Round 8 – Drummoyne U11 Black

Drummoyne Power U11 Black v Newtown Swans White

Round 8 Alan Davidson Oval 27.5.2017

From the first ball up the strength of the Black team was evident with Russel, Denver and Luke making a defensive wall to ensure the ball spent the majority of the quarter in the forward half, keeping Jasper and Jackson busy. Lucca was everywhere, firing a classy kick to Damien to set up Drummoyne’s first major.  The forward and centres continued to pepper to goals, keeping the Swans under pressure.  A free kick late in the quarter saw Alex drop punt a ball into the pack in front of goals, resulting in a snap goal to Lucca.

The second quarter saw Drummoyne with the majority of possession and continuing to keep the Swans defence under the hammer. Jarvyse worked tirelessly in the centre, moving the ball away from the ruck with some big clearing kicks.  Ethan’s ability to snatch the loose ball and push forward was rewarded when he combined with Luke B in a ferocious assault on the Newtown defence line, resulting in a great goal to Luke. Likewise, Russel and Hamish’s grit in the forward line created a scoring opportunity for Toby.  A crashing tackle from Jonty sparked a turnover and another push forward, and another goal to Luke.  To its credit, Newtown didn’t look like giving up, and came back late in the quarter for its first goal.

Newtown regathered during the break and gained momentum in the third. Denver was having none of it, taking a fantastic mark to keep pushing the game towards the Newtown goal. Our U10s, Yoshi and Jacob, played exceptionally well, keeping Newtown in their own half. Toby and Denver shared the ruck duties, holding their own against larger competitors. Newtown managed another goal, however, Mikail quickly answered with another goal for Drummoyne.  This quarter saw some great football skills on show from both teams.

The sun was setting as the fourth quarter began, the bright green of the scoreboard showing that Drummoyne was well in front. The boys were tired, but kept the intensity they started with.  Ethan and Lucca did not stop, relentlessly driving that ball forward with a series of short passes and good marks. Denver took a mark in front of goals and kicked his first for the day. Newtown continued to push back, but as the clock counted down, Drummoyne had done enough, taking a well-deserved win.

U9 Teal Round 8 vs Concord Giants

Tackling pressure. Two words that underscore a sensational performance by our U9s vs Concord Giants. The boys put in one of the best games of the season to make the club proud.

The first quarter saw Otto & LT dominate the midfield clearances based on the tackling efforts of Dylan & Lachie C. Some stand out highlights were Conor’s superb mark in the midfield,  Max’s efforts in the defensive packs and Angus’s decision making when kicking out from full back. Great team play from Will R to Finn to Dylan brought up the Power’s first goal. The last goal of the quarter also came from an excellent end to end team run, finishing with Tiger nailing the six points.

The second quarter starting in the same manner as the first but the intensity went up a notch. Dylan & Lachie C provided the impetus with a series of tackles that won free kicks and provided momentum to the forward line. The Giants also stepped up in a hard-fought contest. The Power’s efforts on the defensive line were brilliant with Max & Lucas leading the effort. Lucas took full opportunity from a misdirected kick out to nail another goal for the team.

Nothing let up in the third Quarter as others stepped up with the tackling pressure. Calab pulled off one of the best tackles of the day and Dylan & Lachie C continued to rack up the fantasy stats. Some great ball movement from Otto to Calab to Ben was only soured by not getting the six points. The Giants were hard at the ball and some little niggles developed across the ground. Hats off to our coaching staff who kept things under control and channelled the boys’ energy into eagerness for winning the ball.

The final quarter continued to be a hard fought contest in these two well matched sides. The Dylan & Lachie C show continued with neither letting up with their intensity. Lucas took a spectacular diving mark & Otto’s solid efforts to win the ball were amongst the highlights of another fine team effort topped off by a great second goal by Tiger.

This game has highlighted the significant development our boys have made since rising from Auskick into the juniors. Sticking together as a unit is now paying dividends along with the focus and commitment of our coaching and support staff.

Hats off to everyone and roll on the Power !!



