U6 Round 7

U6 Mixed Team

Round 7

A crisp morning greeted a healthy crowd at Power Stadium for the highly anticipated round 7 blockbuster between Drummoyne and arch-rivals Concord Giants.

Congratulations to Freddie who was all over the field with some timely interceptions and monster clearing kicks. Leith was tireless with some hard running through the mid-field and strong kicking. Oscar kept trying and kicked a nice goal in the 3rd period.  Great work from Xavier kicking two long range goals and displaying fantastic teamwork throughout the game.  Flynn and Rory clicked well in defence and had the Concord forward-line wary all game. Fergus and Robert also formed a lethal combination worrying the Giants midfield with some memorable hand-balls and kick passes to team mates. Some solid defence from the ever reliable Jackson saving more than 1 goal, and strong centre clearances from the ever improving Hugh. A superb all round team performance from Drummoyne Black. It’s clear the gruelling  Wednesday night training sessions under super-coach Matt are starting to pay dividends.

Enjoy the long-weekend bye, and bring on round 8!

Drummoyne Power players

UPDATED: June Diary Dates

Club, it is a HUGE month of footy at Drummoyne Power…

Monday 15 June: AFL Coaching Accreditation Course (for coaches and assistant coaches), Part 1. Drummoyne Oval. Details online.

Wednesday 17 June: The special Swans training session for our Junior and Youth teams on Wednesday 17 June has been rescheduled by the Swans. We’ll let you know when that happens.

Thursday 18 June: Swans Visits – extra training night. It’s not a normal training night and we have passive areas at Drummoyne Oval. The Swans are coming from 5-6pm. If it is fine, we’ll be on the passive areas for a skills clinic, if it is raining, we’ll be in the middle grandstand for a Q&A and a chance to get signatures.  Coaches, assistant coaches, parents: we’d love some helpers. Contact Milan.

Friday 19 June: Canada Bay Cannons mid-season Pie Night, Drummoyne Pavilion from 6.30pm. This event is for our U11s (next year’s Cannons), Cannons U12-U14s and Drummoyne Power U17s. RSVP via Survey Monkey.

Sunday 21 June: Sydney Swans Skills Development Gala for Auskickers at Mahoney Park, Marrickville, U5/U6 at 8.30am, U7/U8 at 9.45am.  RSVP to your team manager or auskick@drummoynepower.com ASAP.

Monday 22 June: AFL Coaching Accreditation Course, Part 2. Drummoyne Oval. Details online.

Swans fans

Swans ‘Club of the Month’… is us!

The very first Sydney Swans Club of the Month is… Drummoyne Power!

 Due to our participation in Swans Club Friendly promotions and the Red Rookie program and – let’s face it – the general all-round awesomeness of our kids, the Sydney Swans have named us the very first ‘Club of the Month’. 

As a special treat, they’ll be sending along two specialised coaches to training. These coaches will be best suited to our Junior and Youth teams. Unfortunately, the Swans have had to reschedule the advertised date of 17 June. We’ll let you know when they make a new date.

Keep up the great work, Drummoyne Power!

Finn kicks a goal for U13/2

Club MVP: Finn U13/2

Club MVP: Finn U13/2

Our Club MVP this week comes from our youth teams, the Canada Bay Cannons.
Finn is a quiet, young player in our U13/2 team but a real talent and had a blinder at the weekend, against Pennant Hills at Drummoyne Oval.
Finn started the match in the back lines, but the coach moved him up forward at quarter time. Probably the best move the coach made all day as Finn went on a goal fest, kicking nine goals and was obviously a major contributor to a very health scoreline that saw this team win their second match for the season by a considerable margin.
Finn will be a player to watch and we can’t wait to see what this young man has in store for the rest of the season.
The Sydney Swans have asked each junior Club to nominate a weekly MVP – it could be a player, an official or volunteer around the grounds. If our entry is selected, the nominee wins four tickets to a Swans game. Finn, we’ve entered you in the competition as our Club MVP this week. Good luck!


U7 Black Drummoyne Power Vs Concord Giants

U7 Black Drummoyne Power v Concord Giants

Drummoyne Oval

On a beautiful Autumn day the boys seemed very excited to get out onto the field and play some footy. We had a great game week before last with the boys progressing very well in teamwork as well as personally so we all were keen to see a repeat this week.

Oscar: awesome passing, great hustle in defense with a few shots on goal = outstanding

Henry: great defense with Ben G & Benjamin, quite a few steals which lead to a pass to Benjamin who kicked a Goal!! = great job

Daniel: steals, passing, marks, Goals…this kid did it all :) = well done & well deserving of his award :) :)

Ben G: awesome in defense, running into space, great marking, awesome passing to Benjamin which lead to a Goal, and a few Goals yourself = WOW outstanding

Riley: great recoveries, hustling for the ball, running into space, Kicked a Goal, a few steals which lead to a Goal by Ben G = you rock!

