Match Report Under 9 Silver

U9 Silver Drummoyne Power v Western Suburbs White

Round 13: HOME GAME at Drummoyne Oval

A beautiful winter’s day at Drummoyne Oval of the boys to play a great game of footy.

It was a fast tough game for Silver this week. The boys played hard which was evident by their red faces at the end of the game.

First quarter started with a great effort from Alex T who launched straight into defence. Fox was very determined in chasing down that ball, while Alex and Xabi demonstrated excellent team work delivering the ball from one end of the field to the other. Jacob took an impressive mark while Jasper V was driving hard for the ball. Lucas did a great job playing for Wests and Angus was strong in defence.

The second quarter was tough with the boys dropping off slightly. Fionn was constant in his attack for the ball, Jacob took a solid mark saving a goal while Miles E was consistently tough in defence. Sam also put in a valiant effort with a strong tackle. This quarter showed a very strong Wests side.

Third quarter and the boys were back after a rousing talk from Coach Sam. Miles M was determined in his defence. Jasper C gave great chase and strong tackling whilst also being a considerate player helping his team mate off the grass. Angus and Alex C displayed fantastic teamwork with some strong hand passes. Hamish stopped play for Wests with a big kickout to Xabi.

4th Quarter and Miles E stopped a goal in the first minute. The boys gave it everything this quarter it was time to save face. Having many goals against them in previous quarter they managed to cut Wests right back and limit them to one goal so we saw dramatic improvement.

A tough game for the boys but they fought hard and are learning more and more each week. They display great team work and consideration for each other. A good bunch of boys.

Outstanding Players/Special Mentions

Coach’s Award went to Jasper C.

U9 White vs Newtown Swans

U9 White v Newtown White

Round 12, Drummoyne Oval

After a disrupted July 2015 due to inclement weather, it was a delightfully sunny day at Drummoyne Oval where pumped up Drummoyne Power Under 9 White took on the Newtown Swans White.  With the game being Archie’s last game of the year, the boys were pumped up to give him a magnificent send off to remember.

Drummoyne was on fire at the start of the first quarter with Oliver tapping the ball to team mates and great kicks all round.  Oscar D took a great mark and made some bruising tackles.   Excellent crumb-work by Jack D and his good combination with Luke saw the Power jump to an early lead with a goal and behind. Great celebration by the boys after the goal. Strong defence by Finn kept the scores close as Newtown piled on the pressure.

The second quarter was tough for the boys. Oscar S, Harry and Hugo defended well at the back, with some long kicks down the flanks to Luke to score a behind.  Oscar D took a great overhead mark.  Jack H  tackled well causing a turnover.  Archie also created a lot of pressure with relentless running and chasing the ball.

Toby lifted his work rate in the third quarter with some impressive kicking and tackling.  Isaac tackled hard, causing a turnover which then he hand balled to Toby for a big kick to Luca who held the middle quite well. Finn was causing havoc in the ruck and Jack D took a great mark. Hugo earned a free kick, but instead of shooting for goal, saw an opportunity to kick a mark to Luke. Luke set up for a goal but played on to Oscar D who kicked a brilliant check-side goal, bringing applause and a cheer from the crowd. Hugo had another contribution, scoring a behind.

The fourth quarter was tough, and the game and the temperature was heating up.  Luca worked hard in defence but hurt his hand.  Luke and Oscar D combined again for another goal to Oscar D on the back of some really great defence in the goal square by Oscar S. Toby and Finn never gave up and Jack H and Isaac tackled some more.

Outstanding Players/Special Mentions

Best on ground was shared by Oscar S and Isaac.

Special thanks to Archie for another great year and the boys sang the team song to wish him all the best. Fantastic effort by the boys should see them perform well for the last few games of the season.

Check out the video of the team song on Facebook.


U9 Black v East Sydney White

U9 Black v East Sydney White

Drummoyne Oval – 25 July 2015

After a washed out game last week, what an amazing morning for footy! But East Sydney White weren’t going to let us enjoy it. Their first goal came after 90 seconds and set the scene for a tough morning for the Power.

