U8 Black vs East Sydney Bulldogs (Round 11)

U8 Black vs East Sydney Bulldogs (Round 11)

Saturday 25th June, 2016 at Drummoyne Oval

Winter is coming!

Winter well and truly announced its arrival today as we all stood chilled to the bone in the caldera of Drummoyne Oval.  The glorious sunshine could not counteract the icy wind blowing from the North. Was this chill simply mid winter in Sydney or an omen of trouble brewing in Europe?  Whatever it was, it wasn’t going to stop the U8 Blacks facing up to their nemesis, the East Sydney Bulldogs!

Bursting out from under the Drummoyne Power banner there was no evidence that nerves were rattling the Blacks. They took to the field proud to be facing the old foe.

The first period left us crestfallen as the Bulldogs took control. That early episode of play was quickly put behind us as the Blacks maintained their calm and carried on with the business at hand.  Periods 2 and 3 belonged to the Blacks and from that moment on possession and control of the game firmly rested in the hands of the Power.

Callum M and Ben back from injury threw themselves into the game, disrupting the Bulldogs rhythm. Ben was rewarded with a goal at the full forward position and was awarded man of the match for his commitment at the breakdown.

Ehsan injected himself into the play around the centre and full forward lines, shared the ball nicely and dissected the goal with a tremendous kick.

The “Wall” of Xavier, Tiger, Max, Henry, Ruby and Zac provided the defensive barrier that kept the Bulldogs at bay.  This defensive wall is proving to be invaluable as the season unfolds.  Denying the opposition possession and options for attack are proving to be the differentiating factor in the success of the team.

Callum P continues to dazzle. Unsettling the opposition in defense, scrambling for loose ball, distributing the ball to his team mates and splitting the goal with his raking kicks.  Today he added an additional 3 goals to his season tally.

Ashton remains a steadying force in the team and had a solid game today. Torn between his love for the round ball and the oval pigskin, he scrambles well and made a well directed kick through the middle of the goal posts.

Riley continues to develop into a tremendous player. He presents himself as a serious obstacle to the attacking team and in attack himself displays speed and agility as he moves the ball back into the Blacks attacking zone.  This week Riley was rewarded with an exciting goal.

With each passing week the team goes from strength to strength. The fan base for the Blacks continues to grow as Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Brothers, Sisters and Hound dogs come to enjoy the Saturday morning spectacle. The games are played in good spirit and fun and that continues to show on the faces of the team.

Well done Boys, another great effort !  Enjoy the School holiday break and see you on July 16.

Clearance !

Clearance !

Over to you lads !

Over to you lads !

Power on the attack

Power on the attack



Power on the move

Power on the move

Kick it to me !

Kick it to me !

We've got the Power

We’ve got the Power

There's history here in the making

There’s history here in the making

Banner Run

Banner Run

Banner run

Banner run

Banner run

Banner run

The warm up !

The warm up !

Focus !

Focus !

Solid in defence

Solid in defence

Ball up !

Ball up !

Goal scorers this week were Callum P (3), Ben (1), Ashton (1), Ehsan (1), Riley (1)

U7 Black vs Western Suburbs Magpies

Drummoyne U7 Black vs Western Suburbs Magpies

Round 11, Drummoyne Oval

“Girl Power”

The cold wind from a Europe in turmoil swept across Drummoyne Oval on a crisp, clear morning as a blissfully unaware group of future AFL stars set foot on the hallowed turf for their round 11 clash against an undermanned Western Suburbs outfit.

If Friday was to go down in history as ‘Independence Day’ for those west of the English Channel, it would go down as ‘girl power’ day for Drummoyne U7 Black, starting with Tess kicking the first goal of the game with a towering kick and Evie dominating the ruck, scooping the ball up despite the pressure of the soon to be daunted opposition players.
Once Tess and Evie had opened the floodgates, it started to rain goals with a fine pass from Tess to Hamish setting the scoreboard alight. This was followed by a deft piece of work from Alex V with a shielded handball putting his full forward into open space and another goal. The fine work up front was matched by rock solid defence from Akira at the back – and despite the efforts of Lachlan and Austin D in playing for Wests the momentum was all to the Power at the first break.
In order to even things up in the second term, our key full forward Tess offered to lend her skills to the visiting team in the second term – but even that was not to be enough! Tom and Austen P were moved to the forward line and kicked goal after goal in a spirited effort, which was supported by powerful kicks from Austin D in the back line and an all round performance by Lachlan. The forward press of the Power was stifled only by the entry to the playing surface of Fred, the team mascot!
The return of Tess to the Power for the final quarter seemed to further inspire Evie, and the sister act took front and centre as Evie mastered the unpredictable bounce of the ball to kick her maiden goal for the game. Alexander G also took a great mark and Akira showed all that there is only one way to goal.
On a cold day for the unity of the European Union, the Power U7 Black showed that real strength is gained by coming together – and being led by women at the front!
Coaches award: Evie
Future AFL champion: Tess
DP, CBC and CG logos