Callum: awesome shots on goal, fantastic hustling, outstanding in defence and a few great steals = good work

Zachary: Stellar in defence, waving your hands around confusing the opposition, making it almost impossible for them to kick a goal = great job

Benjamin: great passing throughout the game which lead to a few goals, a few shots on goal and finally your own goal = Thanks for playing with Black :)

Lucas: awesome passing, running into space, awesome in defense = Thanks for playing with us :)


Overall, the boys showed great teamwork and they seem to be progressing quite well. Hoping next week will give the boys an opportunity to further develop their skills as a team as well as individually

Outstanding Players/Special Mentions

Daniel S. got this weeks coach’s award. He listened to his coach and was outstanding throughout the game, WELL DONE DANIEL!!!!

Score (if applicable)

Goal kickers

Benjamin (from Teal), Henry, Daniel, Ben G, Riley,


Special thanks to Finn & Harrison who helped out by playing for the Giants, thanks Boys :)

Thanks to the MacDonald family for helping out with the BBQ, Ash for the Canteen & many thanks to Benjamin & Lucas from Teal who played for our team

U14/3 three quarter time huddle

Cannons U14/3 v Easts: Match Report

Canada Bay Cannons U14/3 v Easts

Drummoyne Oval, 31 March

Two very dominant quarters by East sealed the victory as they ran away with the game in the second and third quarters. However, the Cannons were very competitive in the first quarter and only trailed by a single goal.

In fact the Cannons opened the scoring and Easts found the going very heavy as the Cannons showed great vigour and some enterprising football. The Easts Coach told me after the match that his team were quite worried about how “up for it” the Cannons were in the first quarter.

The Cannons learned a very valuable lesson about commitment and consistency in the middle quarters.

The team still had some players who were determined to play to the best of their ability. However. they needed better support from their team mates.

Last quarter and the last throw of the dice. Could the Cannons make amends and win the quarter? The coaching staff thought they could. So the Cannons accepted the challenge to win the quarter, to win every position and win every contest.

And there were some mighty efforts all over the ground. Josh P was mighty; he won an aerial contest against 3 significantly taller opponents Joshua L was mighty; he reached into the suitcase of courage and made every post a winner. And Zac D was mighty; leading by example and easily led the hard ball gets statistic.

The Cannons won the quarter and they won a lot more than raw numbers can reveal.

We watched the Cannons fire up in the last quarter and we loved it.

Congratulations Easts and we look forward to our next match.

U9 Silver v Maroubra Black: 30 May

Drummoyne U9 Silver vs Maroubra Black

Drummoyne Oval, Saturday 30 May

Weather: Fine and mild.

1st Quarter.
Started strong with Alex kicking a fast early goal for a positive good start. The rest of the quarter soon became a big defensive struggle as Maroubra attacked continuously scoring 3 goals. Fantastic defensive efforts by Lukas and Fionn.

2nd Quarter.
A good even quarter as both teams tried to get it over the other. A great goal by Xabi and 3 points also kicked kept us in the game. And good manning up made things difficult for our opponents. Unfortunately Maroubra were too strong this quarter out kicking us with 2 goals.

3rd Quarter.
The boys lost their mojo in the 3rd unfortunately and Maroubra flexed its skill and consistency. A slow quarter for us saw us a little out run and scoreless. Maroubra kicking 1 goal and a point to push themselves a little further ahead. Strong performances by Xabi, Jacob and Fionn made them work for it.

4th Quarter
A better quarter for the team with lots of players getting involved. Great marks by Alex, Jacob,Fionn and Xabi. Some great tacking by Fionn and Xabi. and some fantastic kicking by Angus, Alex, Gabriel, and Miles proved the boys were not giving up without a fight.
A little bunching up and scoring 1 point to Maroubras 2 goals 1 point by the time the final whistle blew saw the game go to Maroubra. But a good contest all the way through. All the boys chipped in and should be proud of their efforts today.

Final score Maroubra 8 goals 3 points
Drummoyne Power 2 goals 4 points.

You’ll get them next time boys. Remember to work with each other as a team. Go Drummoyne!!

U8 White v Concord Giants

Under 8 White v Concord Giants

Drummoyne Oval, Round 6

It was a beautiful day at the picture perfect Drummoyne Oval.  Coach Dunne put the troops in position for an all out attack on the determined giants.  The game was played in great sportsmanship and every week the team becomes more familiar with each other and improves their skills.

