U6 Auskick, Round 12

U11 Teal v Maroubra, Round 14

U11 Teal had a day out against Maroubra for its Round 14 match at Heffron Park, Maroubra. The team showed why it is top of the table and a contender for the upcoming finals.  It was a fine day without any wind, which is unusual for Maroubra.  Most games here have a gale favouring one end, but not this day!

The first quarter saw Teal kick five goals and register a four goal lead. The forwards were working well together.  Joseph led the centres with strong ruck work. Oscar was terrific showing strong attack on the ball.  Xabi was solid in defence.  Milo used his speed and courage to get his hands on the ball.

In the second quarter Teal extended its lead with a six goal term.  Zachary was playing well kicking six goals by half time. Xabi kicked a huge long range goal – it was good to see him at the front half of the ground.  Harry was proving elusive as always and his precision passing was a highlight.  Hugo was a ‘wall’, showing why he is one of the best defenders in the league.

The third quarter saw the scoring slow a little as Brad experimented with the team to give the backline a go. Jules was a dynamo and involved in everything, while Lucas B was very solid, stopping the ball from getting past him and driving the ball forward.  Oscar finished with a great goal – nice to see given he does not get the opportunity often.

While the equalisation rule was enforced, the floodgates opened in the last quarter.  Nic kicked a great snap, which was good reward for a great game. Oliver kicked a fine goal – his first for the season, which was roundly celebrated. Luke kicked a rather fancy goal on the outside of his boot.  The crowd cheered and asked “Where’s his left foot?”  It was good to have him back after a week off. Lucas’ attack on the ball was notable. James put in a solid performance all day and Sean was consistent in his efforts.

It was a confidence boosting outing.  Next week will be a truer test as we take on second placed Glebe, who beat us last time.  Go Drummoyne!

Goals: Zachary 8, Nicholas 3, Harry 2, Luke H 2, Oscar 1, Oliver 1, Xabi 1, 2 unaccounted for.

Thank you to all volunteers for your efforts (week in and week out).



Drummoyne Power Under 6 v Glebe Greyhounds

Saturday, 22 July 2017
8:10 AM

A large turnout from the Greyhounds meant three teams were in play on a crystal clear but cold – really cold – morning. No matter for the young players who responded with a bristling end to end game and keeping the heat on. Midfield played a particularly important role in general as did the mini combinations and link ups between the defence, midfield and attack.

The first quarter started fast with everyone eager to warm up and Jeremy led the early charge with the first point. Jeremy was well involved throughout, ran and linked well. He scored a good goal after foraging for the ball and was a good example of the players linking up, particularly with Ned.

Ned continued his good form darting, running and scoring goals for fun. His all round play was also on show with strong performances in defence, midfield and attack, while combining well with teammates. Harry made lots of good runs, scored and chased down well in midfield helping his team no end, including a great clearance from defence.

Archie R and James played well with James scoring a goal, running well through midfield and joining up play. Archie R used his hand skills to assist a goal for Alfie and chased back well.

There was little between two great performances from Alfie and Phoenix. Phoenix set the tone with an early goal and followed up with more in the second whilst also being heavily involved in all aspects of play, including consistently linking up with Alfie.

But Alfie was the star player on the day turning up the heat and racing ahead of the Greyhounds. Good goals, lots of running and combinations and fine defending whenever there was danger meant a thoroughly deserved award.

Congratulations to all the players for a committed, end to end and fast paced showing which certainly helped warm up a very chilly morning!

U8 Black vs Glebe Greyhounds

Round 13, 22 July 2017

It was a typically glorious morning at Drummoyne Oval and U8 Black kept their imposing home record intact, thanks to some sparkling team footy. The parents are all incredibly proud of the way the kids go about their footy – playing as team, trying their best, chasing the opposition at every chance and always having a great time thanks to the wonderful coaching of Mark.

Evie – wonderful determination when the ball was on the ground as she refused to let the opposition take the ball from her on a number of occasions, winning numerous ball ups for the team. Showed some nice hands late in the game with an interchange of hand balls that lead to a goal. Much deserving coaches award recipient.

Dimitri – the ‘everywhere’ guy, with an almost magnetic attraction to the Sherrin. Always a tough competitor but showed some great toe, running down field with his trademark head-fake step. Closed out with a goal in the last term.

Thomas – earned the team encouragement award for a HUGE game. Thomas was on song from the ball up, winning the ball and then provided the forwards with a field day of balls for opportunities at goal. What a performance!

Austen P – the team were super excited to have Austen back in the team from an injury break, and Austen didn’t disappoint. He was great in front of goal with some lovely shots and closed out the game going for a couple of big marks. Welcome back.

