U6 Black: Round 2 Match Report

U6 Black v Concord Giants: Round Two

Location:  A mildly soggy Taplin Park

A lovely sunny day after a week of rain, floods and storms – and the players certainly rose to the occasion.  It was great to have our first home game of the season, against a lovely opposition team, in the Concord Giants.

Thomas got the team off to a great start with the 1st Goal, and continued to demonstrate good defence and kicking skills, ultimately taking out the Coach’s Award for R2. Oscar again showed great kicking and passing skills, (coached by older brothers perhaps?) scoring some great points/goals along the way.  Alexander displayed great team work, and agility around the field.  Evie again took a great mark, despite some distractions with her teeth, and her kicks were well placed.  The kicking drills are starting to come true, with Edward showing how it can be done.  Charlie’s hand balls were strong and well timed.  Akira was everywhere, good defence and kicking, bringing more goals and points to our tally (if there was a tally), ultimately taking out the “Future AFL Star” award for the week.

Austin and Ted showed off their great sportsmanship playing strongly on the Giants team to even up numbers.  Austin’s passing skills were admirable, and Ted played a good defensive team against his friends in Power, though a bit of team identity confusion evident in his hand balls to Power players.


Over all, some great team work, and you can really see the team coming together!


Thanks to Nat (Austin’s Mum) for doing this week’s Match Report.

Laura goals under pressure

Laura (U10 Silver) Club MVP: Round Two

The Sydney Swans are holding a weekly Club MVP competition, asking each junior Club to nominate a weekly MVP for our Club. The MVP could be a player, an official or volunteer around the grounds. If our entry is selected, the nominee wins four tickets to a Swans game.

Our nominee for Round Two is Laura from U10 Silver. Laura made her AFL debut last year, so this is her second season playing AFL with Drummoyne Power.

Laura LOVES her footy. She is a die-hard Swans supporter and constantly has a football in her hands, practising drills that Coach Tim sets for the team each week.

After a quiet game in Round One, Laura hit her stride in Round Two, scoring two goals in the first quarter and being in the thick of the action for the whole game. What a confidence boost! She received the Coach’s Team Player of the Week award for her efforts.

Coach Tim says Laura “posesses, and indeed this week kicked her running goals off, a booming ‘Buddy-like’ left boot”.

“Laura very regularly contributes this strongly... Laura is also a coach’s dream in terms of her approach to learning the game and developing her skills,” he said.

As well as playing for U10 Silver this year, Laura has been invited to play in our Youth Girls U14 competition and she’s said she’s willing to give it a go. If this weekend’s form is anything to go by, she’ll be amazing!

Congratulations, Laura, you’re our Club MVP nomination for Round Two.

u8 Teal in action

U8 Teal Match Report – Round 2

U8 Teal v Concord Giants: Round Two

Taplin Oval, Drummoyne

A hot day on a damp field made for sweaty U8 boys.

Concord was a great opposition and it was an evenly matched game.

Drummoyne Teal has grown and improved so much since last year. Their kicking and catching skills are stronger and it’s great to see so many keen for the ball.

Ethan, Tom C, Harry and Lucas in Mids kicking to Nicolas, Tom N, Declan and Sean in Forwards and Scott, Alexander, and Zai defending in Backs was a great combination to start the game off. Lucas was very brave coming back on to play after stopping a goal with a ball in the face in the 3rd.

Outstanding Players/Special Mentions

Zai gets the Coach’s award this week for his great run out of defence then handballing to midfield plus two great goals.

Listening intently to our coach at break.

Listening intently to our coach at break.


Thanks to John for umpiring and coaching in such a positive manner and keeping the game flowing fast.

U8 Teal Round 1

U8 Teal v Glebe Greyhounds: Round One

Five Dock Park

Glebe Oval was closed due to rain but luckily we could transfer to Five Dock Oval for our first much anticipated game of the season. The rain held off and Glebe was a fair opposition.

The forward Pack talking Strategy.

The forward Pack talking Strategy.

An awesome two Goals and at least 3 marks taken by Nicholas, Lucas did a great job in his first game with one mark and a behind kicked, Tom N took some fantastic marks and kicked two goals and three behinds, Sean kicked two goals and took a great mark, Alexander was great in defence and good at smothering, Harry M kicked a behind, Ethan kicked at least two goals and two behinds, Declan was also good in defence and did well for his first game, Scott kicked a behind and had some good runs.