The first quarter saw constant attacks from Easts, calling for endless defence and scrapping from the entire Power team. Easts held us scoreless for the first 9 minutes….until Denver collected a mark along the left sideline. A well timed kick to Damien finding his own space near the box, then sending the ball through the middle of the big sticks! Superb football, and just what coach Warwick has been asking. Easts attached again, and would have scored another quick goal if not for the reaching fingertips of Lochlan, who saved another goal. A tough first quarter Power 1-0-6 Easts 2-2-14.

Easts didn’t let up in the second quarter.  A cracking shot on goal by Lucas unlucky to be deemed a behind, and then an onslaught of attacks by Easts, putting pressure on our entire team. Toby, Cooper and William I. were kept busy tacking and fighting for the ball. Luke unlucky with a few big tackles deemed high, and handing the ball back. Easts scored 7 times this quarter, but only one of them a goal, reflecting the amount of defence and pressure that Power had to commit to. Standout plays were Damien’s save between the posts – denying Easts another goal, and a huge kick marked by Toby mid field. Power 1-1-7 Easts 3-8-26.

The third quarter provided more of the same. Harrison, Will M and Indiana kept busy scrambling for the ball, amid unrelenting attacks by the red, white and blue. Russell, Duke and Jackson also tireless in defence. This quarter we defended because we had to and kept Easts to scoring 1-1. But our attack needed improving as we went scoreless. Coach Warwick’s theory was that we didn’t want to ‘hurt’ the ball and he reassured the boys that the ball would survive even if we kicked it hard. Third quarter score Power 1-1-7 Easts 4-9-33.

The last quarter started with a costly error, and Easts pouncing like cats – not bulldogs. Luke took a great mark but a long shot on goal fell short. Lochlan and Damien played a standout quarter, but the play of the game came halfway through. Lucas clearing from the backs to Denver in mid-field. Another long kick marked by Will M just outside the goal square, and a great long range scoring shot. This sort of play was again, just what coach Warwick was asking for…the length of the field in three kicks through smart kicking and great marking. The opposing attacks kept coming and our backline was a flurry of numbers – 23, 27, 29 (William I, Jackson, Duke) providing solid defence. Final score Power 1-2-8 Easts 6-11-47.

Every one of the Power boys played 100% this week, and there were many good individual efforts, but we lost some focus connecting with each other and that’s what wins games. Overall, Coaches special mention goes to both Damien and Lochlan.

Dylan Higgs 200 games

MVP: Dylan Higgs, 200 Games

Congratulations to Dylan Higgs, who became the first player to reach 200 games playing exclusively with Drummoyne Power over the weekend.

Dylan first pulled on a Power jersey at the age of 4 to run onto the field for our U5s… and is now the backbone of the U17 defence. The team did him proud for his 200th outing. Behind at the first break, Power pulled away in the second half to record a 40 point win over the Manly Bombers: 10-10 (70) to 4-6 (30).

Coach Danny Mason, who presented Dylan with a jersey signed by the team before the match, describes Dylan as the “backbone of our defence that is the best in the league for points conceded”.

“He is very rarely beaten in a contest and provides great support, both verbally and physically, to our other defenders. Despite his defensive prowess, I’m sure if you ask Dylan for his season highlight it would be when he went forward in a game earlier in the year and kicked a goal.

“To see all the boys run to him to celebrate shows the respect he has from all of his teammates. We are all pushing to ensure we can end Dylan’s (and the other top-age boys) career at Drummoyne Power with a Premiership.

200 games is a huge achievement. We have posted some shots of the on-field celebrations – and Dylan in action – on our Facebook page. We’d also like to nominate Dylan as our Most Valuable Player for this week’s round. Every week, the Sydney Swans ask junior clubs to nominate their MVP into their weekly competition. If our nominee is selected, they win four tickets to a Swans home game. Good luck, Dylan. And thanks for your dedication to Drummoyne Power.