Round 8 – U6 v Concord Giants

After an enforced week off due to bad weather the sun shone at the Drummoyne Oval. So did the home team! It was a display full of energy and lots of running. The Power dominated most of the possession, field position and scoring, particularly in the first two thirds, and when Concord mounted some good counter attacks the midfield flooded back and the defender’s did well.

Teamwork was the order of the day with players interacting well together. Oscar F made some great runs and made a brilliant kick for goal as well showing some nice hand skills. For Archie R a little went a long way assisting a goal with a hand pass. Koji enjoyed a strong game, showing great teamwork and powerful running. Hunter was great in defence and impressively kicked a goal from distance. Harry ran hard and was super in midfield and defended well. Zac also had a good game leaping well at the kick off and scoring a goal. Ned ran and kicked well for a behind, and made a good mark. Phoenix displayed great teamwork with a lovely kick to a teammate, and also took a great mark and scored a nice goal. Bryce was another working hard for the team and supporting well whilst getting into the thick of it. Alfie kicked a great pass, played well in midfield, took a mark and scored a goal.

However, special mention goes to Jeremy for an action packed display with lots of running and skills on show, not to mention four goals. A great individual performance amongst a great team performance.

Also, particular thanks to Lucas and Sebastian who both volunteered to play for the Giants to even up the teams. Lucas played his best game yet with great hand passes and teamwork with an unknown team. Sebastian also worked well with the Giants defending against the Power with some good runs out of defence.

Congratulations to the Giants for a good showing and to the Power for their teamwork, running and skills, which shone bright on the day.

U8 Black – Round 8

U8 Black vs Concord Giants

Round 8, Saturday 27 May, 2017

Drummoyne Oval

Undefeated. We don’t keep score, but that was the word being bandied about before the game. Could the team maintain this alleged record run? And against the club’s old foes Concord who are known for their skill and relentless aggression? It was always going to be tough, but the news that star player Austin P was out injured raised the concern of the supporter base. Who would they get to stand in for Austin P? Commandeering a player from the other side was an option, as too was playing a man down, but Koji, the younger brother of Akira, stepped up to play and it was game on!


The first term was tough – most of it played in the Concord forward line with defence being the name of the game. However, it wasn’t enough to stop the mighty Concord Giants taking inspiration from their namesake’s come-from-behind win against the Richmond Tigers at Spotless Stadium last weekend to post a few quick goals. Nonetheless, Koji defied his diminutive stature to put up a strong defence with the support of Tom and Austin D. Against the odds, Dimitri with steps and ‘fakies’ [trademarked: D Pate] slotted a couple of majors and assisted Hamish, who put one through late in the term. Drummoyne Power were still in the game. Just.

Coach Mark was inspirational at the break. Rumour has it he is the reason the Swans are coming to the Oval on 1 June for the community club day – not for the grass roots encouragement but to get a few tips on how to turn around their struggling season. Time will tell.

A force awakens

The second term saw a Drummoyne Power comeback worthy of Lazarus. Every player deserved a mention. Dimitri backed up his excellent first term with strong defence on the goal line and clearing kicks. Evie was aggressive in the goal square, Koji was in the thick of it and Alex V was relentless in defending Concord’s key player and Drummoyne’s biggest threat. Alexander G, Tom and Austin D were everywhere keeping the ball alive with pinpoint accurate passing and bursts of speed, and the commitment of Hamish and Arnaud was outstanding, both putting their bodies on the line for the team. A huge term for Lachlan with 3 goals and a couple of behinds meant Drummoyne Power was back.


The third term was a physical, gritty affair played mostly in Drummoyne’s forward line but characterised by defence, defence, defence. Numerous attempts at goal from both Akira and Arnaud were largely unsuccessful with Concord wrestling the ball back but rarely passing half way as the impenetrable defence of Drummoyne Power kept the Giants scoreless.

This was a big pressure game and the team stepped up like the true champions they are. Austin D and Tom got well deserved awards.

Undefeated? Well, we don’t keep score. But rumour has it…

Drummoyne Power logo

U11 Teal Round 8

Under 11 Teal vs Newtown Swans

Round 8, Drummoyne Oval

It was another beautiful afternoon in Sydney as the Teal U-11 team were attempting to bounce back from the top of the table loss last week

Teal was fielding a full strength team and coach Brad produced yet another emotion charged pre-match address in the Drummoyne change rooms.