A great start to the season.

Outstanding Players/Special Mentions

Tom N – coach’s award today for an awesome game all round.


Thanks to Mel for helping John organise the team this week and taking the jumpers home.

U13-Div 3 v Manly: Round One

U13-Div 3 v Manly: Round One

Twenty Cannons boys turned-out for the U13-Dv 3 team on a warm and sunny day at Weldon Oval, Curl Curl.

Familiar faces and new faces assembled for their first game of the season against the Manly Bombers.

At the final siren, Manly were winners 30 – 18, but the Cannons put in a good effort first up and took “the points” in the 4th quarter.

Combinations were slow to form and Manly started much better in the kick to a team-mate department.

The Cannons spent a lot of time in all quarters attacking, but an overall return of two goals and six behinds to Manly’s five goals straight was the difference. Four of the Manly goals came from set shots right in front of the big sticks while the Cannons scorers (Martti Z and Ethan W) kicked on the run.

From the sideline, joint coaches Dave and Nick moved the players around and tried to keep the midfielders out of the goal square to allow our forwards more space to score. Plenty to work with, plenty to be happy about and plenty of smiling players at game’s end. Two new players, Thomas and Gabe played very well.

Weldon Oval was in good condition, the Manly team was a pleasure to play against, and it was an all-round good start to the competitive season.

U11 Drummoyne Black v Newtown Red: Round One

U11 Drummoyne Black v Newtown Red

Goddard Oval: Round One

The crowd at Goddard Oval was on its feet – with a little more than five minutes left, there was just a kick in it and a great comeback win was in sight…which was quite remarkable considering we went into quarter time scoreless and 20 points behind after a very sluggish start to the season.

But, then again, not so remarkable when you think about it.

These Drummoyne Black kids took 15 minutes to stand up and show the guts and determination of the team’s “never give up” motto and live up to everything we’ve spoken about in the pre-season.

After that slow first quarter, they outscored Newtown, out tackled them, out bustled them and simply outplayed them. If not for some wayward kicking for goal, a couple of unlucky bounces and Newtown’s better use of the big spaces and open forward line, they could have pulled off a mighty win.

Among the bright spots in the first quarter was Finlay and Sam’s private contest in taking on the biggest kids they could find and Thea’s tackling and drive from the middle. Players were running past each other for handballs and the signs were there.

Paddy became more involved in the second quarter, Charlie and James G provided a strong presence up forward and the skills of Romano and Fergus in defence were crucial, while Finlay, Sam, Thea and Will lifted the whole team with their tenacious tackling and attack at the footy.

After some near misses from Finlay and Charlie, it was fitting the breakthrough goal finally came from the skipper. Thea converted the magnificent team pressure and relentless tackling with a powerfully finished running goal and the momentum was all with Drummoyne.

Then the one percenters started producing more goals. A Paddy tackle, Finlay shepherd and James A bump ended with a Finlay goal. Minutes later, Paddy won the hard ball in the middle, Will tackled, Jack smothered and Will backed up and goaled. A Ben smother nearly earned us another goal just before three quarter time.

But there was also room for classy stuff. Jack kicked the goal of the day after a run and bounce on the boundary line and when Will finished off more team pressure with his second goal, we were only six points behind and coming home quickly with a few minutes to go.

To their credit, Newtown steadied and found space in their forward line to kick away with two late goals to secure the win.

But we walked away from a terrific game of footy with two lessons learnt – these kids have the skill and attitude to do really well this season and that footy is a FOUR quarter game.

