U11 Teal v Glebe Greyhounds: Round 10

Under 11-1 Drummoyne Teal vs Glebe Greyhounds

Round 10

Grey clouds threatened at Jubilee Oval as the boys took to the field against the Glebe Greyhounds. Glebe had recently beaten Teals arch rivals East’s so the boys knew they were in for a tough match.

Teal started well and were all over Glebe in the opening moments of the game. Harry got away with a clear run to score the first goal, five minutes into the game. Then Glebe switched on and came back strong scoring the next three goals. Teal were scuttled and lost momentum. Oscar got a shot away towards the end of the quarter for a well deserved goal. Glebe was ahead by 3-1  at the break.

Great teamwork saw Harry score another two goals in the second quarter but Glebe had all the answers as they responded with another two goals and one behind. Zachary tried hard to close the gap with a behind but Teal still went to the half time break trailing by 3-1. Coach Brad did his best to boost the boys’ spirits with a motivational half time talk. Team Captain, Joseph, told it like it was at the break also, wanting the boys to “run harder at the ball and get it”.

An even third quarter saw both teams score three goals keeping the scoreboard status quo. Fantastic play saw Hugo pass to Harry who got the ball to Zachary for a goal. Julian and Milo were the other goal scorers for Teal this quarter.

Again the last quarter saw both teams score only one goal each. Teal missed some opportunities with four behinds this quarter. Julian did well to score Teals final goal of the match as the boys were losing steam. The final score was Glebe 11.2 defeating Teal 8.7. The quote of the day came from our team manager: “At least it didn’t rain.”


U11 Black Versus Newtown Swans Red: Round 9

U11 Black v Newtown Swans Red

Round 9, Drummoyne Oval

The boys were back at the Power Fortress on the familiar turf of Drummoyne Oval on a cloudy day for the first game of winter.

Newtown was short of numbers so in the first quarter Oscar and Alex P turned the guernsey inside out to front up for the Swans.

The first bounce had a very familiar outcome with Toby tapping down to Damien who picked up the ball, did a blind turn out of the pack and kicked the ball long for our first of what was going to turn out to be many entries into the forward line.

Cooper gathered and gave a quick handball to Lucca to kick into full forward where Newtown were able to repel but only long enough for Luke to pick up the ball at half forward and send the ball back from where it came to get the first goal on the board.

Russell sent a message to the opposition early with a strong tackle acros half back which resulted in a holding the ball decision. The kick went forward and Mikhail got in on the action with feirce tackling to spill the ball and allow another kick forward.

Luke was all over the ground in the first quarter and he found himself with ball in hand to send a raking kick forward which found Ethan who turned and snapped to get the second goal on the scoreboard.

Out of the middle, the Power centre’s were continuing their dominance to send the ball forward again where Jonty stood strong and took a great mark at centre half forward. He passed to Cooper who under pressure slapped the ball on the boot with a shot on goal but was offline and registered a minor score.

Newtown kicked the ball in and Toby continued his dominance by gathering and kicking it back from where it came for a 3rd goal to Drummoyne for the quarter.

Jarvyse who is proving to be one of a very strong and dominant back line, tackled the Newtown player to spill the ball and with assistance from Alex, repelled the Newtown attack to find Toby in the middle who busted through the pack to get the ball to Jasper.

The ball was held in our forward half until Lucca stepped up and slotted a great goal whilst under pressure from the Swans defenders who were working overtime.

Denver stepped into the middle for the ruck and straight away picked up from where Toby left off with a great tap down which was followed up by the Newtown midfield to kick forward for only the second time in the quarter. Unfortunately, they met the resistance of Alex and Jarvyse yet again to stop the attack just before the quarter time siren.

At quarter time, Power was ahead by 26 points.

Second quarter started with a southerly wind at the backs of the power boys and a change in the ruck with Alex getting a go to display his deft touch with a clean tap down to Oscar who was running and bouncing his way out of the middle and down the wing.

Hamish presented with a great lead out of the forward line and was unluckily beaten by a bad bounce on two occassions but didn’t stop him from bottling the ball up and keeping it in our forward half.

Help arrived in the form of Mikhail who was very strong over the ball and with a quick gather farmed out a handball to Oscar who was again on the burst and with a snap across the body was able to register a point to the near side of the goals.

Newtown kick in was intercepted by Toby who pushed through two Swans to get the ball over to Alex who also beat two tackles and passed to Oscar with another snap at goal and a similar result with a second point.

