U10 Black v U10 Teal – Round 3

U10 Derby – U10 Black v U10 Teal

Round 3, Saturday 22 April

St Luke’s Oval, Concord

It was the battle for Club pride when U10 Black took on U10 Teal in one of the most toughly contested intra club matches we’ve seen for some time. This match report is presented on behalf of U10 Black, but we acknowledge the great game – and great sportsmanship – of our U10 Teal club-mates.

An amazing day was had by every one of the Drummoyne Power Black boys with a special mention to Marlowe who received the future AFL star award and Phinnaeas who received the coach’s encouragement award.

The game started with some impressive kicks under pressure by Jack followed up with solid defence and some exceptional clearances by Leon. Matty kicked us out of trouble on more than one occasion showing that determination and power comes from within, regardless of your size. Lachlan was fantastic and was in the thick of it the whole time whilet Raff brought the opposition to the ground on more than one occasion

Into the second half we saw Jack marking well and Finley clearing the centre bounce to keep the game flowing. It seemed to take multiple players of the opposition to pull Ethan down but he still managed to get the ball out and Marlowe had a fantastic goal under pressure. Matty once again was able to kick into space and the persistence of Marlowe took all the ducking and weaving and resulted in a super goal. Josh was always at the ready hassling in the ruck and provided some serious competition for the ball along with strong tackling at the goal square. Jack came up with some great spoils and Raff once again showed that being on your knees doesn’t mean that you can’t keep the ball in play. Rory was performing some great tackles and there was some fantastic team spirit to end the second quarter with Raff, Finley and Jack working together.

The third quarter started with some fantastic play between Leon and Raff kicking their way down the field and some quick hands from Rafa saw Phinn have a solid run and kick to send the ball down toward our goals. Marlowe showed some true grit against a great opposition while Matty once again showed his power and speed, with Leon taking a stunning mark in the air showing us all how it is done. The third quarter ended with Ethan scoring but after the hooter – unfortunately it didn’t count on the scoreboard (not that we have a scoreboard in U10) but showed that he was well and truly making an impact on the game.

Coming into the final quarter we were behind but that didn’t stop the boys – Coach Matt had some strong words of encouragement and told the boys they needed to win it from defence and they all banded together, did just that and pulled off an amazing final quarter to remind everyone that the game isn’t over till the final whistle.

Jack started the final quarter showing us all that a little bit of friendly push and shove was not going to intimidate him and Ethan brought his vice like grip to the centre meaning if his hands were on the ball, no one else was getting it. Leon had some fantastic runs and Phinn shook off some solid defence, which ended in a goal. Rory took a fantastic high mark and Ethan took some strong tackles meaning Leon was left open and went in for the goal. Jack managed to keep hold of the ball under some serious pressure from the opposition whilst Ethan did some more fantastic tackling. Lachlan was able to set up a run, kick and chase and followed it all the way to the ground whilst Raffa’s patience with the bounce saw him win the ball and clear it for us. Josh found himself at the bottom of the pile, but came out with the ball and even when tackled by a mate stood firm. Leon found himself another couple of goals, but the last of the quarter was the best when Leon, Phinn and Marlowe worked together to make it happen.

A great game was had by everyone on the field. Three cheers for our worthy opponents, U10 Teal. It is a great sign when two of the Club’s U10 teams are so strong and so evenly matched. It was lovely to see the boys join up afterwards, for an all-in team song.





Under 6 – Round 3

U6 Drummoyne Power v Moore Park Tigers

Round 3, Saturday 22 April, Bat and Ball Oval


It was glorious sunny Autumn morning in Sydney as the Drummoyne Power under 6s travelled to the home of the Moore Park Tigers. With the week off for Easter the previous week it was evident that some players had consumed plenty of chocolate eggs as everyone was full of energy and ready to go. Koji “I had 10,000 eggs” was everywhere and probably burnt through half of those eggs during the game covering all ends of the ground seemingly simultaneously.

Harry and Archie R were solid in defence and did well shutting down the opposition forwards with their defensive work and kicking out after points.

Archie J showed his full bag of tricks twisting and turning in the forward line kicking a few goals and was well supported by Oscar F who also kicked a couple.

Sebastian used his height advantage for the ruck taps with plenty of taps to his rovers and followed up with his own hard work providing options to support his team mates.

No one missed the week off more than Oscar H. He certainly didn’t go missing on the field and was involved in everything. A lot of great runs from the centre and down the wings with a few bounces too!

Oscar H was awarded player of the day for his full game effort but special mention to the way he shared the ball around with his team mates with his kicking and hand passing skills.

All up a great effort by all!


Saturday had Drummoyne Power under 6s up against a very good Moore Park Tigers team.

We had James D winning tip offs, Ned L controlling the middle of the park creating plenty of opportunities for Lachlan C who scored 3 really good goals. Benjamin G and Jack C were enormous in defence continually stopping the well drilled Tigers forward line.

