Match Reporting

Match reports are not compulsory, but they do add a lot to the spirit of the team and are useful to the Club, to celebrate accomplishments of individuals and teams.

Match reporting duties can be added to the team roster, or you may find someone willing to be the weekly ‘sports reporter’. Match reports don’t need to be lengthy. We’ve given you a template as a guide, but there’s no need to follow it if you have a different way of doing it. We’ve received all types of match reports – some even in verse – so have fun with it; it shouldn’t be a chore!

There are two ‘golden rules’. The first is that match reports are positive – there should be no negative comments of players, the opposition or umpires. The second is that we don’t identify kids by their full names. Use first names only and, if required, an initial.

Match reporting is now done online, through our Blog, and the process is really easy.

1. Go here:

2. Log in with the Username and Password provided by your manager. Alternatively, contact Michelle Hauschild and she will provide it to you.

3. On the top menu, select the option +New (Just +New is enough, or you can select New Post).

New post screenshot

4. This will open up a Match Reporter’s Template.

new post page5. Overwrite the template with as much or as little copy as you like. Not every section will be relevant. The template is just a guide. We’ve had match reports worthy of publication in the sports sections, we’ve had match reports in verse, we’ve had match reports of just a few sentences. The only guide we give is not to focus on the opposition, but on positive reports of our own players. We will remove comments that may seem to disparage either the opposition, or umpiring. We also have a policy of not using the full names of children. First names only please – use initial letter of surname if required.

6. If you have any photos you’d like to include, there’s an “add media” button. You can upload a picture file or video fileadd media screenshot


7. Click “insert into post” when you are done.

8. Don’t worry too much if the layout isn’t right, as long as the text, and any images, are there, we can reformat them to make them look good.

9. When you are done, hit “submit for review”. The match report will be put into the queue, waiting for approval from the website administrator.

submit for review

Once submitted, you’ll see the status change to “pending review”. Don’t worry about the visibility saying “public”, it is not public just yet.

If you have any problems, or any queries, please contact