New AFL precinct for Power/Cannons/Giants

New AFL precinct for Sydney’s Inner-West

The federal Government has allocated $500,000 to create a new AFL precinct in St Lukes Oval , Concord – with Drummoyne Power, the Concord Giants and the Canada Bay Cannons to jointly share the new facilities.

The initial funding allocation, announced today by the Member for Reid, Hon Craig Laundy MP, is a recognition of the growth of AFL across NSW, particularly in Sydney’s inner-west.

The AFL NSW/ACT will provide an additional six figure allocation  towards the upgrade, with further funding from the City of Canada Bay and the three junior footy clubs.

While the City of Canada Bay will continue to provide Drummoyne Power Junior AFL with full access to Drummoyne Oval and Five Dock Park, the new St Lukes Oval facility will open up increased training and playing opportunities.

Concord Giants has outgrown its Goddard Park base and move to St Lukes Oval in April 2017.

Announcing the funding boost at Goddard Park today, Mr Laundy said the funding will facilitate the completion of phase one of the proposed works including a refurbished amenities block, goal posts and ground lights.

“The popularity of AFL is fast growing in the inner west, and the financial support from the Turnbull Government that I am able to announce today will support our local clubs with some outstanding new facilities.” Mr Laundy said.

“Our young AFL players are the sports stars of the future and improved facilities at St Lukes Oval will allow the players to have fun, stay fit and healthy and kick some great goals for our community.

St Lukes announcement

The Hon Craig Laundy MP announces funding for AFL precinct at St Lukes Oval

“I am thrilled to be able to yet again demonstrate how the Turnbull Coalition Team is actively supporting our local communities and investing in our local sporting infrastructure.”

Drummoyne Power President Jeremy Stanwix said there had been a huge increase in the number of children playing AFL in the past few years – particularly with the introduction of a Youth Girls competition.

“Participation in Junior, Youth and Women’s AFL in this region has grown from 400-plus players in September 2013 to 600-plus players as at April 2016.

“Current growth projections show the number of teams growing by 100 per cent plus from 2015 to 2019, with almost 800 players expected to be participating in Junior, Youth and Women’s AFL by 2019,” Mr. Stanwix said.

Concord President and Canada Bay Cannons Board Member Andrew Baxter said the new AFL precinct will be “a place that the coaches and players will be proud to call home with a new playing surface and better change rooms”.

“The new facility will be capable of hosting all games and training from U5s through to youth in one convenient location.”

Drummoyne Power, the Concord Giants and the Canada Bay Cannons gratefully acknowledge the contributions of the federal Government and, in particular, the assistance of the federal Member for Reid, the Hon Craig Laundy.

The clubs would also like to thank the AFL NSW/ACT, who was represented at the announcement today by CEO Sam Graham; and the City of Canada Bay for their contributions to the new AFL precinct.

The redevelopment of St Lukes Oval for AFL will provide increased opportunity for expansion of AFL in Sydney's inner west, by providing Concord Giants with a new home ground; and Drummoyne Power and Canada Bay Cannons with additional training and playing space.

The redevelopment of St Lukes Oval for AFL will provide increased opportunity for expansion of AFL in Sydney’s inner west, by providing Concord Giants with a new home ground; and Drummoyne Power and Canada Bay Cannons with additional training and playing space.