Dylan Higgs 200 games

Five Dock Volkswagen logo - Platinum Sponsor

Sponsor Update: Five Dock VW

Our Platinum Sponsor, Five Dock Volkswagen, came down to Drummoyne Oval last weekend.

Dealer Principal Michael Della Franca gave away boxes of water bottles (the stainless steel vacuum kind… very nice).

The freebies disappeared faster than a hungry footballer can scoff a bacon and egg roll after a game…thanks Michael, we really appreciate the support given to Drummoyne Power Junior Australian Football Club by Five Dock Volkswagen. The sponsorship commitment ensures we remain a sustainable and properly resourced club.

If you are in the market for a new car, head down to Five Dock Volkswagen at 155-157 Parramatta Road, Five Dock… and make sure they know you’re from Drummoyne Power!




U12/2 v Miranda, Round 12

Canada Bay Cannons U12/2 v Miranda

Lincoln Oval, Round 12

Once everyone found the field and after a very chaotic start, our U12 Cannons played the best game of footy this season. Throughout the game, we played with gusto, commitment, and everyone really put in their all. The Cannons really played as a team. Although we lost by 2 goals, the players should be very proud of themselves and the effort that they all put in.

Some of the highlights:
– Within the first minutes of the game, Patrick scored our first goal.
– For much of the game, the pressure was kept up from our side resulting in the game being played in our half for a lot of the time.
– Lots long kicks and good hands when the ball came out of our half.
– Good mark and strong, long kicking from Cameron.
– Louis scored our second goal.
– Great tackling from Josh and Daniel
– Good shepherding and strong defence from Gabby…saved many potential goals and behinds.
– Quarters 2 and 4 saw our best passages of play and kept the ball in our half. We outplayed the other side in these 2 quarters
– Bailey and Louis were very involved in play – placed pressure to fight for the ball.
– Good marks and running with the ball from Josh.
– A behind was kicked by Anton
– Recovering from injury, Nathan was very involved and kicked a goal.
– Great passage of play – a long kick from Cameron to Anton who passed it on the Pat V for a goal
– In the third quarter, the Bombers caught up and we played hard to get the ball back in our half.
– Many spoils by Gabby helped to keep the number of potential goals from the other team
– Tom played a good game from the backs which is not his usual position. He did many strong tackles and kept the pressure on the other team.
– Jake and Jack were very involved – getting their bodies into the game and kept the intensity of play high,
– Gabe played well and didn’t give up.

Although we ended up losing by 2 goals, in the end, the quality of the play throughout the game was very impressive. At no time did anyone relax. Everyone really put in an amazing effort and should be very proud of themselves. Overall, an entertaining and impressive game of footy…keep it up, Cannons! You seem to be building up great momentum as a team and we look forward to some more great footy in our last few games of the season!

Swans fans

Swans Friendly Club Fundraiser: Book an Outdoor Box

As part of its Swans Friendly Club Program, the Sydney Swans have offered Drummoyne Power use of an outdoor box as a Club fundraiser. You book the box and get a 25% discount, and the Club gets a 10% rebate.

Might be useful for a work hospitality function, or a special occasion?

See the flyer for details. The offer is available for the Round 18 match v the Adelaide Crows and the Round 23 match against the Gold Coast Suns.



Club MVP: Ally MacDonald

Club MVP:  Club Secretary, Ally MacDonald

They say if you want something done, give it to a busy person. This week’s Club MVP is Secretary, Ally McDonald. She stepped into the role this year and while her work is all behind the scenes, she’s made a huge difference to the smooth running of the Club.

Drummoyne Power isn’t the only club that gets the benefit of Ally’s volunteer spirit. While her heart belongs to AFL, she’s also a huge netball fan, and is the Registrar of her daughter’s netball club. That’s an enormous role in itself so we’re really pleased that Ally was able to volunteer her time for us as well.