PLAY OF THE QUARTER: Benjamin G with a massive clearance kick, Ned L took a superb mark with a handball sent Lucas S on a long weaving run down field he handballed to Lachlan C who finished the play off with a Goal!

It was all Jack C and Isaac O who dominated this quarter from the mid field. Jack C scored a massive goal kicking it from halfway. Could be goal of the season!

With Isaac O and Jack C winning tip offs and providing great service from the mid field the always involved and razor sharp Ned L managed to kick 2 goals against strong defence. Lachlan C was strong in defence and his clearance kicks were a highlight.

PLAY OF THE QUARTER: Plenty of highlights this quarter but Jack C ‘s goal from halfway was great to watch!!

By the third quarter the boys were running, kicking and linking together really well. Lachlan C, Jack C and Isaac O were causing all sorts of problems for the tigers defence and were well supported in the midfield by Lucas S with his long runs. Benjamin G and Ned L were huge in defence and we had James D providing big clearance kicks.

PLAY OF THE QUARTER: James D clearance kick, Lucas S with a long run to midfield where he found Jack C who side stepped, gigged and bounced his way through the defence to find Isaac O and with a tremendous kick finished the play with a goal!

PLAYER OF THE MATCH: NED L. He was enormous for the team and shared the ball around so everyone was involved. He kicked, Marked and defended really well.
The involvement from all the boys was great to watch. Well played everyone!


73 – Jon E – Took an awesome reflex mark and kicked a great goal
76 – Phoenix B – Great passing (handballs and kicking) to Alfie, working really well together.
82 – Bryce C – Q3 was the best quarter I have ever seen him play. Great tap outs to Oscar off the bounce. Good fight for possession and run through the middle to kick a goal
12 – Jack C – Awesome tap outs off the bounce, good goal and very very impressive fight for the ball. Excellent game.
92 – Alfie K – Great tap to Phoenix and teamwork with Phoenix. Looked for the player in the space and delivered excellent kick passes. Future star of the game
1 – Oscar M – Good attempt for goal early, then followed up with a good goal, Q4 had a amazing tap out off the bounce, rose above his opponent.

Cannons U15, Round 2


Old Park, Penshurst
Sunday April 8


A desperate Penshurst Panthers goal into the breeze in the final minute pipped an under-manned Canada Bay by a point in a match the Cannons will say they let slip through their fingers.

A player short, the Cannons couldn’t convert their scoring shots and kicked an astonishing 17 behinds on the expanses of Olds Park. In the confines of the dressing sheds straight after the game, coach Dean Lee kicked 17 behinds too.

He and the players alike lamented the loss. And his comments didn’t miss their mark because each person in that room expected more.

“I am disappointed in the effort,” a sombre but frustrated Lee said after the game.

“We rushed our shots, didn’t look for the right options and we dropped off in defence at crucial moments,” he said.

“The match should have been over by half-time because we had so much of the ball and dominated the attack but we blew our opportunities,” he said. “We gifted that game to them”.

Despite gorging on possession and territory for much of match the Cannons rained 23 scoring shots on the opponents’ goal but harvested only six majors.

The home team’s efficiency was first rate by comparison. Nine straight kicks got them home. Eight of them came in the second half.

The Cannons had carved a 36-6 lead by the long break. But the scoreboard said it all: 4 goals, 11 behinds to the visitors’ solitary major.

They started the match running into a stiff north-westerly breeze but their sheer dominance out of the centre and pace up the flanks rattled the Panthers.

Stand-in ruckman Jordan found himself on the end of a good run to land Canada Bay’s first goal just four minutes in. From that point the visitors had their confidence up and had their opposites on the back foot.

And there were plenty of good signs with Pat, Michael, Jaden and Gus  each having their moments. Joshua was strong in the air while Max stood like a block of flats in defence and outmuscled the Panthers.

A free kick to Penshurst while at point-blank range landed them the first and only score for the half.

The breeze at their backs in the second term allowed the Cannons to take up permanent residence in their forward half. But it soon became a rabble in the over-crowded 50 metre arc as “squatters” moved in from Canada Bay’s midfield and destroyed their positional structure.

The Cannons rushed scoring shots and exercised poor passing options. They managed 1.8.14 for the quarter and in doing so, managed to stir the beast inside their coach.

He pleaded for order and accountability from all players in his animated half-time address.

His players appeared to respond, landing a goal off the stray boot of bulldozer George.

But that’s where it ended for the visitors.

The Panthers pounced while the Cannons turned into the kittens. Five unanswered goals gave Penshurst a sniff – just eights points behind going into the last quarter.

The closing term was set-up for a barnstorming finish.

Then the diminutive and brave Damian stood tall and goaled three minutes in.