After an even first five minutes of the 1st term Teal started to break away through the outstanding run of Milo. He had a superb quarter kicking three goals from seven possessions and was well supported by a rampaging mid-field. Zac and Julian also had strong first terms and Teal had a big advantage in the ruck with Joseph giving his team first use of the ball at all the stoppages.

The first term finished with the score at 3 goals 3 behinds to Swans 1 point.

The second continued with Teal dominating in the centre. Luke produced his customary run and bounce making good use of the ball.  Harry C also came into the game and teamed up well with Lucas as Teal started to share the ball creating opportunities up forward. The Teal back line was as solid as a rock. Oscar, Hugo and Xabi were all tight in defence and gave nothing away while rebounding quickly.

The Swans came out in the second half with a new lease of life and started to get more of the ball with some determined tackling. They put two goals on the board however the second half of the term was all Teal. Again it was the strong mid-field that lead the way. Joseph had a great quarter and Luke, Harry and Zac continued to rack up the stats.

The third term finished with a strong lead to Power.

In a consistent display Teal finished out the game with another strong quarter of football posting another three goals. They were hard at the ball and produced some outstanding tackling.

Lucas added two goals and had a real presence on the game with some strong marking. Milo added another goal to take his tally to four for the day. Other goal scorers were Nicolas, Oliver, Max, James and Zac showing once again that Teal have many options going forward.

The final score was a convincing victory to Power.

Well done boys. A great game of football and a very even performance across all four quarters. The highlight was some great handball and sharing of the ball through the mid-field and our ability to rebound off half back which opened up opportunities for the forward line. Also great to see everyone contributing…well done.

U6 v East Sydney Bulldogs

U6 Drummoyne Power v East Sydney Bulldogs

Round 6, Drummoyne Oval

It was a beautiful sunny morning at Drummoyne Oval where our U6 team was back on home turf taking on the East Sydney Bulldogs.

Our boys were so proud and pumped for a big game as they ran through the Banner to the sounds of the Power team song.
The Bulldogs had all the early possession and managed to kick three quick goals putting pressure on the Power boys. The team responded with some great defence from Ned L who stopped the run of Bulldogs goals giving the Power team some much needed possession of the footy. Ned made a great run before hand passing to Isaac O who had a good attempt on goal.

In the next play the Bulldogs again surged forward but were stopped by Liam who gained possession and had a great kick to get the Power out of trouble. The footy was gathered by one of our Jack Cs who kicked the Power’s first goal.

At the restart of play the footy was moved quickly by the Power boys to Oscar M who kicked the Power’s second goal. The boys had settled after that early pressure from the Bulldogs and were playing well as a team.
The first term ended with a good attempt on goal by our second Jack C.

The second term started with some good hand passing between Zac H and Jeremy L as the Power team made their way downfield. The footy made it’s way to Ned who kicked the third goal for the Power.

From the restart of play the Bulldogs took possession of the footy and moved quickly towards goal.

The first mentioned Jack C put his body on the line to stop a certain goal, colliding with a Bulldogs player, in the process cutting his tongue and sitting out the rest of the term..

When play resumed Koji gathered the footy hand passing to Ned who made a break, kicking the next goal for the Power. This ended the second term.

Jack C returned for the third term and made an immediate impact gaining possession for the Power, handpassing to Harry C, who kicked the footy downfield. The Bulldogs took possession and again surged towards goal. Hunter J was working hard in defence and managed to kick the Power out of trouble. The footy was taken by the other Jack C who made a good break towards goal.

The rest of the third term was more of the same with both sides exchanging goals.

Overall the team played well with many good kicks and hand passers during the game.

Round 7 – Drummoyne U/11 Black V West Magpies U/11 Black

Drummoyne U11 Black V West Magpies Black

Round 7, Picken Oval

Due to the recent rain throughout Sydney, the majority of the Drummoyne games were cancelled, but fortunately enough for the U/11 Black, the skies cleared and the West Magpies opened their ground to host our boys under sunny blue skies.

