U7 Power v Power

U7 Round 4 Picture Gallery

U7 v Wests

Round 4, Picken Oval

There was some Power v Power action at Picken today before the Power v Wests game kicked into gear properly. These pics via Dan and Jess.

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U6 Round 3

U6 v Newtown

Round 3, Five Dock Park

Wet weather footy makes for powerful memories… thanks Michael for this gallery of U6 braving the wind and rain for a rainy day of footy against Newtown at Five Dock Park.

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Under 10 Black v Newtown Black

Under 10 Black v Newtown Black

Round 3, Five Dock Park

A great day for footy. Cool and blustery. Wet under boot and mud on the ground. Game on!

Q1: Good defence by Miles and great ball skills by Toby. Denver gets a great ball out wide away from a persistent goal attack all quarter by the opposition.

Q2: Great clearing kicks by Luke. Nicholas gets a great kick in defence. It’s all about defence today with more great work by Toby and Alex. Hamish and Cooper show us how it’s done with strength, persistence and giving a contest at the ball at every opportunity.

Q3: Defence is the name of the game today and Luke shows real grit with lots of tackling and kicking. He’s everywhere. Denver makes a great mark in defence and Lukas pushes a nice kick up the sideline. Henry works hard to get the ball away from the backline finding some good spaces out wide.

Q4: Better ball movement this quarter with Denver & Damien combining for a great goal to Damien. Lukas makes a great tackle. Cooper has a cool head in defence and gets a good touch away from the pack. Jasper gets into the ruck with a nice handball in the centre.

Special thanks goes to Nick, Marnie and Jeff on the BBQ and canteen in, at times, teeming rain….

Thanks to goal umpire Nick and match reporter Doug.


U7 Black, Round 3

U7 Black v Newtown Swans

Round 3, Five Dock Park

Wind, rain and squalls of AFL weather provided a winter feel for the Round 3 clash between the Power U7 Black and the cross town rivals, the Newtown Swans.

Following a slick pre-match handball drill and a banner run through to the sounds of the mighty Club song the first bounce arrived. Within seconds Hamish, in his first year of Auskick, was in the action with the AFL gods providing their blessing as a favourable bounce saw the first goal entered on the score sheet. Despite what seemed like a mismatch, Arnaud stood toe to toe in a ball up with the Swans ‘boy-mountain’ only for the following kick to reignite what was a thrilling David and Goliath like struggle. Arnaud did not take a backward step.

Following another goal by Hamish (AKA “I know where the big sticks are”), an overhead kick when lining up for his third found Tom who gratefully accepted the chance and kicked truly – there was love all around. Strong kicks out of defence by Lachlan and a dominant midfield performance by Akira and Austen created overwhelming momentum for the Power and Tom greeted the siren with another major and a fist-pump to match!

After a team huddle and expert guidance from coach Mark, the Power continued to dominate the centre, starting with an excellent tap-out from Lachlan, strong work at ground level from Alex V and a powerful presence from Evie. When not in possession Lachlan and Alex also showed us that they’ll also be great on the dance floor – perhaps sharing their moves with us in memory of the Purple One, Prince Rogers Nelson.

With the possession and goal-flow favouring the Swans, what was needed to ice the cake was “that moment”, and it came in the form of a fantastic mark to Alexander G amongst a crowded pack. When told that his wrist band would mean that he couldn’t goal, Alexander hand-balled off to Austen who put another six points on the ledger. Alexander showed he is not just an expert with the high ball when he kicked truly to Tom for a super catch.

One of the special, and somewhat confusing moments in today’s game was seeing our favourite son Ted playing in another team’s colours. Ted was the talisman for the Power in 2015 and due to the power of geography in inner Sydney was drafted to the Swans. This confusion was front and centre for Austen as he lined up for goal only to see Ted staring him down – it was like looking into the eyes of a brother (only in different colours). Nonetheless, a true kick followed and the moment is now AFL folklore.

The final term once again saw a resumption of the Arnaud versus ‘boy-mountain’ match-up which resulted an AFL innovation with the use of the two-tiered, ladder defence with Arnaud standing on the mark and Austen standing behind. The move proved a masterstroke and from the ensuing block Evie took possession and kicked downfield to Alex V who then found the ever-present Hamish in the forward line. A great mark on the final siren by Alexander G was matched only by the depth of the smile on his face.

AFL Future Champion Award: Hamish

Special thanks: Coach Mark for his inspirational guidance

For the memories: Ted (sorely missed but not forgotten)


Under 9 Teal Round 3

Under 9 Teal v Newtown Reds

Round 3

The U9 Teal Team played the Newtown Reds on a truly winter Saturday at Five Dock Park.

A tight tussle ensured in the first quarter as the heavens opened up, with both sides coming to terms with the wet conditions. While the Power had many chances in the forward line through excellent mid field work by Scott and Harry, the forwards were unable to capitalise. At the other end Callum and Kaya were all over the Reds forwards ensuring a low scoring quarter.

The second quarter saw a real scrap end to end, with Scott running hard and making some incredible tackles, and Tom N managing some crucial hand passes in the wet conditions. Callum managed to break through many packs and get a crucial kick away and Declan stood up strong in defence.

