While you are free to develop your own spreadsheets or system, we have an Excel template, developed by one of the managers, which allows you to enter your team’s match schedule and assign parents to weekly roster tasks.  This is a great resource to give to parents to stick on their fridge.

Modify as necessary as you may wish to assign roster tasks in your own way. This spreadsheet may need to be modified to include tasks that are specific to your own age group – for example, older age groups require runners/water carriers.

MANAGERS’ TIP – Game schedules change, so if you issue a new version of your roster/schedule, make it very clear that parents must destroy all previous versions. Players turning up to the wrong ground at the wrong time is bad for everyone!

MANAGERS’ TIP – Many managers work to a system of two emails a week. One at the start of the week, with any points that need to be raised from the weekend game and a training reminder, then a second email on Friday afternoon to supplement the roster/schedule with a reminder about where they need to be on the weekend.