U7 White: Round 6 Match Report

Drummoyne Power U7 White v Moore Park Tigers

Round 6 Match Report

Drummoyne U7 White faced a stern test from a well drilled Moore Park Tigers at Bat and Ball Oval.

In the first term, the defenders and the midfielders had to work very hard to get around the Tiger’s defence and get the ball into the forward line. Some good running by Isaac and Liam got things moving out of the back, and Phoenix was marking well up front.

Some strategic advice from Coach Eric during the break resulted in some fluent forward progress in the second term. The midfield of Will, Ben, and Lachlan made good inroads, and Phoenix and Baxter did some good ‘ripping’ to secure possession.

The match evened out in the third term, with a good goal to Will, and Oscar M and Lucas doing some elusive running from the midfield.

Coach Eric was particularly pleased with the team’s ability to adapt to the defensive pressure from the Tigers, and the award for this week went to Ben.

U7 Teal: Round 6 Match Report

U7 Teal v Moore Park Tigers

Round 6, Bat and Ball Oval

The Saturday morning sun was shining and, while it was chilly, it was the perfect playing conditions for our keen Drummoyne Power U7s Teal team.

The team started off with excitement and eagerness to play and shortly after the game commenced it was clear our opponents were ready to battle. Those keen Tigers really put pressure on Drummoyne throughout the game, which made for some tough opponents on Saturday.

During the game we saw some fantastic skills that the team have been developing and working towards so far this season.

Hayden produced an accurate kicking game and Oliver marked with precision, which saw the sidelines get involved. Not to mention the excitement that mounted when we saw Koji mark and follow through kicking a goal showcasing his skills. Ned showed us a courageous and pinpoint accurate goal that pumped up the team to push through the game.

Tyler, Isaac, Dylan & Fletcher were right in there in the mix supporting the team with some key kicks and passes to keep the pressure on the Tigers.

After a show of sportsmanship, with both team congratulating each other, the Power started chanting the national anthem again. Here’s to practising the Drummoyne Power team song for next week’s game!

Well done to Fletcher on being awarded player of the match. Keep up the great work.

Week 6 wrapped up with another courageous effort that has continued to build on improvements across the field that we are seeing as the team continues to grow and gel together.




SHOOSH because…

SHOOSH because our kids are watching

Yelling negative comments from the sidelines is never OK. It is modelling disrespect for authority and showing kids that it’s OK to respond to a mistake – by a player or by an umpire – with abuse. As a Club, we won’t tolerate it. SHOOSH!

SHOOSH because our kids are listening

But what if it is just conversational complaints? Stop and think. Are the umpires really biased, or just learning? Is the push in the back by an opponent “deliberate”, while the push in the back by our player just a mistake?

We may not like an opposing team culture, but we need to remember that all players and umpires are still learning, and that team officials are volunteers doing their best for the love of the sport.

Focusing on complaints about umpires and the opposition teaches kids that it is OK to blame others for the result of a game and show them disrespect. SHOOSH!

SHOOSH because we want football relationships to be positive

Not many kids will grow up to be professional AFL players but we’d like to encourage them to play, umpire, coach or be involved in AFL in some capacity for many years to come.

People swap Clubs; Clubs form merger teams; development, representative and academy teams are selected. Those kids being criticised as “cheats” may soon be your child’s team mates. That “biased” umpire may one day mentor your team. That “dirty” team official? Meet your new coach.

Let’s make work to make AFL fun, and football relationships positive. SHOOSH!

SHOOSH because there’s a right way to address wrong behaviour

Sometimes there will be legitimate concerns about a player, an umpire, a parent or official. During a game, the team manager (and only the team manager) can approach the ground manager, who will then decide whether it’s an issue that needs monitoring and/or intervention.

Coaches also have access to a form to provide constructive feedback on umpiring, which directly informs umpire training sessions.

And if you ever have specific complaints after an AFL game, please contact our Club. If warranted, we’ll take it further on your behalf.


U15-1 Youth Girls: Round 5 Match Report

Under 15-1 Youth Girls v Maroubra Saints

Round 5

Drummoyne Power 5.6 (36) def by Maroubra Saints 6.6 (42)

Match report by Matthew

Who knew a one goal loss could be such a great game for the Drummoyne Power U15 Youth Girls! The morning started with a panic as we tried to get a full team roster together. Thanks to the support of Maroubra who lent us an additional player throughout the afternoon to ensure the contest could go ahead. 