Despite strong marking and tough defence in patches, the Cannons appeared to put the cue in the rack early. The Panthers kicked three unlikely goals against the wind – the last and killer blow coming in the final minute.

The boys had plenty of time for self-reflection after the game, each vowing to regroup and do better in the the next match … and they need to. The road to the 2017 finals will be a tough one and while the Cannons have the team to do it, they realise now they will have to earn it.

CANNONS GOALS: George 2, Jordan 1, Pat 1, Joel 1, Damian 1.

CANNONS BEST: Joshua, Gus, Jaden, Michael, Damian, Matt, Pat, Joel.

U15 Youth Girls – Round 2

U15 Youth Girls Drummoyne Power vs Queenwood

Round Two, St Luke’s Oval

A big cheer onto the ground for Gabby Stanwix who played her 200th game today. Well done Gabby.

Welcome to Grace, and thanks to Laura and Zara from YGU12 who played up today.

Fired up by an U12s guard of honour, Drummoyne started strongly. Afeni took some strong marks in the midfield to win possession for Drummoyne. A great spoil by Gina was followed by a mark by Lucinda and a goal. The centre forwards were tenacious in tackling and scrapping for the ball and Grace showed great skill in getting the ball off the ground. The quarter finished with Drummoyne a point behind. In the second quarter it seemed to go all Queenwood’s way. Structurally, they were quick to flood forward and with height and numbers they kicked several goals.

At half-time, Coach Jeremy reiterated “three ‘golden’ rules: tackle hard, shepherd, and lead”. The girls recited these rules as they ran back on, and responded superbly by wining the third quarter. Afeni and Lucinda were reliable in the backs, Gabby and Jess were everywhere in the midfield and the ball was mostly in the forward 50. Imogen and Thamey applied relentless pressure, and Roxy, Geena, Grace and Hazel chased down, tackled and handballed well. Zara, Laura, Imogen and Lara peppered the goal for one major score and six behinds. The final quarter was again defensive with good pressure and tackling all round. While Queenwood finished with the premiership points, our  girls played with effort and heart.

Teal U10 take on the Newtown Swans, round 2

U10 Teal v Newtown Swans

Round 2, Alan Davidson Oval

A beautiful warm summery morning at Alan Davidson saw Power Teal take on the Newtown Swans.

Drummoyne Power was looking strong from the opening ball.

Newbies to the team (Archie, Sam, Rory and Lincoln) fitted in beautifully and the whole team looked like they’d been together for years.

Our boys started off well in the first quarter with two fast easy goals. They showed brilliant team work via handballs and short kicks plus straight long kicks and marks. They were able to keep up the momentum with determined tackling and some great goals and behinds.

Thanks to Coach Sean for such a positive and fun game. The Under 10s are really listening to instructions and it is paying off.

Thanks also to all parents and to our very professional goal umpire, Will N.

Coach’s award (player of the day and Encouragement award by the coach:

Nic C – Brilliant player in all areas yet he still offloaded the ball to teammates and showed terrific sportsmanship.

Lincoln P – awarded the Coach’s encouragement award for huge effort for the whole game. He is a real asset to Teal.

Under 11-2 Black, Round 2

Drummoyne Power U11-2 v Concord Giants

Round 2, St Luke’s Oval

Finally, the rain eased off and conditions could not have been more perfect for Drummoyne to take on the Concord Giants at St Luke’s Oval.

Both teams looked strong and after a good warm up session were ready to get stuck in.

A decent and solid start to the first quarter – the boys in mid field applied excellent pressure. The under 10s playing up provided great support by taking some hard balls. Passing between the team was sharp. The quarter wrapped up with Giants slightly ahead.

Good pressure from both Drummoyne and Concord in the 2nd quarter, our Nick in particular applying pressure and skilled kicking, our Mikhail took some solid marks. The boys in the backs found their feet – good strategic play – there were a few good breaks to keep Concord on its toes. Special mention to Alex, Toby and Yoshi for doing a great job this quarter.

Quarter 3 was far the best quarter for the boys. This quarter was all about refocussing and regaining some composure in the first 10 minutes followed by stepping it up a gear. Concord was well ahead but this did not stop Drummoyne applying maximum effort. Some good attempts to clear the ball in the backs – applying solid pressure to hold Concord back. Mikhail was kicking really well in this quarter.

The boys continued their gutsy effort to wrap up the final quarter,  some mighty attempts to tackle some of the ‘giants’ and a great break from u10s player Yoshi. It was a tough game, and despite a great effort, a well seasoned Concord was just too good. True to the spirit of the Power – the boys did not look like giving up for the entire game. Well done to both teams.  Special thanks to Anthony for coaching, Joe for keeping us organised and for the U10s boys who played up.

