Drummoyne U5 vs East Sydney Bulldogs

Drummoyne Power U5 v East Sydney Bulldogs

Round 8, Trumper Park

Saturday 28 May

The mighty Drummoyne Under 5s had an early start this morning to make the long trek east to Trumper Park in sub-Arctic conditions.

Our opposition, the East Sydney Bulldogs, have a fearsome reputation but they knew trouble was afoot when coach Paul insisted the field be doubled in size to allow his boys room to run. This proved to be an ace tactical move by the wily coach and the game was a Drummoyne goal-fest from the outset.

Early in the first quarter Oscar set the tone for the match with a strong run out of the centre, followed by a long kick to Toby who slotted a quick behind with a huge grin. This was repeated 5 times in the quarter – long runs from Oscar and accurate passes to his teammates. Toby found his range with two goals and Koji didn’t need to be asked twice, also slotting a six-pointer. Basty deployed his deceptive loping stride to befuddle the opposing defenders – it might look like a casual jog but is near impossible to stop. Eli, our fresh import, had his first touch of the season with a booming kick to quash a rare attacking move from Easts.

Momentum was sustained in the second quarter as the Drummoyne Pre-school alumni teamed up with some set-piece moves. Toby cleared the ball to Neddy in the centres who booted it upfield to Oscar who neatly finished off with a goal on more than one occasion. Classmate Riley had a standout moment with a fingertip defensive mark right in the goal mouth before a quick pass to initiate another pre-school playground manoeuvre. Koji got in on the action and and gabbed two more goals off passes from Frank. Play was marred by an ugly incident late in the quarter which saw Frankie led off-field to receive medical attention from his experienced grandfather, Frank senior.

Frankie bravely led the team back on the field in the final quarter and earned himself the coveted coach’s award. He booted three goals just to make his point. Fancy footwork was on display as Oscar unleashed his trademark Campese goose-step in the centre before launching the ball forward. Riley matched this effort with some snappy sidesteps and a couple of short range goals. Neddy got under a booming kick from Oscar for a courageous mark and made a quick dash for his first of two goals. Koji and the lads in defence stifled a late fightback from Easts and if we were keeping score – which we’re not! – the scoreboard would have told a compelling story as the final hooter blew.

Well done lads! A huge thank you to coach Paul for his tireless work each week, and to Alison for managing everything behind the scenes.

U5 V Concord Giants, Round 7

Drummoyne Power Under 5 v Concord Giants

Round 7, 21 May 2016, Drummoyne Oval

Q1. Frank and first gamer Aiden lined up in the middle for the first quarter. Frank got the tap and picked it up and kicked it to Archie in the forward line who kicked a goal.

The ball was in the back line a bit as there were some height differences however Billy and Archie were very patient in the forward line mostly hanging off the goal posts.

The ball dribbled over the line for a point for the Giants so it was Jack’s first kick in. It was an excellent kick to Koji who ran and booted a long kick.

Aiden had his first kick in AFL footy and after some hard concentration he did an amazing job. There was some excellent hand balls and sharing of the ball which showed great team work.

Q2. Koji and Jack were in the middle this time and Koji was first up for the tap. His tap ended up in Jack’s hands who kicked it to Frank, which ended up in a goal.

There was some great defending by all the boys this quarter who had their hands up high and some excellent kick ins by Billy.

The highlight of this quarter started by Billy’s kick in from the Giants goal which ended up in Archie’s hands. Archie then passed it to Koji who kicked from pretty much the centre of the oval and the ball bounced through for a fantastic goal.

Q3. Jack and Koji were in the forward line for the last quarter with some excellent shots at goal.

Aiden was in the back line and for his first game had some great kick ins.

There was some excellent pick up of the ball and running down the field.

Frank did an amazing job in the back line and managed to mark two big kicks on the goal line.

Excellent job by all the boys and you can really see their skills are improving and showing excellent team work.