Alex V – like a rock in defence, there was no way around him for the opposition players. Very impressive chasing and marking, setting a great example for the team. Turned deliverer in the last term with a lovely pass to Evie in the forwards.

Hamish – a nice team effort, providing a number of passes to team mates. The highlight was putting forward pressure on an opposition player until he dropped the ball, allowing Hamish to scoop it up and banana into goal. No one likes to be chased!

Lachlan – a typically commanding effort by Lachie, dominating the mid-field on a number of occasions, but the clear highlight was an attempt at a MASSIVE HANGER and nearly holding on (the mark was rightly paid). One for the highlights real and a certainty for mark of the year.

Arnaud – a model team player, always in space looking for the ball or chasing the opposition in defence. Dominated the ruck in the last term with a few convincing tap downs to his team’s benefit. Well played once again, young man.

Alexander G – a brave display with several tough collisions, none more so than his attempt at a pack mark in the last quarter. Always plays with a smile on his face and amazingly seems to have so much time with the ball, as he carefully passes or pinpoints a kick to his grateful team mates.

Akira – Akira was having one of those games where he just did all the little things right – supported, passed, caught, defended and then he went…. BOOM and took a fantastic grab in front of goal (Austen D with the pass) and booted a major!

Austen D – was absolutely owning the forward line in the first term as he got on the end of countless attacking raids. He looked like Gary Rohan – fast, skilful and centimetre perfect. Went for a long bomb at goal which just fell short…into the arms of Akira to close out.

Great game. Such a joy to watch.

Cannons U13 Div 2 v Kellyville, Round 13


Wasn’t it great to hear the song again – even though it had been so long, the kids forgot the words!

Wasn’t it great to see Fin tackling again.

Wasn’t it great to see Will, Ben C, Sam and Jack save the day on the last line of defence time and again.

Wasn’t it great to see Thea “dartin’ and fartin'”.

Wasn’t it great to see Sam and Nic still smothering in the dying minutes.

Wasn’t it great to see Ben M kick three goals then dish off another.

And, after several weeks of building and building, wasn’t it great to see the kids put together a four quarter hard-at-the-ball effort and finally get their deserved reward with a good, tough win.

All 16 kids came in at quarter time huffing and puffing, red faces and sweating, even on a brisk Drummoyne morning, and it was clear they all wanted the win from the outset.

They’d come close in recent weeks, but this time they didn’t want close.

They came out firing in the first quarter and although their domination only yielded three points to nothing in the opening term, the signs were there.

The goals were going to come and Ben finally put one through midway through the second quarter.

As Tony urged her to do, Thea took the opposition on and kept dartin’ and fartin’ through defenders, used the ball beautifully by hand and foot, had clever vision, ran hard, linked well and it was no coincidence she was instrumental in three of our five goals.

Fin on the other wing also had a hand in several goals – Ben’s first came from a slick handball from Tank, but it started with Fin winning a hard ball upfield.

The Fin-Thea-Ben combination produced the next two goals and we all loved Fin’s trademark crunching tackle which set up Ben’s second goal late in the third quarter to give us a nice 15-point lead going into the final break. Some kids get a big grin on their face when they eat ice cream. Fin grins when he tackles big kids.

That lead owed a lot to the backline which kept Kellyville scoreless in the first half and without a goal until the final quarter. It wasn’t as if they didn’t have their chances, it was just that every time they threatened, our backline was relentless and combined brilliantly – Will sweeping and taking intercept marks, Jack, Sam and Jonno running the ball out, Ben C not only using the golden fist, but outsprinting forwards to get first use of the footy and clear it our way, while Blake mopped up the loose ball.

Fresh from carving up the snow at Perisher, Tank carved up the opposition ruckman, not only in the air but around the ground, while Archie’s tackles keep rattling bones and Joey was creative in the middle and up forward where Liam provided a strong marking option.

Even with a handy lead at three quarter time, the game still had to be locked away and with a win in sight, the Cannons weren’t going to let it slip. An early Kellyville goal made it a nine point game but Ben M’s third goal quickly restored the buffer.

Minutes later, as she was streaming forward at full pace, Thea gave off an unselfish handball to Ben who had his fourth goal in his sights but, rather than go for glory, he took the team option and chipped over the top to Hugh who gathered in the square and slotted it through with his left foot to give us a very handy 22-point lead.

A couple of quick Kellyville goals introduced some nerves to the contest for the final few minutes until Paddy fittingly kicked the sealer after following his own kick into the forward pocket, tackling, smothering, extracting himself and the ball from the bottom of a pack and then putting it through from a tight angle.

Jeff’s GPS said he clocked up 5.6km running the boundary, Paddy and Nic probably doubled that, but Darren earned his sweat having been sent out on a marathon’s worth of messages.

So, the battle for the spoon was won and we’re off the bottom. Three more games to go and with three more performances like that, we’ll be hearing plenty more of the re-learned song.