The ball was kicked in again by the Newtown full back who was racking up some serious possessions thanks to the Power wayward shots. The ball went to ground and was gathered up by Lucca who pushed the ball forward to Jackson who was quickly set upon by the Newtown backs, but not before he paddled the ball out to Alex P who picked up and snapped for a great goal.

Another clearance out of the middle by Oscar, saw the familiar dash and bounce down the wing and with the wind behind him, he was confident with a shot on the run from 35m out but with the wind starting to swirl in the Power cauldron, Oscar was slightly offline for a third point of the quarter.

Oscar was to go on and kick five points for the quarter, but after another kick in from the Swans full back, and a strong run down and tackle by Damien, the ball went forward with a long kick from Denver to the top of the square. Oscar took a great contested mark right in front and finally saw him get the goal that he deserved.

The half time siren went and the Power headed into the sheds with a dominating lead.

Ethan and Jonty were good enough to help bolster the Swans numbers in the second quarter and for the third, Jarvyse and Luke turned the tops inside out to help the other side.

The Swans came out for the 3rd quarter with a great attitude and got the first centre clearance to send the ball forward for their first score on the board which was a point.

Alex took over the kick in duties from his familiar position of full back and when the ball was picked up by the Newtown player, Jonty was there to lay a strong tackle and be awarded the free for holding the ball.

Denver was back in the mix with a strong run through the middle and a penetrating kick back into the forward line where Cooper gathered off the ground and with quick hands to Hamish he snapped over his should to the goal square where Mikhail was front and centre, picked up the ball and kicked a great goal.

The centre bounce saw the ball come out of the middle again and thanks to Toby who was dominating the tap work in the ruck contest, got the ball to Ethan who kicked quickly under pressure to Cooper in the square for another goal to the Power.

Hamish and Jasper worked well together across the middle with a series of handballs which allowed Lucca to break through with the ball and kick to Denver at centre half forward who swung onto his right foot to just miss to the far side and kick a point.

The ball was kicked in and Jackson stood strong across half forward to take mark of the day and keep the pressure on the Swans. A quick kick went into the square where Ethan picked up and kicked another major for the power just before the three-quarter time siren.

In the final quarter, the Power sent Jackson, Alex, Russell and Mikhail over to the Swans to bolster their side just as the rain started to fall.

Denver was still full of run and started the final quarter strongly to kick the ball to Jonty who passed to Oscar with a great mark. Oscar played on quickly and with a disciplined kick to the top of the square, Damien picked up and dribbled the ball through for a great team goal.

Another strong clearance out of the middle saw the ball in, you guessed it, Oscar’s hands again who passed to Cooper deep in the forward pocket who took an uncontested mark on a tight angle. Cooper played on to open up the angle and sent the ball through for his second goal.

Jarvyse was proving impossible for the Swans to get past half way and after he single handedly beat three opponents, sent a clearing kick forward which was marked by the Swans who were still in the fight. They kicked forward but only to see Jarvyse mark again stopping another potential attack at the Swans goals.

Denver was starting to rack up possessions and with a great kick forward, Ethan gathered the half volley and kicked to the top of the square where Oscar who was dominating took another strong contested mark and goaled.

The final quarter was drawing to a close, but the Power were relentless with Jasper standing strong across half back, he gathered and passed to Hamish for a great mark. The ball went into the square where it was gathered by Newtown but Cooper who was hungry for another goal, tackled hard and was awarded the free kick right in front to finish with three goals for the game.

The final siren sounded with no doubt that Power was the dominant team on the day.

Goal scorers:

Luke – 1 Goal (1 Pt)
Ethan – 2 Goals (1 Pt)
Cooper – 3 Goals (1 Pt)
Toby – 1 Goal
Lucca -2 Goals (2 Pts)
Oscar – 2 Goal (5 Pts)
Alex P – 1 Goal
Mikhail – 1 Goal (1 Pt)
Denver – 1 Goal (2 Pts)
Damien – 1 Goal

U9 Teal vs Newtown Swans: Round 10

U9 Teal played Newtown Swans White at Drummoyne Oval  – while the weather was threatening, the pitch remained dry.

The boys, on instruction from the coach Moore, came out with a strong start kicking four goals in the first. Goals were shared between Ned and LT. Conor had a lot of the footy and nearly got himself some points from loose ball. Caleb came on at the latter part if the first and injected himself in to the midfield, lifting the team and getting a ton of possessions.

Ben, Otto, and Gus had huge second quarters putting more points on the board. Dylan has a lot of possessions in our half of the field. Lucas found space running out of our backline and the two Wills enjoyed getting ball in the midfield.

