End of Season Function Player Discount

End of Season Function Player Discount

The end of season function is primarily an adult function, however we would like to extend the invitation to our U17 and U18 Youth Girls teams to attend. No alcohol will be served to players.

A discounted ticket price of $50 applies. Please enter the code YOUTH when purchasing tickets.

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Power 2015 invite

U9 White v Easts

Gala Days Week 2 – U8, U9, U10

Gala Day Week 2

U8, U9 and U10 all have a second gala day. There have been significant changes to the original draw, so pay close attention to the advice of your managers.

U8 – your games are now all at Five Dock Park with U8 Black and U8 Teal on at 9.30, and U8 White and U8 Silver have games at 11am.

U9 – U9 White and Silver are also at Five Dock, game at 12.30. U9 Black and Teal are at Goddard at 10.45.

U10 – U10 Teal is at Jubilee at 12.30. U10 Black and Silver are at Five Dock at 2pm.

Drummoyne U9 Black – Gala Day (Week 1)

U9 Black – Gala Day (Week 1)

Game 1 – Drummoyne Black v Glebe Black

Our first match of the day was against the Glebe Black team (Greyhounds), having not come across this team in the regular competition we were caught a little off guard with their attacking football. However the U9 Black team as always were up for challenge – there was great tackling lead by Toby, Cooper and William I. Our backline curtailed the attacking football of our opponents with Russell showing great defensive skills along with Lochlan D and William M putting the opposition under pressure. Our midfield was dealt a blow with Indiana taking a hit in the face and coming from the field early in the quarter, ice was applied and Indiana sat out the remainder of the game. There was terrific work in the centre by Luke and Jackson with Denver combining to find Damien on the wing, who managed to hit the scoreboard with our first goal of the day. Our backline was under pressure, however great determination and tackling by our backs restricted the Greyhounds scoring opportunities. Lochlan D showed great athleticism to save a certain goal on the final siren to restrict the Greyhounds to only two goals. – Final score 7-16


 Game 2 – Drummoyne Black v Concord Giants

Our second game was against the Giants, our friendly neighbours from Concord, after a quick change of fields and a brief coach’s address the players including Indiana took to the field. Power showed some fantastic teamwork and applied great pressure with the majority of the game played in our attacking zone. Our backs of William I, Cooper, Luke and Damien had a quiet game with very little to do with our centres containing the ball and moving it forward. Lochlan D burst through the pack and found Denver who kicked a goal. Toby and Russell also combined well in attack supported by William M and Jackson who sustained great tackling pressure. Final Score 15-1


Game 3 – Drummoyne Black v Glebe Hounds

After having posted our first win for the day the Drummoyne Black team were determined to continue the good form into the next game against the Glebe Hounds. Once again having not faced the Glebe Greyhounds in the competition we were a little unsure how they would respond to our playing style. Our backline was put under a little pressure with William M, Indiana and Jackson combining well to limit the opportunities for the Greyhounds. Our centres of William I, Cooper, Luke and Damien contained the ball with great tackling. Luke made a terrific break to find Damien who passed to Russell, however the pressure from the Hounds interrupted a certain scoring opportunity. Our forwards of Denver, Lochlan, Russell and Toby tried hard all game and were very unlucky not to find the scoreboard. Final Score 0-7


Game 4 – Bye


Game 5 – Drummoyne Black v Drummoyne Silver

Coming off the bye the team was more than ready for the final game of the day against our club rivals Drummoyne Silver. Lochlan made an early break from the midfield pack and found Denver on the fly, however we were unable to combine for a score on that occasion however it was very entertaining footy. Our centres and forwards were determined to keep up the pressure with great tackling by Toby and William M. Denver lead from the front with his ability to find space and combine with teammates. Russell, Jackson and Cooper took on the opposition without fear and Indiana combined well with Lochlan finding the scoreboard. Our backline of William I, Damien and Luke did a sound job playing on their man and not allowing Silver to score a goal, keeping them to a point. A very entertaining game with the Drummoyne Black team winning in a close one. – Final score 6-1

Overall a fantastic week 1 of U9 Gala Day footy showing just how competitive and close all the sides are in the competition – Well done to all players this week, showing just how far you have all come this season.

Looking forward to week 2 of the Gala Day.

U9 Black

Drummoyne U9 Black v Newtown Gold, ADO

Drummoyne Power U9 Black v Newtown Gold, Alan Davidson Oval

Well there was significant time spent pre match strategising about which direction to kick if we won the toss.  A consensus view could not be reached – in fact there were at least five different opinions if that could be possible.  If they don’t make it as AFL players there will be a role for them in parliament!  Finally agreement was reached that we would defer the decision pending the outcome of the toss as we would probably lose it anyhow.  We won the toss.  The captain Harrison took the initiative though and boldly elected to kick to the western end of the Trapeziod shape that was posing as an oval.  It was a dead calm day but if there was any wind it was probably headed north so good call.  At least not a bad one.

