Weekly Best on Ground Voting (U9 and above)

We have a system to track Best on Ground (BOG) votes for each game played.

  • The standard system is 5-4-3-2-1 votes or you can choose just 5-4-3 at a minimum.
  • You can submit as multiple sets of votes per match
  • Club best practice is at least 2 sets of votes per game (e.g. one from coaching staff and one from a random parent each week).
  • A minimum of one set of votes must be submitted per game

As managers you will have received an email with links to the forms for your age group.  If you don’t have the links, email the Registrar, Simon Osborne.

If you have a player that is not appearing on the form for your age group, please email the Registrar  and we can add them to the list.

Managers should submit each set of votes using their mobile number to verify the submission.

MANAGERS’ TIP: The forms work really well on a smart phone. Save the link on your phone and do the votes at the game!