Yearbooks are available to view for free online from the links below (best viewed in full screen mode). They are also available as a soft-cover book, and are printed to order. Prices cover the cost of printing and postage only. Please note, the price of ordering back issues is higher, as we do not benefit from bulk order discounts for single copies.

Please download the 2018 Drummoyne Power Yearbook Order form or the 2018 Cannons Yearbook order form and return to

2018 Drummoyne Power Yearbook – 20th Anniversary edition

2018 Canada Bay Cannons Yearbook

2017 Drummoyne Power Yearbook

2017 Canada Bay Cannons Yearbook

2016 Drummoyne Power Yearbook

2016 Canada Bay Cannons Yearbook

2015 Drummoyne Power Yearbook

2015 Canada Bay Cannons Yearbook

(no Yearbook produced in 2014)

2013 Yearbook

2012 Yearbook

2011 Yearbook

2010 Yearbook

2009 Yearbook

2008 Yearbook

2007 Yearbook