AFL NSW/ACT CEO Sam Graham at the announcement of the St Lukes Oval redevelopment

AFL NSW/ACT CEO Sam Graham at the announcement of the St Lukes Oval redevelopment

Drummoyne Power President and Canada Bay Cannons Board Member Jeremy Stanwix

Drummoyne Power President and Canada Bay Cannons Board Member Jeremy Stanwix

U12 Div 2 v Pennant Hills

Cannons Under 12 Div 2, Round 10

Canada Bay Cannons U12 Div 2 v Pennant Hills

Round 10, Sunday 19 June, Ern Holmes Oval

Canada Bay Cannons 4-10 (34) def by Pennant Hills 6-3 (39)

We were seconds away from doing it again.

After fighting so hard in torrential rain for so long to finally get our noses in front, it all came down to a sodden three minute arm wrestle.

Going into the last quarter with the scores locked at 32 points each, a scruffy, skidding rushed behind put us one point ahead with three minutes to go after trailing by nearly two goals early in the third quarter.

The final three minutes was enthralling, an intense and fierce battle as 30 kids from both sides threw themselves at the footy, at each other and into the mud and puddles in a desperate contest for the footy.

Matty pulled off tackle after tackle, the rain couldn’t dampen Cooper’s skills, Paddy was at the bottom of every pack, Connor was impassable in defence, Damo drove the ball forward.

For two and a half minutes the ball went back and forth and through the puddles on the members’ wing; the result hinging on a tackle, a smother, a hopeful kick forward.

It looked like time was on our side and we were going to hold on for another thrilling one point win.

With the seconds counting down, the ball spat out of a contest on the wing and tumbled into the Pennant Hills forward line and, all of a sudden, they kicked a terrific goal out of a pack to regain the lead.

But, as always, our kids never give in. With 15 seconds left, Tom, Nic and Paddy combined at the centre bounce and scrambled the ball forward to within 20 metres of goal and anything looked possible but, just as the ball spilled loose, the siren blew.

Who knows what would have happened if the game had another 20 seconds in it?

We’ve won a few tight ones and now we’ve lost one but, whatever the result, the kids should be very proud of the way they fought hard and never gave up in a great display of hard, wet weather footy.

It all started in light rain and we got off to a flyer with two goals to Finlay and one to Alex in the opening term to take a two point lead into quarter time.

But as the heavens opened in the second term, the kids struggled to adjust and could only manage four behinds as Penno kicked straight and took control to lead by six points at halftime.

Coach Tony called for a greater effort in the second half and got it. But it took time. Slowly we worked our way back into the game as everyone lived up to their halftime promise to Tony to have a crack and the momentum finally swung our way.

We chipped away and when Alex kicked a long range special to lock the scores, the stage was set for a thrilling final term.

As the crowd sat in luxury under a tin roof while the brains trust impersonated drowned rats, the kids put on a show which proved footy in the wet can be just as beautiful as in perfect conditions.

We must thank Hornsby council and Pennant Hills footy club for keeping the ground open and giving the kids such a rare experience and muddy knees.

A full photo gallery is available at: www.canadabaycannons.com.au/photos.

CANADA BAY 4.10.34

Goals; Finlay 2, Alex 2




U17 Div 3 Canada Bay Dockers v St Ives, Round 10

UNDER 17 Division 3 Canada Bay Dockers v Manly Pittwater

ROUND 10, Sunday 19 June
Weldon Park

Canada Bay Dockers 5-10 (40) defeated by St Ives 7-5 (47).

Round 10 and our ninth game for the season and the third time we’ve played St Ives at ELS.

With the impending threat of the second East Coast low in a fortnight the game was played in fine weather or a fine mist for most of the fixture. Given how wet it got for a while towards the end, the phrase “one that got away” has a certain aquatic consistency.

As usual we started slowly giving St Ives a near match winning lead midway through the second quarter. We jagged a couple of long goals late in the piece and went into the long break three straight kicks down.

The team responded in the third quarter and got back to within a kick and then got the score tied up early in the last quarter.

But St Ives found a way to force the ball forward and made the last two scoring shots and won by seven points.

It wasn’t a day for marking forwards and the back-men ruled the day.

Some highlights of the day: Gator Wresting, Turtle Catching TV shows? Watch out, Rory B took to the conditions as if he was auditioning for a role. In addition bombed an outrageous long distance goal from the boundary in the second quarter. Best game he’s played. Another swamp rat who was in, under and sometimes submerged throughout the game Tim R looked to be having a ball.

Ben C and Tyler F were productive all day; Luke G had a barnstorming game; Samuel P provided plenty of endeavour and Ben R kept making a contest

As usual Harrison G rucked all day and was the best big man on the ground.