 CANADA BAY 5.6.36 Goals: Ben M 3, Hugh, Paddy


U6 Drummoyne Power V Maroubra Saints

Drummoyne Power U6s took to the field on the beautiful sunny morning of the 15 of July. The fierce looking Maroubra Saints were our opposition.

Due to school holidays we did have minimal numbers however the 6 boys we did have, did an outstanding job especially in the goal square.

The Drummoyne Power “goal magnets” included Ned, Archie J, Archie R, Koji, Oscar F and Zach.

First quarter: 8 goals

Centre: Koji and Zach- excellent tap work and team work from the both boys. Both shared the ball through the centre with some excellent handballs and long kicks.

Forward: Ned and Archie J- With 8 goals between the two of them, they where showing some fine skills in becoming small crumbing forwards.  Other highlights from the both of them included dodging and weaving around the opposition players to confuse the poor boys.

Back: Archie R and Oscar F- the ball didn’t seem to go into defence too often however the boys stayed focused and put their hands up high to stop the ball at every chance they got.

Highlight: Zach tapped the ball out of the centre where he then picked it up and kicked it upfield to Ned who took a wonderful mark. Ned took a set shot for goal and it went straight through the centre.

Second Quarter: 6 goals

Centre: Oscar F and Archie R

Forward: Koji and Zach

Back: Archie J and Ned


Ned took and excellent mark through the centre. He kicked it to Zach who scored the first goal of the quarter.

Archie R tapped the ball to Koji who came running up from the forward line. Koji picked up the ball and ran for goals where he scored.

Archie J kicked out from the backline where Ned picked up the ball, hand balled to Oscar F who was running through the centre. Oscar then hand balled onto Koji who scored a goal.

Koji showed some great skill this quarter. He was quick on his feet, chased everyone and took an excellent high mark.

Third Quarter: 4 goals

Centre: Archie J and Ned

Forward: Oscar F and Archie R

Back: Koji and Zach


Archie J tapped out of the centre where Ned picked it off the ground smoothly and hand balled it to Oscar F. Oscar then ran into the goals to score.

Archie R chased the ball to escape the Maroubra Saints player. The ball came close to the boundry line however Archie R picked it up quickly and passed it to Archie J.

Oscar F had an excellent left foot snap for goal and also also kicked the last goal of the game on the siren.

Koji took charge of the countdown clock from 18 seconds where all the remaining kids followed with a group countdown.


Drummoyne Power logo

Drummoyne Power U6 v Maroubra Saints

Term I

The game started well with good clearances from Alfie but unfortunately intercepted by Maroubra on both occasions with the first goal to the visitors.  Hunter and Alfie were working hard in the middle but the Maroubra defence was stopping the Power move forward.

Lucas and Jack were working hard in defence with Lucas harassing the opposition well, stopping goals and putting his body on the line with a great charge down. Jack Ca. was clearing well, finding distance and space with each kick.  Movement from Jack to Alfie and then to Oscar saw Oscar stepping right, then left before sprinting towards the goal square for what seemed to be the first goal for Drummoyne.  Maroubra’s defence was just as keen and intercepted the ball with a goal at the end of a great team effort from Drummoyne.

Drummoyne was scrapping well and keeping their heads high as Maroubra managed most of the possession. Half way during the term, Lucas launched himself at the centre bounce, tapping the ball over the opposition, regathering and getting into a great position where he was able to hand pass to Jack.  Jack kicked from the 50 metre line – the ball sailed through the air before slightly hooking to the left of the goal post.

The next kick from the opposition was lofty but intercepted by Lucas who was rewarded for his relentless hunt for the ball.  He was able to back his way out of a sea red white and black before handballing to Jack who went left, then right before toeing a nice banana kick off his right boot that just skimmed the left goal post.

After a Maroubra counter attack that only managed a behind, Oscar kicked to himself and sprinted around the left edge.  A pinpoint kick to an unmarked Jack Ca. saw Drummoyne bustle their way forward.  There were great hands between Jack, #58 and Lucas but the Maroubra defence seemed up to the task this morning.

The Maroubra Saints attack was on show in the first term (unlike the Saints against Essendon that night) where they were able to go end to end on a number of occasions, however the boys never gave in.  Great defence from Oscar and then a big kick from Alfie seemed to be heading for a Drummoyne goal but unfortunately the hooter sounded and that was it for the first term.

After a hard first period, the boys were keen to get back in the sheds to regroup.

Term II

The chat from coach Caz obviously helped with Alfie and Oscar M. combining well from the first bounce.  Lucas, who had been everywhere during the first term, was waiting eagerly.  Oscar M. delivered the ball cleanly allowing Lucas to fight his way through the what seemed like 50 red white and black jumpers.  He moved right in front, lined up aaaaaannnd… whack!, slotted the footy right between the main uprights for a goal….his first for the season….woot woot!!!!

