For managers in teams from U9-U18, there are a few weekly tasks you need to perform on the AFL registration and scoring system, FootyWeb.

Like most things, once you get the hang of it you will spend just a few minutes each week preparing for games and recording results. And, we’re here to help, if you need. The best contact is our Registrar, Simon Osborne.

Logging into FootyWeb

For all FootyWeb tasks you need to login by going to this link:

Enter the username and password you used to register onto FootyWeb. If you do not have these login details, contact the Registrar, Simon Osborne.

Screenshot of Footyweb login

Weekly Tasks

1.     Pre-Game Team Sheets

Managers must prepare at least 4 paper copies of the team sheets to take to each match.  You need one for:

  1. Ground Manager
  2. Opposition Manager
  3. Your copy
  4. One spare to give to a parent you may have asked to keep track of Best on Ground scoring.

Important to note:

  • Failure to have an accurate Team Sheet before play may result in an individual or the whole team being unable to play.
  • To select a player on a team sheet they must be registered and paid.  As manager you should ensure all players are registered before the start of the season.  The Registrar will supply lists of registered players in the lead up to the start of the season.  Any registration issues direct to Registrar, Simon Osborne.

How to Prepare a Team Sheet

After logging into FootyWeb choose Results Entry & Live Scoring then select your team.

You should see your matches listed.  Change the date range in the top left to see more/less games.

Screenshot of Footyweb-2

For the next game, choose PRE-GAME button

  • Select all the players in your squad, even those you know won’t be there.
  • Include the coach, assistants, and yourself in the appropriate sections. Everybody who wears a functional vest and goes onto the ground into the coaches area should have their name on the team sheet.
  • Be careful that you get the right players, not younger/older brothers  or their parent, check for similar surnames e.g. Robertson not Robinson, MacDonald not McDonald etc.
  • Include the jumper numbers per player. FootyWeb will remember them for the following week – a useful time saver – otherwise you need to write them in manually 4 time at the ground.
  • Print 4 copies and bring them to the ground

Screenshot of Footyweb 3

2.     At the Game

If you have no shows, manually cross them off the printed list

If you have an eligible player turn up, add them manually (with jumper number) to the paper list before you hand the copies to the Ground Manager and other team manager.  (These additions must be added to your list in FootyWeb post game so they must be registered. If you can’t find them post game in FootyWeb contact the registrar immediately.  Playing an unregistered player can result in forfeit and fines for the club.)

Sign and give one copy to the Ground Manager before the start of play

Exchange signed team sheets with the opposition manager before the start of play

Retain one for your own records, and give the 4th to your parent Best On Ground umpire.

 3.     Post Game, by c.o.b. Monday

Log into FootyWeb

Go into PRE-GAME and delete from the original selected list any no shows – if needed.

Add to the list any additional players

In POST GAME button, add the score and match result (either quarter by quarter or final score).  Minimum is Full Time Points and Results in the Final Match Scores tab.  If you want to do Q by Q and per player go to town!

For the non-competitive competitions (U9s and U10s), set the result as a 0-0 v 0-0 draw.

The names you enter are considered the official record so it affects finals eligibility and the players career game count. If they are not on the list, they didn’t play. Please note that in the case of a dispute, the hard copies provided to the ground managers are used as the cross reference.

Usually on Tuesday post-game the round is locked and you cannot edit details. If there is a problem, contact the Registrar and we’ll see if we can resolve it.

MANAGERS’ TIP – for scored games U11s and above, take a photo of the score card on your phone straight after the game!  They often go missing.

MANAGERS’ TIP – FootyWeb works really well on a mobile phone.  Enter the scores and adjust who actually played before you leave the ground!

That’s it – too easy!