Round 2 U9 Teal

Round two: U8 Black

U8 Black vs Concord Giants

Round 2, Saturday 8 April 2017,

St Luke’s Oval

It was a beautiful sunny Saturday for the U8 Blacks to step out and do what they do best… have a lot of fun with some footy added.

The boys were on fire and started the first 3rd with five goals and four behinds (not that we are keeping score). This was due to some brilliant team work by all. It started with Akira working his magic on centre knock outs followed by Tom and Dimitri working as a team to get the ball to Hamish and Austin P for some fast-paced goal action. Lachlan was a star defender and was all over ensuring no Giants player was left untouched.

The goals just keep on coming and by the 2nd third Drummoyne was on fire with the team work and marking taking the Blacks to the next level. Another four goals and six behinds were in the bag (like I said we are not keep score here). Alex was a stand out with his determination and drive while Alexander was fast paced and did not disappoint in defence.

The final third was about sheer determination, with Austin D ensuring that he added to the goal tally. Arnaud got into the action and worked with Hamish and Lachlan to set up several goals. Then as it looked like it was in the bag, the Giants started hammering home, so the boys in defence had to work extra hard. 

All in all, it was a fantastic game of footy which was a joy to watch.  Thanks, must go to Coach Mark and to Camille for getting us all organised.

U9 Teal, Round 3

U9 Teal v Moore Park Tigers

Round 3, Bat and Ball Oval

With four players out, it was always going to be tough for our lads at Bat and Ball. But every player on the ground delivered, in what was one of the most enthralling games of the season so far. The opposition pulled away early with a few goals but slowing down the ball in the midfield let our forwards put us on the board.

Tackling was what kept us in this one. Dylan exemplified this with three quick tackles in the 3rd that eventually led to a free kick that followed on with a few good passes leading to a great goal. Lachlan C also had a similar tackle in the 3rd but the tackle of the day went to Caleb in the 2nd that brought the crowd to their knees following a chase from behind. Conor was strong in the mid-field in the 2nd and put more pressure on the opposition in the 3rd.

Mark of the game goes to Ned who took a screamer on his knees in the 1st quarter. Ben snapped a goal early in the 2nd while William R had a huge game in the forwards to keep us in the game. Angus played through an injury to inspire our team and was strong everywhere he played.

Max kicked some important goals and some huge tackles to deliver himself the coaches award.

Special mention goes to Finn who had over eight tackles per quarter – stats that are just unheard of in this age group. He was the undisputed Best on Ground. Nice!

If we had a scoreboard in U9, it may not have reflected a win, but we did play like a team who deserved to sing their song with pride. And we did. How good is Saturday footy! Go the Power!

Round One: U10 Black

U10 Black v Easts

Round One

Trumper Park, Paddington

Saturday 1 April, 2017

It was the classic game of two halves for U10 Black for their Round One encounter with Easts at Trumper Park.

For the first half, Drummoyne Power seemed asleep at the wheel, content to chew on their mouth guards, as the slick Easts team hammered the goals.

But a stirring half-time address by new Head Coach Matt, re-energised the team, reminding them that they were here to PLAY.

That second half was one of the best comebacks by a junior team you’re ever likely to see. They ran, they chased, they made space, they tackled (with gusto), they hand passed, they marked and kicked. In short, they played clever, gutsy football.

It was an incredible team performance that had the proud Power parents absolutely enthralled. If we had a scoreboard in U10, the Power kids levelled it by the end of the game.

In his post-match briefing, Coach Matt complimented his team on that stellar second half performance.

“It was not just about the glory stuff – the kicking goals and taking marks – it was about getting amongst it, getting in there and the little hand passes.”

New recruit Jack took the ‘man of the match’ award, with Coach Matt saying he “got in amongst it like a pig in the mud fighting for scraps”.

“That’s what I love. I saw lots of that today and that was really exciting.” (So, a pig in the mud is a good thing??? From the broad grin on Jack’s face as he heard it, I’d guess the answer is ‘yes’!)

But it really was a team game, and that second half saw plenty of highlights:

  • Finlay’s mark, bursting through the midfield.
  • Leon was involved the whole time and was particularly effective in the ball ups.
  • Josh played with great intensity, pressuring his opponents. An inspiring player.
  • Matty played with beautiful skill – great kicking and marking,
  • Phinn – the goal scoring machine on his first game. Awesome performance.
  • Rory, aka ‘the energiser bunny’. No fear. Not afraid to take on people twice his size.
  • Ethan – super effective in the ruck. Knows he’s tall and not afraid to take advantage of it.
  • Raff – A strategic player who was really involved in all aspects of play. Especially good at setting up his team-mates.
  • Marlowe – terrific intensity, especially in defence.
  • Oliver – lifted to new heights. Several brilliant passages of play that saw him become really involved in the play.

Goals: Who could keep track in that second half?

Best on ground: Jack, with special mentions to Marlowe and Rory.