The Saints arrived at St Lukes with an enviable record of four wins from four games and were proudly sitting at the top of the table. It was looking like a daunting task even before the kick off and the potential for a Mother’s Day massacre was threatening. 

It was cold, windy and grey. A few drops of rain were threatening but held off for at least the game time drama. None of this bothered the Saints; they were there to play and there to win. A very quick and skilled team showed us why they are premiership leaders with some great running, passing and kicking. The first half ending in the blink of an eye with Power not disturbing the scorers 0 and Saints 3.3 (18).

Not that we weren’t trying, but we seemed to be just that little behind as the second quarter was midway through. We managed to slow them up with some great contests all over the ground. When we did get into our attacking zone we missed a few opportunities. Power scored two behinds, Saints two goals and three behinds for a halftime score two to 36, Saints on top. 

There must have been a special halftime speech by Super Coach Stanwix in the sheds because outside it was looking more miserable by the minute.

The third quarter bounce saw a clash of the titans that hasn’t featured at St Lukes since the four new sticks went up at each end and Aussie Rules was the main game. The ruckwomen Powers, Lucinda (33) and Saints Ellie (6) squared off for a mighty contest. Both girls products of Randwick rugby fathers who played in the 80s and 90s during a golden period of their sport. The girls did not stray far from the gene pool, Ellie was quick and tough similar to her father Tas a solid, bustling strong running winger for the Wicks. Lucinda was powerful and strong coming from a tight forward pedigree but certainly a little more graceful.

What a joy to watch! There were clashes from the very first tap down. Then there were hips and shoulders as each tried to our muscle the other in the middle. And then there were elbows and knees…OK, I am getting carried away. 

Anyway, by no means were the rest of the Powers sitting still, they were in there scrapping for the ball and suddenly the Saints didn’t look so settled. Although well in front, the Saints got limited possession and when they did get the ball the pressure from the defence was immense. The pressure paid off and late in the third quarter, Lucinda landed a lucky snap at goals into the wind and Q3 ended with Power scoring eight to Saints six –  but we were still a long way gone: Drummoyne Power 1.4 (10) to Maroubra Saints 6.6 (42).

More magic happened as the girls took in water and instructions in preparation for the final quarter. At 32 points behind with a quarter to go, the wind picked up, the clouds rolled in, and all anyone on the sideline wanted was the final whistle so they could head home for a cup of tea.

On field, the enthusiasm of the third quarter continued straight into the start of quarter four. The contests were tough in the middle from the first bounce and continued around the whole ground and it was a great effort from all the girls. With the wind at their backs, the Power girls were starting to get on top in the contests and from there we were finding space to get some clear kicks in. The goals followed. Serena, who stepped up to help out for the day, potted a goal, soon followed by Lucinda with her second for the day. Laura from deep, deep in the forward pocket kicked a beautiful goal from a very tight angle and suddenly the crowd was alive (well, it certainly woke up the Power supporters anyway!).

Another clean win in the middle bounce had Gabi dashing down the middle of the ground, as she had been doing all day, punching her kicks forward out of the centre to supporting players. This time in full flight she continued to the edge of the 50m circle and drop punted the ball to goal. Caught by a gust of wind it flew over her forward line, over the Saints backline defenders, bounced directly in line with goals about 10m out and then through for a goal.

Old father time was calling, the 4th quarter was a great victory to the Power kicking 4.2 (26) to the Saints 0.0 (0), but in the end Saints had proven themselves to be a better team on the day and took out the game. A great effort from both team and a very exciting finish, even if we fell just short.

Well done both teams!

U7 Teal v Maroubra Saints

U7 Teal v Maroubra Saints

Round 5, Drummoyne Oval

It was a cool, wet and windy morning for the U7s home game against the Maroubra Saints. Luckily the weather didn’t dampen the enthusiasm from the team or the crowd. The U7s got off to a great start with a handball by Koji onto the Man-of-the-Match Frank to score the first goal of the game! We were away with first points on the board only seconds into the match!

The excitement continued with a great mark by Ned who ran it up close to the goal posts and scored! Go Power! The scene was set for a great game to follow. The midfielders started to fire and there was some great hand-ball and kick combinations between Dylan and Tyler. A strong mark and goal by Ned and the momentum was starting to build!


The second period started with a brilliant tip off by Isaac and a pass onto Hayden who landed a big kick down field. With some fancy footwork around the Saints, Fletcher then followed with a successful goal.

The opposition started to press in the third period and Hugh came through with some great defence to keep the Saints at bay. Hayden then displayed impressive skill with a successful kick to goal whilst on the move.