Ehsen S played an exceptional game, Oscar S provided a consistent goal scoring avenue all game and in my view was our best forward on the day. Conditions suited Nicholas T, who had his best game for the Dockers so far.

Congrats to Dylan S who played his 100th game of AFL.

U15 Div 1 v Manly

U15 Div 1 v Manly Pittwater, Round 10

U15-1 Canada Bay Cannons vs Manly/Pittwater Bombers

Round 10, Weldon Park

With the season tally of one win each, it was always going to be a close match as Cannons 15-1s returned to Weldon.

From the bounce it was clear it would be an arm wrestle as the rain and mud made clean marks and fast runs hard to find.

It was also clear that the Cannons had come to play, with every player throwing himself into the game.

From the start Louis M led the defence, as the back line scrambled to make goals hard to come by for Manly. Tommy played hard footy all day, and Josh H started strongly, instrumental in getting the ball forward resulting in two goals for Cannons. Quarter time: Cannons 13 Manly 8.

Manly then came out strongly and played two dominant quarters with nine scoring shots to two through to three quarter time. Was this to be another match where Cannons lost concentration in the middle and gave the match away? Not this time, as every Cannons player dug deep and forced Manly into kicking errors.

Jordan was notable winning the rucks, and the Joshes combining on the wings to force the ball wide.

Despite Manly dominating, they went into three quarter time only seven points ahead.

Again the fitness of the Cannons showed through as they started to get more ball into the forwards. Luke G was rewarded for his tireless efforts, playing on arguably the best U15 player in the comp, with two goals and a behind. With only minutes left, first Cannons, then Manly took the lead by 2 points.

Then the siren sounded. Cannons down by 2. Players coming off, officials and parents on. But what’s this? The Cannons’ frenetic attack in the last minutes had paid off, the umpire had blown a free kick in Cannons favour.

Thirty metres out, close to the boundary line in pouring rain with a ball like concrete. Who else but Luke G to kick the sealer! Cannons win by four points!

Hard though it is to pick stars in a game when every player tried so hard, Liam D joining the game in the third quarter with fresh legs and fearless tackling undoubtedly lifted the team.

The defensive line was hammered all match yet continued to push back every Manly advance, Ben W’s uniform completely covered in mud and Josh G an effective goal keeper.

Aaron played his best match so far this season, never giving up and instrumental in turning the ball around.

Brendan and Angus repeatedly gave second and third efforts.

And, of course, the boundary umpires Dave and Bruce who braved the mud, and Adrian for goal umpiring and his extravagant wave to signal the winning goal.

Well done, boys. Still well in the hunt for a finals’ berth.

Photo gallery online at www.canadabaycannons.com.au/photos

U9 Black v Newtown

U9 Black v Newtown Swans, Round 10

Drummoyne Power U9 Black v Newtown Swans

Round 10, Alan Davidson Oval

On Saturday June 18, the Drummoyne U9 Blacks took on the team from the Newtown Swans in sunny but soggy conditions at Alan Davidson Oval.

It was a dominant performance from the Drummoyne team from the first bounce. The boys all worked together brilliantly as a team, managing to take control of possession and the game for all four quarters. It was definitely one of the best performances seen from the team, with contributions from every player and loads of individual highlights.

The first quarter was led by strong play from Finley in the forward line, with great marking, intercepts and tackling, culminating in the team’s first goal early on. He was well supported by Rafferty who kept the pressure on and was unlucky with several close shots on goal, before scoring a goal in the third term. Another great performance came from Moses who demonstrated tough tackling, and fast breaks through the whole match; his hard work rewarded with two goals for the game.

The second and third terms saw tough performances by Keshaan, especially in his brilliant work in the ruck and superb tackling, which helped his teammates score against the run of play. Good support was provided in the midfield by Yam who consistently played in front and kept the ball moving forward. Oliver was an outstanding player in the backs and midfield, always marking the opposition closely and with the best handballing during the match.

Marlowe was excellent in clearing the ball from the packs. He proved too tough to tackle and quick to score, resulting in two goals for the game. Leon was an unstoppable force in all quarters, marking and scoring several goals and helping set up others. Lachlan and Finn worked very well together in the forward line, combining Lachlan’s good marking and tackling efforts to turn over the ball and regain possession, and Finn’s speed and accuracy in front of goal, resulting in a great goals from both boys.

