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AFL Rules and Bylaws

The rules of our competition are covered in the AFL Sydney Junior Bylaws 2023.

There are also Codes of Conduct for players, parents, team officials and spectators at all levels (see Appendix One of the bylaws).


Auskick is a highly modified version of AFL, designed to teach boys and girls the basic skills of the game in a fun, friendly and non-competitive environment. The emphasis is on participation and the development of team spirit.

Please refer to the Auskick site for further information on the program or to look at the rules of AFL Auskick. Parents, spectators and team officials are also directed to the AFL codes of conduct for Auskick.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. And, of course, you’ll need to know the words of the Club Song!


Junior Football is the next step for kids who are ready to move on from AFL Auskick. The rules of matches are modified so children can continue to develop their skills in an enjoyable, safe atmosphere. You’ll find more information on the PlayAFL website.


Youth Football, for ages 13-18, is more competitive than Junior Football and adopts the full rules of Australian Rules Football to ensure that players are ready to transition to open age football when they reach the appropriate age. Find out more.