The call was made at half time to ‘man up’ on the Newtown reds and kick long and Teal rose to the challenge. Harry and Sean increased the tackling while Nick provided plenty of run out of the backline. Ethan D took a great mark in the forward line but was unable to capitalise in the wet conditions but the boy’s intensity around the ball was impressive.

The last quarter produced some brilliance in the forward line, with the Power peppering the goals and coming home with strong gust, just like the weather, with Scott and Harry (yes, ok, technically he was a mid fielder…) scoring majors. The boys maintained a clean sheet at the other end with Nick and Tom keeping the Newtown boys at bay and Kaya and Sean keeping the mid field tight.

A tough low scoring game in ‘true’ football conditions, and a fantastic performance by the boys who got stronger and stronger as the game went on. The tackling was fantastic as too the intensity around the ball so well done to all the Teal players.

A special mention to Declan, Harry, Kaya and Callum for filling in for the Newtown team who were a player down.

Thanks to all the parents for braving the conditions on the side line! Thanks also to James M and Simon C for BBQ duties and and Sean B for excellent goal umpiring.

U9 Teal

U7 White v Newtown

U7 White v Newtown Swans

Five Dock Park, Round Three

U7 White has been spoilt with another great gallery of pics from Daniel.

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Cannons U14-2

U14 Div 2 Round 3

Under 14 Div 2

Round 3: Drummoyne Oval – April 24

Canada Bay Cannons: 9.6.60 drew with Forest District Lions: 9.6.60

Canada Bay’s Under 14s Cannons slammed four last-quarter goals in a dramatic fight-back to snatch a Round 3 draw with the Forest Districts Lions on Sunday.

Trailing the match for all but the final four minutes, the Cannons dug deep to find something special to deny the visitors.

That “something special” came in the shape of bullocking full-forward George, who bagged his sixth goal from a clever snap over his left shoulder to level the scores.

The Cannons, who appeared overwhelmed by Lions’ big men until the last break, just sprung to life to play desperate, contested football.

“Everyone lifted when it mattered,” coach Dean Lee said after the game.

He praised his team’s defensive effort and their clever options in the forward line in a strong finish that brought them within a whisker of a miracle win.

But in the end it was the Cannons’ sluggish start to the match that will drive preparations for their next match.

The Lions dominated out of the centre and intimidated Cannons’ defenders from the start. The visitors made the most of their opportunities in a scrappy opening term that was played between the arcs.

Their big men picked each other out and were able to break Cannons tackles with apparent ease. By the first break, the Lions had grafted a 20-point lead.

With the breeze at the backs, the Cannons were jolted into gear.

Joshua, Jasper, Christian and Jack began to play enterprising football while Gus and Liam provided the necessary starch in defence.

But it was George who got Cannons’ scoreboard ticking over. He goaled just 90 seconds into the term after a run at the sticks from an acute angle.

A minute later he booted another and all of sudden his team was back in the race.

The Lions answered with two goals – again through their big men. As the siren loomed for the main break Joshua  and George linked up for another goal and Cannons remained in the hunt.

Coach Lee’s half-time address warned that third quarter was the make-or-break quarter for his Cannons.

The Lions would be running with the wind and the effort of the Cannons’ back six was to be critical.

The third term was a scrappy, see-sawing affair. Both teams desperate to get the jump, they kept each other honest.

Martti, Damian, Aiden, Jasper, Gus and Joshua threw everything at the Lions.

The Lions and Cannons managed two goals apiece in the third term – just a 12-point gap between them to set up the barnstorming final quarter.

The Cannons took the match to another level, spurred on by goals from Tim and Matt.

The Lion’s two quick goals in response shifted the momentum back their way before hard-working ruckman Edward stepped up with a 30m snap to bag a major.

George’s last-gasp goal put the fitting seal on the game. The draw widely seen as a fair result in an entertaining game.

The Cannons now prepare for their Round 4 match against St Ives at Narrabeen next Sunday.

U9 Black v Newtown

U9 Black v Newtown

Round 3, Five Dock Park

When the match report sheet ends the game looking like a soggy wet tissue, you know you’ve:

A: experienced wet weather footy, and

B: pretty much got to rely on your memory of the game to write the match report.

So it is fortunate, then, that U9 Black played such a memorable game. Seriously, I think we’re going to turn the sprinklers on these kids from now on as they played so well in the wet.

1. First up has to be THAT TACKLE by Matt. It was perfect and would have made the highlight reel for a senior club, let alone a junior team in its first year of tackling. You couldn’t have made Coach David’s smile any broader.

2. We’ve got to mention Leon’s back to back goals. (2-2 for the match.) That kicking school during the week was a great investment and Leon “owned” the field during a couple of quarters.

3.  Just as well it was raining because Lachlan was ON FIRE. In the first quarter he was everywhere, doing everything. Great passing. Great skills and contributed to the scoreboard with a couple of points.

4. Finley’s brilliant goal. The ground was wet. The ball was heavy. It wasn’t pretty. But it worked. And the parents went wild on the sidelines. We’ll have to call him the ever-ready bunny because he just keeps on going – always with the second and third efforts.

