestep in his repertoire, is often the springboard for attack.

Archie took a critical mark in the middle as Forest threatened in the last quarter, while Connor and Will were strong when it mattered in defence, Liam was solid and Ben M rucked all day and took marks around the ground.

Thanks to Jezza, Tom and Brayden for backing up after playing for Div 3 and thanks to Nic, Damo and Finlay who helped the undermanned Forest.

CANADA BAY 6.15.51
Goals; Finlay 2, Alex DP 2, Paddy 1, Xavier 1.
FOREST 4.7.31