Best marking of the day came from Josh O who led from in front all day, was amazingly quick and scored a bag of goals to boot. Josh H also played one of his best matches ever, both in the back and the forward line, scoring a fantastic goal with only seconds to go in the match – helping the team reach their first century score. Great game and great day for all!

Star of the match: Rafferty

1 Percenter of the match: Keshaan

U9 Black v Newtown

U9 Black v Newtown

U8 Black v Newtown

U8 Black vs Newtown Swans

U8 Black vs Newtown Swans

Round 10 – 18th June, 2016

Alan Davidson Oval

Duck weather or is it Swan weather?

A damp ground and persistent rain greeted us as we met at Alan Davidson Oval to face off against the Newtown Swans.

It was the first time in three weeks that the team had assembled for a Saturday game as recent weeks have been interrupted with Wet Weather and Royal Birthday celebrations.  The air was cold and crisp and while the enthusiasm was evident in the faces of the boys it was clear there were reservations in running out onto a wet pitch.

These concerns were rapidly dispelled as Coach Eric dived to the ground and started rolling around before the “Ball up”.  “Follow me, boys” cried Eric and soon the entire team were rolling in the mud in preparation for the match ahead.  This clearly set the tone for the match and the U8 Blacks were simply inspired from this moment on.

This was their most outstanding performance of the season and throughout the game the Swans really didn’t get a look in.  The Blacks took control at every phase and fought hard to gain possession.   Passing and moving the ball down the field was truly a team effort and each player maintained strong position throughout the match.  Kicking was well directed and marking of the slippery ball was tremendous.

The team is really beginning to think about moving the ball off the mark, looking for open positions and sharing the ball.  Riley, Max, Tiger and Callum P continue to wrestle and fight  for possession.  Ruby, a late starter this season, threw himself into the match gaining solid possession, making some excellent runs and slotting a goal.

The boot of Tiger gets stronger as the season progresses.  It is evident that even off the field there a few moments when he doesn’t have a ball in his hands.

Xavier, Henry and Zac provide excellent support at the ruck and in the midfield and the defensive wall they throw up clearly stifled the Swans this week.

Ashton continues to provide a solid defensive barrier to the opposition and in attack took control this week and kicked 3 Goals.

Callum P never stops running and was creative in the way he distributed the ball to his team mates ensuring the Blacks remained on the attack.  He was deceptive in the way he stepped off his right foot and kicked with his left to confound the opposition and was rewarded with 4 goals for his efforts.

Our goal scorers this week were Callum P (4), Ashton (3), Riley (3), Max (2), Ruby (1), Zac (1).

This was truly a team effort this week and the excitement of the team was evident in the manner in which they sang the team song after the game.

Eric continues to do an outstanding job with the team and the skills development this year has been tremendous.  With 5 games left the only way is up for the U8 Blacks.

Congratulations everyone on a sensational performance and an entertaining display of Aussie Rules.

U12/2 v Cronulla

Cannons Under 12 Div 2, Round 8

Cannons U12 Div 2 v Cronulla Sharks

Round 8, 29 May

Gwawley Oval

The sharks were circling Gwawley Oval, but yet again these Cannons showed they’ll shrug off any creature.

It was tough early, but with composure beyond their years, the Cannons took control to record another solid win. The backs and the midfielders led the way to start with and then the mids took the forwards with them to finish it off.

The boys withstood a challenging first quarter in which Cronulla came out hard and fast and dominated possession, kicking an early goal.

Our defence was under extreme pressure, but held up superbly. Ben and Jerry have created a new flavour – smother and tackle, topped with clearing kicks. Along with Connor and Damo, who mopped up brilliantly across half back, they were strong and held off the early onslaught until the momentum swung our way.

Damo’s first, second and third efforts were inspiring as he constantly fought for the ball and repelled the Sharks.

Tom took on the ruck work, and more. He chased and shepherded and tackled, while Nic worked his way into the game and was doing a mountain of tough work.

The headgear twins Cooper and Paddy combined in the middle and around the ground as they were winning us the hardball and setting the forwards up.­

They worked the ball through Alex who sent a bullet pass to Finlay who kicked our first goal late in the opening term and we went into the first break a couple of points down.

All that hard work and perseverance was starting to pay off and the rewards came in a dominant second quarter.