The game started with Toby taking up his resident position at the centre bounce, and once again cleared the ball from the centre bounce for the boys to get first possession out of the middle.

Denver and Damien were working together early and set up some good linking play to clear the ball out of our backline where Nicholas was able to show his strengths at the bottom of the pack and get the ball out to Alex P to send the ball forward.

The first quarter saw our back half under consistent pressure from the West Magpies and without our ever reliant full back Alex on the field for the first quarter, a few players had to step up and take on the defensive responsibilities.

Ethan was effective with hard work across half back and with Russell demonstrating the hall marks of an evergreen backline player, he was busting packs and linking with the centre group of players.

This provided opportunity for Lucca and Luke to get possession and start shifting the ball forward of centre, putting the opposition under some real pressure towards the end of the quarter.

It was a strong finish to the first quarter with Cooper and Jonty working hard to hold the ball in the centre of the ground so that numbers could get around them to assist which resulted in our first scoring opportunity, finishing the quarter with a point on the board.

The second quarter was strongly contested with Russell yet again getting involved early and now with Alex taking up position in the defensive goal square, our back line was settled and provided a strong platform to send the ball forward.

Ethan was involved again as the link man running through the middle providing opportunity for Denver who stood tall all day.

Jarvyse and Lucca combined from half back with a penetrating kick into our forward line where it was strongly contested by Cooper & Jonty again bringing the ball to ground and forcing it forward, which resulted in our first goal by Mikhail who finished off nicely from the square off the back of the hard work which started across half back.

Nicholas was going from strength to strength in the middle with support from Luke where both players were relishing in the strong in and under work around the packs.

Off the back of this hard work, a clearance from the middle created opportunity for Denver to link up with Ethan, Jarvyse, Cooper, Alex P, and Jasper which again found Nicholas who was drifting forward and after repeat efforts he sent the ball through the middle for another goal on the board for the Power.

Going into half time, the boys were only down by 7 points and the momentum had started to shift in our favour.

Alex P & Jasper were doing their best to keep the ball in the forward line and when the ball managed to come out, Jackson was holding sway across half back and standing strong over the ball.

Toby was making his presence felt around the ground, not only with his deft touch at the ruck contest but also with his physicality at the ball, laying some bone crunching tackles that had a few of the opposition starting to look over their shoulder.

Denver continued his hard work around the ground and this created space for Luke, Russell, Lucca and Nicholas to link up with strong team play along the wing.

Ethan was courageous in the marking contest and across half back where he was standing tall with Jarvyse who single handed beat 3 opposition players to run out of defence and through the middle.

Mikhail, Jackson and Jarvyse worked together around the ball and Damien was injecting himself by running off half back and busting through the middle to send the ball forward providing opportunity for the small forward brigade of Cooper, Jasper and Jonty yet again.

As the boys were really starting to gather momentum, the 3 quarter time siren sounded.

Anthony pulled the boys together and urged them to continue the desperation and bravery for one last quarter effort.

The boys didn’t let him down.

Nicholas started the quarter with a new burst of energy and with a show of strength around the pack was providing multiple opportunities for our forwards to get their hands on the ball.

Lucca demonstrated the bravery that the team prides themselves on by running back with the flight of the ball and making a solid contest to bring the ball to ground.

Jarvyse was starting to read the play well off half back and busting through the lines to send the ball forward so that Toby and Denver could present and provide opportunity for the small forwards to get on the end of the footy.

Alex P was at the bottom of the pack again and with a quick clearance off half forward, allowed Lucca to get the first of his two last quarter goals.

Luke never stopped running all day, and with a brilliant chase down and tackle, was awarded a free which saw all the boys (and the side line) lift for a last big effort by the boys.

Even with another convincing goal by Lucca, time unfortunately got away from the boys and despite their best efforts; they missed out on the chocolates this time around.

Special mention goes to Nicholas for his strong work around the ground, Denver for his running and possessions all day and being the strong presence around the ground along with Toby who is really standing tall.

Luke was given a job by Anthony to be the run with player against West’s best on ground and this allowed the boys to start to get more possession and score on the board due to the nullifying effort that he provided. Alex and Russell were tremendous down back and worked hard all day to keep sending the ball forward and they were supported by all the boys who were working around the packs and at ground level all game.