U14-2 v Cronulla

Cannons U14, Round 7

U14 Division 2 v Cronulla Sharks

Round 7, 22 May 2016, Drummoyne Oval

Canada Bay Cannons 4.10.34 d Cronulla Sharks 4.7.31

The Canada Bay Cannons’ relentless desperation in the contests frustrated the Cronulla Sharks out of a three-point thriller at Drummoyne Oval on Sunday.

The Cannons produced their best, most mature quarter of the season to haul in a deficit with just five minutes remaining and hold on in a match worthy of a grand final preview.

“Everyone just lifted when it mattered in the end”, coach Dean Lee told the post-match huddle. “In the backline and around the centre, they all did their job. They were hard at the ball, with their heads over it the whole time in that last quarter … And that was the difference today,” he said.

The home side had trailed for most of the low-scoring match.

Cronulla took a hard-earned nine-point advantage going into the last term but that fell away during an absorbing struggle around the ball – neither side willing to surrender without a fight.

Then Cannons’ big centre half forward Jordan swooped on a loose ball to goal and snatch the lead with five minutes to go. From there it was a character-building battle of wills.

The Cannons won 34-31 to retain their place on top of the premiership ladder after seven rounds.

The match was always going to be tight.

The undefeated Cannons against the third-placed Sharks and Lee’s pre-match warning that this was going to be this team’s toughest challenge so far this season was a reality within the opening minutes.

It was a hard, unforgiving first quarter that for the most part, was played in Cannons’ forward line.

And while both teams gave it everything around the ground-ball contests, the real difference early was in the forward 50 efficiencies.

The Cannons netted 11 points from six scoring shots to the Sharks three goals from three straight kicks. The home side was criticised for their rushed shots while Cronulla looked slick as they found their key targets around the ground.

Canada Bay was dominant around the centre through Joshua, Joel, Jack and Patrick who kept the forward line well fed.

And when the ball was pushed back by Cronulla they were met with a wall of strength in the shape of Michael, Jaden and Sebastian.

The second term started like the first. A glut of territorial advantage for the Cannons through the enterprising football particularly around the midfield.

Patrick, Joshua and Joel were in control but again the forward line could not convert the advantage, landing just 1.4.10 for the term.

Nonetheless, this was a term that showcased superb football from both teams – strong aerial skills, penetrating kicks and solid tackling.

But this time, the Cannons’ back six through Michael, Matt , Sebastian and Gus shut the Sharks down and kept them scoreless. The home side took a slender three-point lead into the long break.

Cronulla’s fast-moving forwards were frustrated out of the contest in the vital third term.

While the Cannons themselves were held scoreless they didn’t let the visitors get any easy shots in. The Sharks netted 12 points from seven scoring shots.

With just nine points separating the two teams, the last quarter was set up for a grandstand finish. The Cannons came out firing.

With strong running from Jack and support by George, the ball was fed to Joel who was lurking in front of goals. He made no mistake, slotting a major to get Canada Bay within three points.

And with Jordan’s sealer eight minutes later, the crowd erupted.

“It felt good to win like that,” Lee said after the game. “The boys should be proud of their effort.

“It was the test we needed as head into another tough match next week against Maroubra/Moore Park.”

Goals: George 1, Patrick 1, Joel 1, Jordan 1.

Cannons U12-3, Round 7

U12 Div 3 v Westbrook

Round 7, 22 May 2016, Drummoyne Oval

It was evident at the pre-game spiel that Div 3 was in for a big day on the paddock. The game plan was to win the ball through tackling, going in hard and being first to the ball.

From the first bounce the signs were promising. The engine room made up of Tank, Whitey, Dominator, Alex, Jezza, Brayden, Frizzy, Ozzy, and Gab ran hard all day and kept the opposition thinking twice when attempting to get the ball with some solid tackles being applied across the park.

The backline held steady and kept our opposition scoreless for almost the first half with some determination shown by Jack, Ben, Luke, Max, and Declan.

Our forwards led well resulting in some impressive pack marks and our key target Charlie M, capitalising on every opportunity.