Newtown 9.2.56 def. Drummoyne 5.8.38 (Goals: Will 2, Thea 1, Jack 1, Finlay 1)

Round 1 – U9 Silver v Western Suburbs White

U9 Silver v Western Suburbs White: Round One

Drummoyne Power u 9 Silver played a very competitive game under new coach Sam.
The team welcomed new recruits Gabriel, Jasper C & Samuel who found their feet really quickly and slotted in as though they had been team members for years.
Defence was very strong across the park, this paved the way in the first term for excellent service to Alex who kicked 3 goals.
Lukas took some great marks and applied a lot of pressure with several smothers.
Jake & Hamish were very busy and great in Defence. Hamish pulled off the tackle of the day.
Xabi’s big kicking help get us down the park and he was very strong in attack & defence.
Alex was very involved and looked good with ball in hand.
Jake with a quick transfer from hand to foot with a quick goal.
Jasper V found a lot of space & worked well with Miles & Gabriel.
Jasper C & Samuel had solid 3rd & 4th terms.
We kept West scoreless in the 2nd & 3rd terms.
Fionn & Angus had a lot of possessions & overall it was very good to see that the boys had stepped up and looked impressive
Final score
Power 30 def West 28


U8 Silver – Match Report

Under 8 Silver vs U8 Whites

Round One: Five Dock

Both teams were very evenly matched and displayed a wide array of skills that must have been honed and developed in the off season!! The most impressive part of the play from both teams was the teamwork and the communication between the players. And it looked like they were having a lot of fun in their first game of the season.

The Silver Players

Yoshi was everywhere on the day. He kicked, he blocked, he smothered, he ran, he marked, and he well and truly enjoyed himself. The crowd witnessed Yoshi make perhaps one of the biggest clearing kicks from fullback seen at Five Dock. Yoshi showed a lot of athleticism, and team awareness. He always put the team first, particularly if he saw another player in a better position to kick for goal. Yoshi, well done on such a great game!

Will was solid in defence in the first 3rd. Will’s clearing kicks from the back were well directed and long. Will displayed great energy and enthusiasm throughout the game. Will’s excellent goal in the third 3rd was so well deserved, and followed some great lead up work and an excellent hand pass from Jacob. Will’s combination with Yoshi down the right side of the field was also a revelation, and I am sure that was noted by the coach!

Jacob has picked up from where he left off last year. In the first 3rd, Jacob kicked a classic goal off the right foot, after a great catch. Jacob followed up with another goal soon after. In the second 3rd, Jacob showed all round versatility with excellent defensive work. Jacob has vision on the footy field, and this was shown by his hand passing and kicks to team mates such as Yoshi and Will (which led to a goal). Jacob pressured the opponents in defence, and was energetic in the field. Great touches and fantastic work on the ball. Well done Jacob!

Luc had a wonderful game, with great kicks in mid field and an excellent kick for goal in the second 3rd. When he played at fullback, Luc’s clearing kicks were a highlight, particularly the way he directed his kicks out to the flanks. Luc applied great pressure in defence with Charlie in the third 3rd. Luc’s kicking game was really top notch, whether it was kicks to other team mates, or kicks from the back or up the front. Luc is one to watch this season!

Daniel is such a valuable member of the Silvers, because he always follows the ball, he never loses concentration, and he works so well with his team mates, particularly up the middle of the field. He had a great snap for goal in the first 3rd, and followed it up with another excellent goal after receiving an incisive hand pass from Jacob. To show off all of his burgeoning skills, a hand pass from Daniel in the third 3rd capped off a wonderful game! Big things this year, Daniel!

Oliver is the “go to” man of this team. Oliver gets the job done, in defence and in attack. Oliver’s kicks and passes to Riley and Jacob highlighted his busy workload throughout the whole game. Oliver runs fast, and made some wonderful runs up the middle with the ball, which put the team in a great position to score goals. Oliver shows a very good kicking style as well, the way he holds the ball out in front ready to kick the ball down-field. Excellent work Oliver!

Charlie did some excellent calling for the ball when he was in the forwards. He was busy all around the field, and showed some real kicking ability with a big booming attempt at goal in the second 3rd. Not to be denied, Charlie kicked his first goal of the season in the third 3rd, and really got into the tempo of the game. Charlie’s hand pass to a team mate in the third 3rd did not go unnoticed either, and shows great team awareness.

Riley, I looked up those who wore number 3 like you. All I can say, you are in good company. Chris Judd and Michael Voss would have been impressed with your wonderful kick at goal and your hand passing early in the game. Excellent clearing kick from the back in the second 3rd  as well, followed up by more great kicks down the middle of the field. Riley worked very well with his team mates, especially Jacob when it came to hand passing and kicking in general play.


A great start to the season by all who played, both the Silver and the White teams. Well done!


Well done Anthony on your first game as coach! And thank you to the Drummoyne Whites and their coaches and manager for such a wonderful game to watch.