Lachlan C ran down Ben in the third in a beautiful tackle to get possession for his team. Finn had another strong game, also put on the opposing jersey to lend the Swans a hand. Max bagged a late goal for Teal to finish off strong game by the boys.

Otto received best on ground with Ben getting the coach’s award. Well done lads!

U11 Black vs East White – Round 10

U11 Black – Round 10

Drummoyne Oval 17.6.2017

Great to be back at Drummoyne Oval: 18 degrees, cloudy sky – but the oval in great condition to play against Easts. The boys looked on top form following their team photo.

From the first minute of the first quarter, the mighty Drummoyne Power played to win with Mikhail taking a mark followed by a clean goal. Tackling was strong and consistent. On occasions, Easts were in our half and they were challenged with good defence. Lucca was great in defence at goal with Alex again being in the right spot to defend. Tackling was strong, Toby and Luke had eaten their weeties and were unstoppable. By the end of the first quarter Cooper was on fire with a goal, followed by Luke and Denver with a point on the bell.

The team was motivated by John the runner who dashed on and off the field at impressive speed in pink bib. In the second quarter, Drummoyne Power was on top with many marks from the team and goals by Denver and Nicholas who had 2 goals in a row from his left foot. Three additional points just added to to the impressive score.

In the third quarter, the sun came out and Easts  found their game and came back with a couple of goals, DP upped the ante and push hard in defence but there was no danger of Easts pulling ahead: Three of the goals in the third quarter were from clean marks in front of goal, with DP pulling away with a convincing lead at the end of the third.

Toby swopped ruck for defence with Alex and DP fight on in the fourth. All of the team was ‘in the zone’ and every player worked hard and looked to be enjoying the game. With three subs, Anthony and John were able to rotate players. Damian kicked a long goal, Cooper took a ball in the face, bounces up and kicks a goal 30 sec later, Russell and Denver very strong tackling.

Drummoyne Power finished with a strong lead – it was a great result. The team is really improving week to week under the coaching of Anthony. As John summed up the day: it was the most complete game yet.

For me, the highlights were Brad instructing Chris as goal umpire while texting, Jackson for team sprit playing for Easts and singing the team song without the laminated sheets. Wow! These boys have made real progress.

U6 Drummoyne v Tigers: Round 10

The rain held off for what turned out to be a cracking game between the Drummoyne U6s and the Bulldogs on Saturday 17 June 2017.

First Quarter

In the first 30 seconds of the opening quarter, the rising star Ned came streaming out of the centre three times to start the game off. It was a fairly quiet quarter for Drummoyne’s backline as we saw the centre and forward line hold the ball for most of the quarter in their forward half. Hunter, one of Drummoyne’s star first quarter forwards, contributed to the rain of goals kicking a sensational 6-pointer for the team.

Oscar showed incredible hunger for the ball as he ran the ball out of the centre too many times to count. In the first two minutes of the game his stats show he had six touches, including a solid mark. Look out Brownlow Medal! Bryce in the centre pulled off a couple of great shepherds for the team, and Sebastian (wearing the wrong number but still easy to pick with his tall forward playing style) had one of his best quarters of the season, with two stunning goals booted straight through the high diddle diddle, and demonstrating fine teamwork with two further goal assists.

Second Quarter

In the second quarter, Jack showed fine form in the centre with a cracking streak of play and a solid mark. Jack also demonstrated silky ability with a skilful pick up and kick with pinpoint accuracy in slippery(ish) conditions which resulted in another great goal from his teammate. Drummoyne showed both heart and teamwork in the second quarter, as well as strength in the centre as Koji sprinted through with the footy three times to once again keep the ball locked in Drummoyne’s forward pocket for the quarter. Koji also contributed a brilliant tap out from centre, while Isaac added to the strength of Drummoyne’s centre in the second quarter with some amazing run and good sharing and handballs to assist in goals for the team.

In the second quarter, James in forward kicked a stunning one goal and one point, which, in a controversial decision by the third umpire, was touched right before the line. Oscar also booted four goals in the second quarter, including one snap from the Eddie Betts pocket, and showed great overall teamwork to share the ball around to his mates.

Archie’s thumping kick out of the backline was one of the highlights showing strength of Drummoyne’s backline, and also demonstrating courage in the final quarter as he looked to be injured. Typical of a tough hard Power player, Archie recovered to keep the centre alive in the final quarter. Gutsy performance.

Final Quarter

In the final quarter, Koji kicked three points showing persistence and a ‘never give up’ attitude towards goal. Zac also had a great final quarter with amazing centre play and a sensational goal assist. What a team player. Isaac kicked another two goals in the last quarter, and in the dying minutes of the match, Brycie booted the ball out of the backline from a kick in that resulted in yet another Drummoyne goal, to secure what was one of the team’s greatest wins for the season.