Also some excellent work from a very talented flashy forward in Hugh, snapping one of the best goals of his career from the sideline. Josh L also played the best game of his career, his work rate and intensity around the ball was the best I have seen.

All in all, some very positive signs of improvement across the playing group.

Cannons U15-1, Round 7

Canada Bay Cannons U15 Div 1 v Easts

Round 7, Sunday 22 May 2016, Drummoyne Oval

The U/15-1s had their long awaited clash with their opponents from last season’s Grand Final, East Sydney Bulldogs, at a sunny Drummoyne Oval.

Despite Cannons’ home ground advantage, Easts dominated early with all the play in the first 10 minutes, Ben W leading the defence to restrict the scoring. A spectacular flying mark by Josh G turned the tide, 3 quicks goals to Cannons and into the first break leading 18-8.

Easts came out strongly again in the second quarter, using their height advantage and making better use of space when they had the ball in hand. Despite this there were passages of solid play from the Cannons – with highlights a banana kick goal from Tommy, and Josh P using his speed and tenacity to guard his wing. Half time Easts Bulldogs 5 point lead.

The second half saw a much tighter game. Cannons played to the game plan in the third quarter, holding possession and turning the ball back inside to create overlaps and using their speed and fitness to claw back into the game including a double side stop goal to Gus. Scores tied at 49 each at the final break. Easts dug in just that bit harder in the final quarter, and with more scoring shots, clung onto a 5 point win.

It was a match where numerous players had brief flashes of good play, but also had moments where a lack of attack at the ball or not concentrating on executing the important stuff. And at this level, each drop in intensity from the Cannons is met by the opposition scoring.

The good news is that the team holds onto 3rd place after Round 7, so still in finals contention. Coach Greg will make sure the boys get back to their consistent best doing what they have proven they can do and do well, ready for a trip to Manly next weekend.

Special mention to both Josh L and Patrick B for helping out. Patrick had an impressive 15-1 debut, including kicking a beauty from the pocket under pressure. Jordan also impressive with his ruck work against a much bigger opponent, with Josh G, Josh P, Luke L and Luke W having solid matches.

U12 div 2 v Forest

Cannons U12-2, Round 7

Canada Bay Cannons U12 Div 2 v Forest Lions

Round 7, 22 May 2016, Drummoyne Oval

We keep racking up the wins and this was another one we had to work hard to score.

It was the classic games of two halves: dominant and sleepy; comfortable and tense.

Finlay got us going in the first quarter, not just by tackling kids twice his size and taking big marks, but he’s playing smart footy. His pair of goals in the opening term were a result of being in the right place at the right time, as he patrolled the wall across our half forward line.

Paddy led by example in the second quarter and filed another contender for goal of the year when he gathered from the centre bounce, tucked the ball under his arm, beat two defenders, took a bounce and kicked from 30 metres out, while this week’s trick from Alex DP was a backwards over-the-head goal.

Manfred took a great mark on the flank and Jamie earned a tough free kick early on and just missed his shot for goal.
With five goals and a few too many behinds in the first half, we were in control and looked headed for another comfortable win.

But the 30-point halftime lead must have made everybody a little complacent, including the team manager who forgot to bring out the oranges.

Without their vitamin C at the break, the kids looked flat in the third quarter and the lead shrunk to 12 points as Forest went in harder and got to the footy first.

As the game started getting tense, Thea seemed to have a sixth sense and repeatedly stepped up to settle the side down. She’d take a gutsy mark, run the width of the ground to make a contest or create an option, or lay a strong tackle to stop a Forest charge.

And, after Nic, Damo and Paddy linked together down the flank to get the ball to Thea near goal late in the last quarter, she selflessly dished off a handball to Xavier who kicked the sealer and we all breathed easier.

The Dependable Twins Blake and Damo were again, well, dependable all day, both with great delivery by foot as well as doing the hard stuff – the tackles and shepherds that matter so much.