U13-2 Round One

U13/2 Cannons v St Ives, Acron Oval St Ives: Round One

After weeks of pre-season training it was great to finally be able to get onto the paddock against St Ives. A glorious day presented itself after rain the night before, which meant conditions for footy were almost perfect.

Prior to the game all players were presented with their jumpers for the season and our leadership group announced. This season’s leaders being; Joshua L, Jaden  & Jack H. I ask all players get behind your leadership group and support their actions.

The boys played with gusto, energy, commitment and a desire to play hard footy resulting in a 42-30 score-line at three quarter time. Our ability to win the ball out of the centre was significant, however we did not take advantage of our dominate field position in the first three quarters to kick a winning score.

In the final quarter our boys ran out of legs and St Ives kicked 6 goals to nil, eventually running over the top of us.

Congratulations to Joel, who won the coach’s man of the match award in Round One. Joel’s silky skills were evident whenever he gained possession, delivering the ball with precision and he kept his feet all day.

Welcome to Cassidy, Sam, Joshua B. & George who played their first game of AFL for the club.

An acceptable start to the season, but one we must learn from.

U9 Teal Round 1 Match Report

U9 Teal v Glebe at Five Dock Park

Round One

10982919_10153207890923890_8532667062258054438_n 11078199_10153207890968890_8617855517464847482_n 1538739_10153207891073890_7141282424569521848_n

In brilliant sunshine but with the drone of the Caterpillar equipment in the background, for the first time these boys were briefed by the Official Umpires to the delight of Coach Brad.

The Captain was Nicholas and on his AFL debut he won the toss and elected to run downhill towards the grandstand,

In another first, this Power team played its first four-quarter game.

In the first quarter, Drummoyne was dominant across the midfield and in the forward zone. Solid marking and long kicking by Joseph kept the ball well forward. Solid team play with passing (kicking and hand balling) setting up a POWERful quarter. Strong shepherding by Alex, solid marking by James supported by Hugo mopping up in defence when the ball eventually made its way to the wrong end of the field. Good teamwork was rewarded with a team goal ultimately scored by Harry after an intercept in the mid field by Joseph who kicked to Olly to set up Harry’s first chance.

The second term was another quiet one for the POWER defence but a productive one for the midfield and forwards as the rotation after the first quarter brought fresh legs to the middle. Solid marking by James and marking by Joseph who marked a Glebe high ball then redirected the ball back the the goal square. Luke V and Hugo had a work rate in this term matched only by Josh Kennedy for the Swans later that night. The highlight of the quarter was Max’s goal from a tight angle in the pocket followed by a snap goal from Joseph. More great passing as Luke K moved the ball quickly through Hugo to Max for a minor score. It was a hard fought term as Glebe looked to claw their way back into the game. It looked like that toughness had brought Alex undone with a recurrence of an arm injury until he bounced back in a quarter when he showed us how to be hard at the ball.

Quarter three was the toughest for the POWERful defence as Glebe fought back to dominate the premiership quarter. The Drummoyne defence had its busiest term during which the highlights were clearing kicks from Max, handy scrapping from Lucas, solid marking from Olly. More good teamwork as Lucas took a much needed mark to turn the ball around. Lucas kicked to Harry who passed to Hugo and with an unselfish kick to Olly had taken the ball from defense to attack. A bustling passage of play lead by Luke T, Jonty and Nicholas followed as Drummoyne wrestled the ball forward to present Hugo with an opportunity that lead to his first AFL goal.

The final term was the perfect finish for a team that played like a team, calling out for the ball and supporting each other in defence. As the breeze picked up and Drummoyne found themselves pushing into a strong wind, more examples of supporting their team mates finished the game on a high. Solid tackling from Jonty, Alex, Lucas and Hugo was supported by a determined display from Nicholas to win the ball in a tight contest that ensured he cleared the ball from danger. More team passing as Max, Harry and James combined to move the ball from defense to attack. Lucas’ kick to set up Harry’s goal in this term was just what the team needed to celebrate their first game in 2015.


An impressive first up display of teamwork that meant everyone had a chance to play an important part in the game.

A Outstanding Players/Special Mentions

All Players competed well, special mention to Luke V, Joseph, Harry and Hugo who scored his first goal in his first game.