Overall, it was an extremely brave effort by all the boys who are really starting to deliver against the game plan being put in place by Anthony.

Everyone provided a great contribution to the team and the game without anyone giving up on effort for the full four quarters. This is a great sign of things to come for the rest of the season.



St Luke’s Oval, Concord

Round Six, Saturday 13 May 2017

Our home away from home, St Luke’s was looking its best with the addition of our brand new sparkling scoreboard, as we hosted the Glebe Greyhounds.

The 1st quarter was a tight contest with both teams fairly evenly matched. There was some great defence from Toby, Luke, Ethan and Cooper who all contributed to keeping the Greyhounds to a low scoring quarter with fantastic tackling.  From the offensive side, there was a number of clearance from the centre ruck from Toby that created opportunities for scoring, with both Lucca and Damien taking marks in a heavily defended goal square. Lucca was able to convert this into a great goal with both Damien and Jasper scoring well deserved behinds.

The Greyhounds got away from us in the next period with an onslaught of attacking playing. The boys kept their composure and were able to score under tough conditions with a goal from Jasper and behinds from both Denver and Leon. Although defence was not our strong point,  there were a number of excellent smothers from both Luke and Alex that was able to keep the Greyhounds within striking distance.

In the 3rd quarter the boys lifted and where able to reduce the margin. In a beautiful sequence of play, Luke was able to create a scoring opportunity with a fantastic tackle that resulted in a free kick, that allowed Ethan and Leon to combine to score. Other scoring opportunities were also taken by Lucca for his second goal of the day and a behind from Cooper. Our defence stepped up a gear with great intensity from the whole team. A special mention goes to Russell, Alex, Jasper, Alex P and Jonty for their tackling and couple of excellent smothers.

The final quarter saw scoring contributions from Mikhail, Leon and Lucca. Toby, Alex and Russell continued to defend well with marks from all three. In the end, the lead that the Greyhounds obtained in the 2nd quarter was too great to overcome with the boys eventually going down by 17 points.

Overall it was a great effort by the boys. Thanks again to Anthony and John for coaching as well as under 10s that made up our numbers. A warm welcome also to Cooper, who played his first game of the season for U11 Black.

Round 5 – Drummoyne U11 Black vs Wests Magpies

Drummoyne Power U11 Black v Wests Magpies

Round 5

After a win last week at Drummoyne Oval the boys were looking to back up with a similar performance against Western Suburbs Magpies on a sunny afternoon at Croydon Park.

In the first term, Drummoyne Power started strong and prevailed with contested possession. Denver showed skill in his ruck work and Luke slotted the first goal after some great passing and marks from the boys. Lucca showed a lot of involvement in all parts of the field, creating attacking opportunity from his scrapping and fighting to win the ball at every opportunity. Nicholas closed out the term with a straight kick to finish in front of Wests.

In the second term Wests came out more determined and our defensive efforts were called upon to defuse the attacking raids from the Wests boys. Alexander H and Toby stood tall and won the majority of ball ups. It was pleasing to see how hard all the Power boys fought for the ball, chasing, tackling and running to gain the upper hand. When the forwards got an opportunity in front of goal they didn’t let it slip with Luke kicking the only goal of the term.

Drummoyne muscled up well to start the the third term, with Power scoring one goal from a nice kick from Ethan. Mikhail took on two defenders to push the ball out to Jasper on the goal line who picked up the ball and slotted the goal. Momentum was with Drummoyne and they really turned it on in attack. Another two goals rounded out the term one from Nicholas and Jasper’s second.

The last term Drummoyne played hard and were determined to close the game out and grab the win. Alexander P. won the ball and headed goalwards he snapped the ball across his body and it sailed through the tall timbers for a well deserved goal. The boys never gave an inch in defence regardless of the scoreline. They showed plenty of courage around the ball wining the crumbs whenever the ball was cleared at a contest. Toby claimed a well deserved goal in the last term and Jasper kicked his third goal of the day in the closing stages.

All in all, Drummoyne played with confidence, excellent hand passing, kicking, marking and tackling. The improvement and courage demonstrated by the boys gets better by the week.