Another sterling performance by the team and good to see improvements each week with several displays of superior long kicking skills, solid hand passing and kicks to each other.

The boys celebrated proudly singing both the National Anthem and the Club song.

Keep up the great work U7s!

Under 7: Match Report Round 3

u7 White v East Sydney Bulldogs

Round 3, Drummoyne Oval

Superb team performance throughout the three quarters by our team of eight players.

The first quarter belonged to Baxter who scored three goals putting the team in a strong position moving forward. Jeremy and Liam kicked, marked and hand passed regularly in the first quarter while Zoe did a wonderful job making sure the opposition regularly failed to kick the ball when in possession due to her strong marking and chasing down. Koji and Phoenix caught and kicked well with some nice hand passing to fellow team mates.

The second quarter saw a strong performance from Benjamin scoring five times, Isaac twice and Liam once. Jeremy continued his strong ball kicking combining well with Liam and Baxter. Zoe impressed again with her marking and passing with the team taking a strong lead into the final quarter.

The third quarter turned out to be a strong scoring quarter for the Power. Jeremy put five scores on the board,Liam, Zoe and Baxter put one each between the posts.

Some lovely touches from Koji, Isaac, Baxter, Phoenix, Liam and Zoe saw Drummoyne finish the game off in commanding style.

U10 Teal: Round 4

Under 10 Teal v Western Suburbs Magpies

Round 4

Another difficult game for U10 Teal this week who came up against a bigger, stronger opponent in Wests Magpies. Although our boys were out bodied and faced some superior long kicking skills, the effort and intensity of the Teal unit could not be questioned.

Across the ground, Teal had to be on the defensive and stop the ever pressing pressure from the Wests outfit. Otto was superb across half back, repelling many an attacking foray. Dylan was also the coaches choice for superb efforts across the ground.

Playing short, we had two children from a younger grade step up to help out and both held their heads high. Specific mention needs to go out to Hewie who kicked a tremendous goal under pressure.

The team had fun and sang the club song with gusto!

Next week we host the Maroubra Saints and will hopefully turn the season fortunes around.

Under 9 Black – Round 4

U9 Black vs Western Suburbs Magpies

Round 4, Saturday 5 May, 2018

WH Wagener Oval

Coming off a tough game in the previous week, the battle-scarred U9 Black team was determined to make amends.

The WH Wagener Oval was ready, the sun was out and the boys were there early. The warm up was solid and Coach Mark recapped the prior week, tugging at the hearts of those who felt the pain of defeat. (There’s no scoring in U9, but everyone knows that Junior AFL players are master mathematicians when it comes to their six-times tables.) The boys knew what they needed to do, each committing to give it their all.
Right from the first bounce it was tackle, tackle, tackle. The message had gotten through, and leading the charge was Arnaud – what he lacks in stature he more than makes up for in effort and determination. He is a player reborn.
Grit. It’s what gets you through tough times, and U9 Blacks had plenty of it. Clearing the ball from the rucks (Nathen, Akira and Rohan proving to be deft hands at this), smothering the Pies attempts at clearing kicks (Tom and Dimitri) and wrestling the ball from fierce opposition (Alexander G and Alexander V) laid the foundations for a win and kept the Pies scoreless in two quarters.
Pace. Outrunning your opponent will either win you the ball or save you from eating dirt – both desirable outcomes. And it was again Lachlan, with his incredible turn of speed, with Talan, Luke and Akira who chased down balls and the opposition like cheetahs on a gazelle.
Teamwork. If you don’t have it you won’t win. And today it was there in spades. Austin D and Austen P personified teamwork – they were everywhere today. It didn’t matter what position they were playing, they were there to make the tackle, take the pass and make the mark. Rohan, Luke and Nathen provided great support with a number of possessions and disposals.
Confidence. It could have been a little shaken after the previous week, but you wouldn’t have known it from the way the team played today. The level of confidence was high, none higher than Akira whose mark on the siren in the 3rd term left him with an 80m kick for goal. As he tucked his mouth guard into his sock and lined up the monster kick, you knew this kid was the real deal. Unfortunately, some chewy on his boot and a gale force headwind worked against him today, but his confidence was in no way rocked.
In season 2017, U9 Black was a goal scoring machine, and this match was reminiscent of those days, with 4 goals in total (Dimitri with two, and one each for Talan and Hamish). Throw in a handful of behinds and U9 Black had shaken the monkey of their backs. They are back!