Bryce took the restart with a nice little kick to Jack Ca. who swivelled and launched the ball down the park and straight into Alfie’s waiting arms. Alfie fought hard for the ball but unfortunately a ball up was needed.

Bryce, Oscar M. and Jack Ca. were working hard at the back stopping a number of certain goals.

At one stage, Jack Ca. kicked beautifully to Oscar M. who ran forward.  Spotting Alfie in the corner of his eye, he kicked to an unmarked Alfie who chipped nicely to Lucas for an uncontested mark.

With the goal line insight and the ability to kick his second for the match and year, Lucas unselfishly hand balled to Hunter who ran forward and slotted home a nice goal for the Power.

The final goal of the period was due to great defence by Bryce and the ensuing team work of Drummoyne.  Bryce was all over the 2 Maroubra players and able to apply pressure to stop a certain goal.  Jack Ca. took control of the loose ball, kicking it forward to Alfie who then set the ball forward again to Hunter who, under pressure, managed to take his tally to 2 goals.

Period III

The third period was a tussle between two teams that were working well together.  Jack Ca. was hassling and harassing from the centre getting great delivery from Bryce.  At one stage, Jack Ca. was able to handball cleanly to Oscar M. who too some work to evade 2 defenders and after a short sprint toward the goal line score a major.

The last quarter saw the Power continue to contest hard for the ball with good chasing and kicking from Bryce.

Unfortunately, time ran out for the Power.  There were great performances across the park, none-so-more than Lucas who took away Player of the match… and deservedly so.

U6 v East Sydney Bulldogs – Round 11

A glorious winter morning greeted Drummoyne Power U/6s as they took on the East Sydney Bulldogs at Trumper Oval in Paddington.

Drummoyne began the game full of running, with the forward line of Oscar M, Hunter and Jack C setting the tone early. A good win out of the middle by James and a penetrating run by Oscar F from midfield resulted in the first Power goal.

Later in the first term, there was good work by Jeremy, with a hand pass to Oscar F, who hand-balled to Oscar M, who darted and weaved his way to a goal.

Isaac was putting it all on the line in defence, stopping one certain goal with his head.

At the start of the second term, a terrific tap out and run by Jeremy got the Power off to a flying start. Soon after, we saw a great run and goal by James.

The Power continued to push forward, with Bryce doing good work, even with the defence in his face, and Isaac having a shot at goal smothered by the Bulldogs defence.

The highlight of the term was a ‘coast-to-coast’ effort involving James, Isaac, Ned and Oscar F, and although it only resulted in a behind, it demonstrated the rapid improvement in the team.

A great goal by Oscar F right on the bell wrapped up a solid term by the Power.

In the third term, the forward line of Ned, Bryce and Jeremy showed terrific form. Ned was sharing the ball around, and Bryce had two consecutive shots on goal foiled only by great Bulldogs defence.

The midfield of Hunter, Oscar M and Jack C was functioning well, and a win from the centre by Oscar M lead to a terrific goal on the run by Ned.

As the clock wound down, Jeremy took off on a long run and slotted the goal.

Coach Lucas reflected on the benefits of taking the season one week at a time, reported no injury concerns heading into the mid-season break, and awarded today’s best on ground to Jack C for his awesome running.

U15 Girls Drummoyne Power v Southern Power: Round 12

It was a bright sunny day at Drummoyne Oval in preparation for the 1.30pm kick off. A good turnout with almost a full contingent of girls for a top of the table clash.

The first quarter saw great enthusiasm from the Drummoyne Power girls, but it was Southern who shot to an early lead kicking two goals and two points to lead 14 nil. The quarter was drawing to a close, a minute to go on the clock and “new girl” Cara stepped up and scored her first goal in her first game for the team. Q1 DP 6 v SP 14

Quarter two was a real arm wrestle between the two teams, SP jumped out of the box with two goals and DP only managed two behinds for the quarter. Q2 DP 8 v SP 27

Quarter 3, the championship quarter, saw both teams giving it their all. SP again was quick to score with three goals in the early part of the quarter. Zara, our under 12 fill in player, saved three consecutive goals. DP never gave up kept pushing and scored two goals in succession again by Cara. Q3 DP 24 v SP 47

Quarter four was another very tight tussle between two teams not giving an inch and shoulders thrown everywhere. A very low scoring quarter that saw SP kick only one goal and a few behinds to win the game. Q4 DP 24 v SP 56

It was a good effort all round from DP. The and didn’t give up throughout the whole game with quarters three and four a standout effort from all the girls. Special mention and thanks to all our under 12 players for doubling up.