From that moment on it did admittedly go downhill and not just because we were located on the drainage side of the oval.  Newtown Gold were a force to be reckoned with – especially in the red and white guernseys.  We assumed some had gold fillings.  We weren’t game to check.  The first quarter was tightly contested with the Power having more scoring shots than Newtown.  We don’t keep scores so no need to mention that all their scores were goals and ours were points.  That said the effort from Cooper was worth of a ‘super’ point if ever there was one.  Lochy D though was superb (as he was throughout the day) and seemed to be everywhere.  Luke also was omnipresent and in the thick of all the action.  Harrison must have had five handballs as he attempted to move it out of the centre quickly.  Denver was also a solid contributor with a number of strong marks.

The second quarter saw Drummoyne put a couple of goals on the scoreboard (if there was one).  They weren’t just goals they were GREAT goals from Damien and Denver.  In fact we followed up with a couple of goals in the next two quarters as well.  Lochy D contributing two, Denver another and a great snap from Will I.  That’s another 30 minutes credit on the iPad, Will (just in case you needed it in writing for your Mum and Dad).

Toby was resolute throughout the game with some telling contests and handballs especially in defence.  William M was notable across all quarters with a telling mark in the third especially.  Jackson also chimed in with a huge mark in the last term.  Thankfully he marked it without incident (and nonchalantly of course) because it was coming from such a great height there was ice on it.  Finally Indi has to get a special mention for his huge one percenter of a smother and then a tackle against all odds that saved a certain goal.

Overall it was a tough game but the boys showed great persistence, determination and most importantly, commitment to the team  and the mighty Drummoyne Power colours!  Best on ground award to them all!

Drummoyne Power End of Season Function: Tickets on Sale Now

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Power 2015 invite

U8 White v U8 Black Round 5

Gala Draws and Finals for Saturday Teams: U5-U11

Gala Day Draws and Finals: U5-U11

Gala Day draws are out and your MANAGER is the best source of information. Always follow their directions, but here’s a summary. Note: The time referred to is the time of your first game. Your manager will want you there earlier. Length of Gala Days vary, but allow an hour to an hour-and-a-quarter.

WEEK 1: Saturday 16 August

U5 will be at Five Dock, 8.15am

U6 will be at Wagener, 8.15am

U7 Teal will be at Goddard, 9.30am

U7 Black and Silver will be at Five Dock, 9.30am

U8 Silver and White, at Wagener, 11am

U8 Black and Teal, at Wagener, 12pm

U9 Teal and White will be at Five Dock, 11am.

U9 Silver and Black will be at Five Dock, 12.30pm.

U10 Black is at Wagener Oval, 1.15pm

U10 Silver is at Goddard, 1.15pm

U10 Teal is at Goddard, 2.35pm

U11 Black will play Newtown Red at Five Dock at 3.30pm

U11 Teal will play Glebe at Five Dock at 2pm

That will end the season for U5 to U7. Parents, make sure you join us for the end of season function on 28 August, and kids, we’ll see you at Presentation Day on Sunday 20 September.

We hope to see our Auskickers back for another awesome season next year.

WEEK 2: SECOND Gala Day on 22 August for U8-U11.

Significant changes to original draw. Please see updated post.

WEEK 3: THIRD Gala Day (Preliminary Finals) on Saturday 29 August for U9 to U11.

U9 and U10 will have Preliminary Final Gala Day on 29th August –  again that depends on performance – with the top 8 teams going through. All games will be at Jubilee Oval. Times will vary. We will advise.

WEEK 4: GRAND FINALS WEEK on Saturday 4 September.

U9 and U10 Gala Day Grand Finals will be held on Saturday 5 September at Picken Oval with the top four teams going through. U9s will start at 11am, and U10s at 12.30pm.

Grand Finals for U11 Division 1 and 2 will be at Picken at 2pm (Div 2) and 1pm (Div 1)


U11 Teal Win

U11 Teal’s Big Win!

U11 Teal v Easts, Trumper Oval

We are really going to celebrate this one, Club, because u11 Teal has just created a fairytale end to its 2015 season with a 10 point win over Easts at Trumper in the last regular round of the season.

This team’s story is about guts, courage, belief. It is about never giving in and it’s about TEAMWORK!

U11 Teal has worked so hard all season and it hasn’t always been reflected on the scoreboard.

Congratulations kids. And congratulations to their awesome coaches. Thank you Kylie for the wonderful pics – so happy to see these kids and their coaches celebrating a well deserved victory. There were hugs all round! Go Power!

DSC_0863 DSC_0865 DSC_0891

Under 11 Black v Wests, Round 14, Aug 1

U11 Black v Wests

Round 14, Alan Davidson Oval

Manfred’s the Mann, Cooper was super and Paddy Power was back.

What a fantastic win. It was the most mature, well rounded, team-focused performance from everyone we’ve seen all year. And it reaped the just reward of a massive 12-goal win.

It was so good to see the kids work for each other. Players ran through the lines with ball in hand and a mate behind them protecting them with a selfless shepherd. Handball chains were mature and slick and allowed us to run the ball, the defenders were stout and smart and, by the end of the game, kids were lining up to kick beautiful drop punt goals from the boundary line.