Three Brownlow points were awarded to Oscar for his overall team effort and gutsy performance! All round a solid “win” for the season (not that we keep score), particularly for a young side without premiership experience and with many players in their first season of professional AFL.

Under 6 v Moore Park Tigers – Round 9

Perfect conditions on Saturday morning at Drummoyne Oval for the clash between the mighty Drummoyne Power U6s and the Moore Park Tigers. And clash was the word of the day with the Power team copping a barrage of injuries throughout the game (mainly falcons fortunately!) – but with great courage all players who went down were patched back up and thrown back into the action!

The Tigers dominated possession in the first quarter with some serious forward flooding techniques. Koji did well with some nice kicking out from full back and a great mark on the goal line to save a certain goal. A huge kick out from Jack in defence and a length of the field run from Ned led to a goal right on quarter time, so the Power did very well to get on the score board given the Tiges dominance – great determination was shown by all!

The second quarter started in a similar fashion with some brilliant defence from Lucas who spoiled a Tiger’s shot on goal, and Harry who with great persistence got a nice clearing kick out from full back. Jack managed a great kick out of the centre to Phoenix who was unlucky with his nice shot at goal touched on the goal line. But bouncing straight back, Lucas gave a quick hand pass to Frank who kicked to Zac who then kicked a very nice goal – awesome teamwork!! And two very impressive marks in a row from Ned & Jack ended the quarter strong.

The last quarter started in spectacular fashion with Ned taking a contested mark in defence. Frank also showed desperation in defence and managed to keep the Tiges scoreless for a long period. Jack showed courage by bouncing back from a big bump and scored a goal. In keeping with the brave displays all round on the day, Zac copped a ball in the snoz and thanks to a bloody nose ended up looking like he had gone 10 rounds with Mike Tyson – but managed to get back into the action soon after.

With so much bravery and determination on display, a very proud day for all the parents of the mighty Power U6s! Special thanks to coach Carolyn,  who kept the boys going through all the chaos!

U6 Drummoyne Power vs Moore Park Tigers

Welcome to the match of the round, live from the home of football, the D.C.G. as the “D’s” (Drummoyne) took on the Tigers.

It was a chilly morning, the first Saturday game to kick off winter 2017. The crowds were out in full force to witness a cracker of a home game between the Drummoyne Power and the Moore Park Tigers.

With a quick warm up and time with coach Lucas to finalise team tactics, the boys were ready to take on the opposition. They excitedly ran through the banner whilst trumpeting the team song and took up their positions in time for the start siren.

First Quarter

The first quarter commenced with a flurry of goals and behinds for the Power. The first goal came off a great game play; Jeremy ran up the middle making a nice hand ball to Sebastian who quickly passed it to his forward, Oscar who snatched a goal within the first minute of the game. Our boys were able to get away multiple shots on goal with approximately half being major scores.

Our backs were kept quiet but once the ball came down their end, Archie R and Alfie were able to knock the ball up the field again. This time, Oscar kicked it down field and the mark was taken by Archie J who then scored again for the Powers. Their fast running game and fair sharing of the ball saw the Powers dominate the first quarter. The quarter ended with an opposition kick being smothered by a wall of Power defenders.

Second Quarter

The second quarter was an even contest. Goals were aplenty for both sides with the ball moving up and down the field more times than in a game of basketball.

Perhaps keen to warm up their cold bodies and get moving after the first term break, the Tigers made a premature start, slotting a goal almost before the opening siren. Caught off guard, our boys surrendered a second goal in quick succession as the Tigers sought to steal the momentum.

However, from the next bounce off, Hunter punched the ball far enough for Archie R to swoop it up nicely. He quickly disposed it to Jeremy who ran a good 15 metres, dodging his opponents to handball it to Sebastian to score a goal. James was awarded the player of the game for his outstanding dominance in this quarter scoring several goals.

With 2 seconds remaining on the clock, a Tigers player kicked a long range goal with the ball bouncing sideways to fall over the line as the siren sounded, to set the game up for the final quarter.

Third Quarter

The third quarter saw the Tigers fight back but somehow we were able to keep them at bay with goals from Jeremy, James, Archie J and a whopping 20 metre goal from Alfie. With Archie R and Hunter defending and playing strongly around the ruck, we were able to keep the game even.

The boys played as a team and it was so exciting to see their good sportsmanship. They deserve a well earned week off next week in order that they be fully recharged for our next game in two weeks’ time. Well done boys!!