5. Keshaan is really starting to think about his game – he’s making the smart choices when he gets kicks. He’s also a pretty awesome tackler.

6. Josh can use his height to win the centre taps and he’s not afraid to get in there and get physical. Kicking improved a lot this week.

7. Oliver. Love this kid’s resilience. He’s not going to let something unexpected stop him. Gutsy game today, Oliver.

8. Raff. Always a classy player, this kid played a real captain’s game. Strategic. Effective. One of our team players of the week.

9. His real name might be Marlowe, but I’m calling him “Mr Everywhere”: 1-3 on the scoreboard and he got Power out of trouble more times than I could count.

10. Another memorable moment was a particular ball-up by Yam. He placed it perfectly to Marlowe, who passed it onto Raff. Beautiful banana kick that was unlucky not to make it through the sticks. I reckon it would have, if the ball hadn’t been so heavy.

The lesson from this game was to ‘man up’. When we left them free, they scored so we’re going to work on those transitions from offences to defence.

Thanks to everyone for turning up – it was so much more fun than being warm and dry, wasn’t it??

The score section of my match report is just too washed out from rain to give accurate figures, but I can see there were multiple scoring shots for Marlowe, Leon, Lachlan and Rafferty, while Finley also contributed with a great goal, and Josh with a point.

We’ve got some great pics from the game right here, from Josh (while he was off for the first quarter, playing with Mum’s camera) and Sibon. Click into the first image and you’ll be able to scroll through, view at full screen, and download.

Cannons Under 12 Div 2 v Pennant Hills

Cannons U12 Division 2 v Pennant Hills

Round Three, Drummoyne Oval

Friday night didn’t just bring a festive spirit to Drummoyne Oval, the lights shone on a spirited bunch of kids who pulled off a stirring victory and did their indulgent parents proud.

There was only a few points in it at half time but Pennant Hills always looked capable of taking control and running away with the match, especially after a couple of goals early in the third term. But Coach Tony’s words had an impact – keep pressuring them, keep perservering, keep helping each other and we’ll eventually get on top.

And we sure did.

They say the third quarter is the premiership quarter and it proved to be the turning point. A 10 point deficit became a four point three quarter time lead as that pressure and perseverance started to reap the rewards they deserved, with the momentum well and truly shifting our way.

Blake led the revival in the third term. His attack at the footy and drive out of defence repeatedly sent the ball forward and was the springboard for many of our attacks.

Blake kept sending the footy into the midfeld for Thea, Damo and Nic to combine with precision and get the ball to the silky goal kicking machine Alex who slotted another lazy five.

After cracking Penno in the third quarter, we took complete control in the final term with four goals to one to run out comfortable 26 point winners.

The first win against Easts was pretty easy and straightforward, this one was tough, gutsy and full of character.

Whether it was Paddy winning the hard ball and dishing out handballs, Finny taking on the big blokes, Will drifting across halfback taking intercept marks, JA putting his skills on show or Connor, Ben C and Jezza strangling the Penno forwards, there were contributors everywhere, all night.

Ben M and Tom had their hands full against a giant ruckman, but grew as the game went on and took control in the second half.

Ben put the icing on the cake with a last quarter goal from the boundary line to put us 16 points up.

And Gabe went in hard as did Fergus despite being struck down with injury.

The first quarter was a dour affair with only three points apiece at the break as both teams got used to the slippery ball and bright lights (a few ageing parents had trouble with their night vision as well). We came close to kicking a goal after Damo, Nic and Thea combined in the middle with run and slick hands but were beaten by the siren with the ball heading goalward.

Brayden finally broke the drought early in the second term with the opening goal of the night after a Will defensive mark, a Paddy pass and a Thea shepherd.

Paddy and Thea then combined out of the middle and the ball ended up with Alex in what should have been an impossible position until he pulled a canny around-the-corner dribble kick from his bag of tricks for his first goal.

A few late goals to Penno gave them the advantage at halftime as they tried to intimidate us out of the game. But these Cannons fired back, stood up for themselves and each other and kept running and attacking the footy.

As well as the great skill on display, two pieces of hard stuff typified the Cannons’ resolve:
* Thea’s goal to put us ahead late in the third quarter came after around six kids put their heads over the ball and kept it moving toward goal until she picked it up and snapped truly.
* In the final quarter, three fierce tackles in quick succession on our forward flank summed up the desperation to keep the ball in our 50.

The match was sealed when Ben M palmed a beautiful tap for JA to rove and kick a classy goal over his shoulder to put us 24 points clear.

Canada Bay 9.15.69 (goals: Alex 5, Brayden 1, Thea 1, Ben 1, James 1)

Pennant Hills 6.7.43



U8 Banner Run

Banner Runs – U7 and U8

Banner Runs

If there’s anything that can brighten a wet Autumn day, it is watching Drummoyne Power Auskickers do banner runs before their games. They get such a kick out of it!

Here are our awesome U7s and mighty U8s, Round Three at Five Dock Park.

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(pics via Fiona)


(pics via Michelle)