Ben C also continues to be Mr Reliable down back and, with a new shimmy and sidestep in his repertoire, is often the springboard for attack.

Archie took a critical mark in the middle as Forest threatened in the last quarter, while Connor and Will were strong when it mattered in defence, Liam was solid and Ben M rucked all day and took marks around the ground.

Thanks to Jezza, Tom and Brayden for backing up after playing for Div 3 and thanks to Nic, Damo and Finlay who helped the undermanned Forest.

CANADA BAY 6.15.51
Goals; Finlay 2, Alex DP 2, Paddy 1, Xavier 1.
FOREST 4.7.31

U10 Teal v Easts

Photo Gallery: U10 Teal

Photo Gallery: U10 Teal

Round 7, 21 May 2016, Drummoyne Oval

Noble’s been behind the camera again, and has a gallery of great shots of magnificent U10 Teal, in action against the mighty Easts at Drummoyne Oval.

Go Power!

To view the gallery, click into the first image. You can then scroll through (either preview size or full screen) and even download. Enjoy!


U7 Black, Round 7

U7 Black v Concord Giants

Round 7, 21 May 2016,

Drummoyne Oval

A glorious morning at Drummoyne Oval greeted the kids who were resplendent in their team kit for their early photo shoot, followed by the longest team warm up in U7 AFL history. Well done to Coach Mark!

The Giants are a very competitive team, but so are our The Power U7 Black and this game was sure to be a cracker. The team was still on a high after seeing Stevie J at training during the week.

There were some big plays in the first term that lead to some great goals and some great saves. Austen P was impenetrable in defence. Akira showed everyone his impressive handball skills several times, setting up Austin D and Hamish to make some lovely runs into the forward line. Alex V and Lachlan enjoyed themselves up front, with kicks going everywhere including Alex V’s trick shot – a kick to himself.

Arnaud and Tess were really brave to come out for the second term after feeling some pain in the first term. They certainly lifted the team. Tess started with great enthusiasm as she really owned the middle of the field, marking opposition players and winning the hit outs. And after scoring a great goal in the first term, Alex G defended like a champion and Thomas was also huge in D, with some important saves to stop goals right on the goal line. Lachlan and Austin D took some specie marks and provided the team with a huge amount of run from down back. As did Evie, who won a contest down back and followed it up with one of the biggest runs of the game right down the middle of the field. Austen P won lots of ball in the mid field and Akira had some lovely left foot kicking. The beneficiaries of the team’s good work were Alex V, Arnaud and Hamish, who slotted a few goals to reward the team’s hard work.

In the last term, The Power really turned it on and they were led by Thomas’s superb running, handballing and pressuring the opposition in the centre. Arnaud was everywhere down back as he hunted the ball and marked his man. His effort was enormous and so brave. All in all, the team work and support for each other won over in the end, with every team member trying their hardest in hot conditions. The coach’s encouragement award went to Tess, who got stronger as the game went on, and the AFL player of the week went to Austen P, who contributed in all areas of the game and played an outstanding game.

Well done, Power.

U11 Black v Concord

Photo Gallery: U11 Black v Concord, Round 7

Drummoyne Power U11 Black v Concord Giants U11 Gman

Round 7, Drummoyne Oval

Next year, these U11s from Drummoyne Power and Concord Giants will be on the same team, when they graduate to our youth Club and play as U12 Canada Bay Cannons.

(The Canada Bay Cannons is the alliance between Power and Giants; when we pool resources we increase the opportunity for kids to play youth AFL in the inner-west.)

But that’s next year… right now, there’s no quarter given by either side.

Congrats to the Drummoyne Power U11 Black who prevailed this weekend, but three cheers to the Concord Giants U11 Gman team, who can hold their heads high. They didn’t give up.

To view the photo gallery from the game, click into the first image. You’ll then be able to scroll through – at either preview or full size. (They’re high resolution files, so you may need to wait a couple of seconds, depending on your internet connection.) You can even download if you like.



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