Cooper got it started as his silky evasive and foot skills sent the ball forward for Alex to kick the first of his six goals for the day (this week’s trick: one of those bendy dribble goals from the boundary).

Nic, Cooper, Damo and Paddy were dictating play as we took control of the game and, after two more goals to Alex and another to Finlay, we were well on top at halftime.

Blake was creative, Manfred threw himself into the tackles and Xavier kept providing a contest at either end of the ground.

It was Liam’s turn to influence the game in the third term, his intercept marks and attack on the ball setting up a couple of goals for Alex and James. Damo’s rebound off half back ended in Alex’s hands and another goal, while Archie’s pressure was crucial as we stretched our lead in the third term and fended off a mini Cronulla fightback.

A real sign of character is the way these kids finish a game off and, after quarter time, they extended the lead at each break. Another couple of goals in the final term, fittingly to Cooper and Alex, wrapped up a hard earned win.

CANADA BAY 10.5.65

Goals: Alex DP 6, Finlay 2, Cooper 1, James 1


Under 7 Black, Round 8

U7 Black v East Sydney Bulldogs

Round 8, 28 May,

Trumper Park

With rain clouds gathering and a slight sprinkle drizzling down, the boys and girls of U7 Black took on a committed and worthy opponent.

In the first period Akira, Austen P and Evie muscled up in the backline, and were under relentless pressure from the start. Akira stood tall and managed an incredible mark followed up with some big kicking out of defence. Evie kept herself busy and managed a stimulating run through the Bulldogs’ forwards to ease the pressure. Austen P also produced some big kicks out of defence and grabbed a blinder of a mark. Our centres of Tess, Alex and Hamish were kept busy for the period and a stimulating run by Alex through the centre and then delivering a pinpoint hand ball was a highlight. Tess was defiant in the ruck with a few crucial knock downs and she almost grabbed a screamer of a mark late in the period as U7 black dug deep. Our forwards in Alexander, Austin D and Arnaud didn’t have much of the ball but made the most of their limited opportunities. Austin D took a great mark and followed up with a pinpoint pass to Alexander. Alexander peppered the goals but was unable to break down the tight Bulldogs defence whilst Arnaud kept immense pressure to keep the ball locked in the Power forward line for long periods of time.

In the second period, and under direct instructions from our legendary coach Mark, Hamish, Alex and Tess powered into the forward line. Tess took control as the deep forward, which pushed back the Bulldogs defence, while Hamish gave a 100% in trying to score but again could not crack the Bulldogs stoic defence. Finally, after a flying run through the centre and into the forward line, Alex punished the weary Bulldogs defence with an incredible goal. The Bulldogs, however, surged back, and Austin D, Alexander and Arnaud came under immense pressure to hold the line. Alexander ran hard all period in holding back the rampant Bulldogs forwards while Arnaud provided the perfect support around the break down. Austin D tried desperately to stop the Bulldogs scoring with his relentless hustling, which caused the Bulldogs forwards real problems. The centres were kept busy all period and Evie was a star in the ruck, out smarting much taller opponents as the Power picked up some momentum. Akira continued his powerful running and delivered some great kicks into the Power forward line. Austen P stepped up and delivered some deep penetrating kicks and manned up on some key Bulldogs centres.

As the temperature started to drop, it certainly was warming up out on the field. In the third period U7 black threw everything into the game. Akira stepped up and was relentless in shaking up the Bulldogs defence, which nearly allowed Evie to score an amazing goal. The hard work of Evie and Akira finally broke down the Bulldogs defence as Austen P capitalised with a fantastic goal. The centres of Austin D, Alexander and Arnaud teamed up brilliantly in the face of tough competition, with Arnaud’s pass back to Alexander showcasing U7 Blacks teamwork. Alexander showed great desperation and thwarted many attacks by the Bulldogs midfield while Austin D managed some great runs and seemed to be always around the break down. The backs continued to come under enormous pressure but Alex, Tess and Hamish never stopped trying until the final siren. Tess combined with Hamish in producing a scintillating run out of defence and with Alex’s ‘never give up’ attitude providing a persistent issue for the Bulldogs forwards.

With the siren sounding for full time and the rain starting to roll in the boys and girls of U7 Black powered through the club song after an epic battle against the Bulldogs. Well played Under 7 Black!