It started in defence where Jack regularly cut off Wests attacks and was well supported by the miserly Connor, Ben and Fergus.

And Manfred’s three first half goals set us up.

He opened the scoring when we were kicking into a stiff breeze in the first quarter with a clever goal out of a crowded pack. And then, when we needed a lift with the game looking tight in the second term, he cracked it open with a pair of equally creative goals to give us a handy halftime lead.

He was unstoppable – he marked, used his brain, helped teammates and kicked goals. But it wasn’t just him.

Cooper’s return has brought a touch of class to the team. His skills by hand and foot are beyond his years and bring teammates into the game. Oh, and he helped himself to six goals!

After suffering a suspected broken hand in the previous game, Paddy bounced back with his usual attack on the footy and also ended up with a hat trick of goals.

Warrior Will just keeps on throwing himself at the ball, the contest and the man. His first quarter goal when he competed hard in a marking contest, won the ball on the ground, broke a tackle and kicked truly from a long way out typified his relentless effort.

James G has really come of age in the past month or so in the ruck and set up the goal of the day in that tight second quarter. With brilliant tap ruckwork in the middle, he palmed the ball back to Paddy who swooped on it at full pace, broke a couple of tackles and sent it long to Cooper who centred it where Manfred scooped it up on the goal line and sent through his third.

That gave us a comfortable, but hard fought, three goal lead at halftime.

And then everything just clicked. Eleven goals later, we had recorded our biggest score and best win in history.

When he wasn’t kicking goals, Manfred set up a couple in the third term, while Thea was winning lots of ball around the ground and Romano is revelling in his role as a creative linkman on the wing.

James A opened up a candy store on the forward flank and had plenty of customers, while James G even bamboozled the goal umpire with his double reverse banana from the boundary line.

Charlie showed us his array of skills with a pair of goals in the final term – one off the outside of his boot on the run before taking the more respectable approach with a gun barrel straight drop punt from wide out.

Then the procession began. We raised the bat after Cooper’s sixth and finished it with one more to record an amazing win.

With only two games left as Drummoyne Power, let’s take this momentum with us and finish the season on a high.

Goal kickers

Cooper 6, Manfred 3, Paddy 3, Charlie 2, James G 1, James A 1, Will 1

U9 Silver vs Maroubra

Silver U9 Vs Maroubra, Heffron Park

Final Round of the season

Mild winter conditions greeted the team at Heffron Park for their last regular game of the season.
Unfortunately the first quarter set the scene for the rest of the game with our boys under constant attack from a well drilled Maroubra outfit.
As usual Xabi put in some really strong defensive efforts and never gave the opposition an easy path to the goal square. Miles M was ever present and made a couple of notable goal saves. With much of the first quarter played down our end the forwards could only watch on with interest. Despite some valiant defensive efforts the Maroubra team managed to slot 5(?) unanswered goals in the opening quarter.
The second quarter saw Fox showing his intentions early by marking his opposite number closely and never letting him out of his sights. The overall effort from all the boys seemed to go up a level this quarter. Jasper V and Sam were very busy in the midfield and combined well. Miles M also showed great spoiling skills and provided great distribution on several occasions. Pleasing to see was the steely resolve of Jasper C and Fionn both who took a ball to the face but quickly dusted themselves off to rejoin and support their teammates! Overall a much better quarter of footy with the opposition not having the same level of dominance.
Never one to let things get him down Coach Sam gave a stirring motivational half time talk and demanded an increased effort and tempo for the boys final half of footy for the season. Jacob must of been listening because during the 3rd quarter he was everywhere in the mid field. Xabi got pinged for an alleged high shot that looked fine to this reporter. He quickly made up for his earlier minor indiscretion by taking our teams mark of the day soon after. Unfortunately the the boys could not stem the tide of goals from the stronger Maroubra team but they never gave up and showed great teamwork when they had the ball.  Late in the quarter Alex C hit the deck after a ball struck him in “the private parts”. Showing true Drummoyne Power spirit he sucked in some deep breaths and continued to play well for the rest of the game.
Into the final quarter the game was now well beyond the boys. Nevertheless they continued to try their hardest and wore wide smiles on their faces. Hamish and Alex T made the most of their last minutes of the season playing well in the centres and supporting the backs who were still under constant pressure.
The finally hooter signalled  the end of the game and the season. Gavin the goal umpire could finally take a break after a heavy workout with the flags. It was a tough game but all players fought hard and played the game with great spirt and sportsmanship.
The coaches award went to Hamish for his unrelenting effort throughout the entire game.


New Gold Level Sponsor: Whittens

New Gold Level Sponsor: Whittens

Drummoyne Power is excited to announce Whittens has come on board as a Gold Sponsor for the rest of 2015 and Season 2016.

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Support the companies that support your Club, and if you need help in this area, contact Anand Sundaraj… he’s an enthusiastic Auskick dad and company principal.

Sponsors like Whittens are so important in ensuring our Club is adequately resourced and remains economically sustainable, while keeping registration fees reasonable.

Thanks Whittens for your involvement in grassroots sport and Drummoyne Power.

Visit Whittens: www.whittens.com.au