We don’t often see Ally around the traps at Drummoyne Power because of her netball commitments, but she did a massive shift at the canteen last home game, to fill a big hole. Thanks Ally. We just wanted you to know that the work you do is really appreciated!

Every week, the Swans ask junior clubs to nominate a Club MVP. If our nominee is selected, our Club MVP will win four tickets to a Swans home game. Good luck!

Under 11 Black v Wests

Under 11 Black v Wests

Drummoyne Oval, Round 11

Winners are grinners.

And we celebrated long into the night. Well, until about 7.30.

The excitable crowd was pretty confident and already eyeing off the BBQ sitting invitingly on the balcony after a five goal third quarter put the game beyond doubt, or so we thought.

But after three Wests goals in three minutes early in the last quarter, we needed a goal to settle the nerves.

And who better to deliver than the skipper? As brilliant as Thea’s second goal to seal the match was, like just about all our goals, it started upfield.

And that was the key to our mighty win. Just about all our attack started way back in defence or the midfield as we kicked a couple of coast-to-coast goals in our most team-oriented match of the year.

Connor and Sammy Bothfeet were both solid in defence, Finlay repeatedly mopped up loose balls  across halfback, Ben was the springboard for many a forward thrust and Romano played the perfect wingman’s game as the link between defence and attack.

After two games of soccer in the morning, James G couldn’t get enough footy and just got better as the day got longer, up forward and in the ruck.

Paddy was back from injury as a reluctant forward, but looked at home in unfamiliar territory, booting three opportunistic goals.

His second in the opening quarter came at the end of a slick chain of possession started by Jack’s clever work in defence and then topped off by Will’s strength in the middle.

Then Manfred started the trend of long booming goals.

But, as usual, it started elsewhere – Ben roved on the wing, gave it to Thea whose great vision found Finlay who passed to Manfred to kick a great goal on the run.

We only kicked a point into the wind in the second quarter and were a shaky two goals up at halftime.

The kids responded to Andrew’s challenge to lift in the premiership quarter with five goals to none, which ultimately proved the winning margin.

Paddy and Thea kicked one each, Charlie marked strongly at centre half forward and went back to slot the goal, but it was the Jameses who will compete for the title of Goal of the Year.

James A went first – kicking a massive goal on the run from centre half forward after Connor and Thea combined upfield.

Minutes later, Ben and Sam were massive in defence, Romano then collected the ball on the wing before giving it to James G who combined with James A to bamboozle the defence with a slick 1-2 in the middle before he finished the dazzling move with a powerful running goal from the imaginary 50m arc to put us well clear.

Those tense few minutes in the final quarter were relieved by Thea’s goal and we finished strongly for a well deserved 9.7.61 to 4.5.29 win.

Now that we’ve broken the duck, let’s get a few more wins on the board with five games to go.

Under 9 Teal v Newtown

U9 Teal v Newtown

Alan Davidson Oval

Great weather for a good game of AFL.

1st quarter was off to a great start with lots of good marks and points scored. The boys played well as a team. Alex did a great tackle allowing Zach to score a mark. Some great marks by Max, Lucas, Jonty. Ollie did some great defending and managed to rescue the ball from near the opposition’s goals. Zach played fantastically and scored three points and a goal in the first quarter.
2nd Quarter was dominated by the Teal’s forwards and mid field. Ollie did a good tackle and then scored a goal. Ollie did so much tackling this quarter he probably ended up sore and brusied. Great effort. Harry also scored a goal and a mark. Lots of marks from our boys, and good passes to other team players resulting in points scored.
3rd quarter started with Luke T doing a contested mark and good play between Harry, Lucas B and James resulting a James kicking a goal. Lucas B, Nick also scored points and James scroed two more points. Nicholas took a great mark right in front of the goals and then kicked the final goal for the quarter.
4th Quarter, saw lots of tackling from Jonty and Max with Jonty scoring a goal .

Great effort by our boys, great kicking and lots of good tackling and marks. Thanks to those boys who played for the other team when needed.