$5,000 win for Drummoyne Power

Weetbix Win

We knew our Auskick Coordinator Megan Chandra was awesome… but now she’s $5,000 awesome!

Megan was the subject of the winning entry for the Weetbix “Community Mark of the Year” competition.

Just as the Weetbix “Mark of the Year” recognises the AFL player that soars above the pack, the “Community Mark of the Year” recognises the volunteer that reaches those extra heights for their Club.

Megan is rewarded with an AFL jersey of her choice, and the Drummoyne Power Junior AFL Club wins $5,000 to spend however it likes! (You can get a lot of footballs for $5,000!)

Thank you Sanitarium and Weetbix. And thanks Megan for the inspiring volunteer work you do for Drummoyne Power Junior AFL.

Guess what the favourite cereal for breakfast is at our house this morning?