Sixty Seconds with an Auskicker: Leo (U5)

60 Seconds with an Auskicker: Leo (U5)

What is your name? Leo

What age division do you play in? U5

What was your favourite thing that happened during the game (Round 2)? When I got my certificate.

What did you learn from your 2nd ever Auskick game that you can use at training and in your next game? Always watch the ball

What do you like best about playing Auskick? Winning and kicking the ball, and hand passing, kicking the ball to my mates.

Do you follow a team in the AFL? If you do, what team do you follow? The Drummoyne Power and the Swans

If yes, who is your favourite player in the AFL? Jack (one of his U5 team mates!)

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Leo in U5 with his certificate