Zac got the game off to a flyer picking up several possessions and was always looking to pass to the dynamic duo in Max and Jesse.  Harry was great in the midfield and Coach Dunne had to try with all his might to stop Harry from always pushing forward.  Milan and George worked well together in defense and certainly didn’t waste any opportunities when they were placed forward against the Giants.  Will had another great game and was always looking to pass the ball to his team mates.  Ethan was gain great in defence and the Giants had all sorts of problems when Ethan came near the ball.  Lucas was fantastic in the midfield and delivered a couple of great kicks to his team mates.  Lucas covered a lot of turf on Saturday against the Giants providing plenty of headaches for the opposition coach.

Under 11 Black v Moore Park: Round 7

U11 Black v Moore Park

Round 7, Drummoyne Oval

If it wasn’t for the red neon scoreboard lighting up the late afternoon gloom, a stray spectator wandering down to Drumoyne Oval would have sworn Drummoyne were thrashing Moore Park.
In every department other than those bright lights we were: We had more scoring shots, more of the ball, laid more tackles, spent more time in our forward line, took more marks and our leading, passing and marking was brilliant.

And it was such an allround, even team effort. Fergus, James A, James G, Romano and Charlie all had their best game of the year, while the whole match was full of individual and team highlights:

Finlay was taking the marks of a man twice his height and was impassable on the half back line.
Will’s eyes kept lighting up as he lined up hapless Tigers to tackle.
Manfred threw himself around, taking diving marks and overhead screamers.
Dan took the mark of the day, running Jonathan Brown-like with the flight of the ball and outmarking two opponents.
Thea was used up forward and presented a vital focal point, kicking two great goals.
Sammy was fierce at the ball as always, Jack was strong in the air and on the ground, Ben swung from defence to attack and was equally effective at either end of the ground.
And Paddy just kept winning the hard ball.

But what happend to the luck of the Irish? Connor must have kicked a leprechaun last time he saw one. He’s had a horrible run with injuries all year and was again struck down just as we needed his tough defence.

And there were some very mature passages of team play:

Charlie led and marked, went back quickly, found Thea with a precision pass and the skipper goaled.
Paddy won yet another clearance out of the middle, passed to James A who marked and then delivered a bullet pass which found a strong marking James G who just missed a terrific set shot at goal.
Sammy’s goal was a highlight. It started with Dan’s mark in the middle, he passed and found Finlay who took yet another mark, then kicked to a contest where James G went hard and made the sure the ball went to ground where Sammy roved and kicked the goal. It was straight out of an AFL highlights package.

But, the scoreboard doesn’t lie. Despite our fantastic effort, Moore Park were just too good at keeping their forward line open and used the space to kick some easy goals against the run of play and win 8.4.52 to 5.9.39.

It wasn’t hard to work out why their forward line was so open – most of their players were in our forward line where they regularly had three or four men in the goal square taking goal saving marks.

For the second time this season we opened with a scoreless first quarter only to outscore our opponent in the next three but lose narrowly. After quarter time on Saturday, we scored 5.9.39 to 5.3.33. There’s a pretty simple message there – we’re just as good as these other teams, but we need to play FOUR quarters. We especially need to get off to a good start.

This game can be the turning point of the season. It was the day our passing by hand and foot, our leading and especially our overhead marking all suddenly clicked. Combine that with the tackling, shepherding, pressure and endeavour we already had, we’re just about the complete package. We just need one more ingredient – A GOOD START!


Drummoyne 5.9.39

Moore Park 8.4.52

Goal kickers

Thea 2, Sam 1, James A 1, James G 1

U9 Black v Concord Giants Sumner – 30 May 2015

Under 9 Drummoyne Black, Round 6, 30 May 2015
Drummoyne Black v Concord Sumner Giants
The U9 Black team were up against local rivals in Concord Giants, played at the best AFL ground in the competition. The home ground advantage along with some superb handpassing, tackling and strong defence by Power would prove the match winner.

The U9 Black team took to the field with a couple of reserves this week with Jackson away, Harrison suffering from a school playground injury and a few of the team battling the cold and flu.

Quarter 1
The first quarter saw great determination in the tackling led by our captain for the day Cooper. Lochlan D was very solid in defence and after a free kick from a great tackle found Lachlan C who was able to move the ball forward and find Lucas. Lucas scored the team’s first goal after a great kick that never looked in doubt.
There was great team work displayed by Damien, Denver and Zachary who linked up to move the ball from the backline to the forwards finding Lucas who passed the ball off to Cooper who was unlucky not to find the scoreboard.
William I played well linking with Denver, finding Duke in the centres supported by William M who was able to move the ball forward, however the tight defence by the opposition reduced our scoring opportunities.

Q1 Score:
Drummoyne: 1-1-7
Concord 0-1-1

Quarter 2
The second quarter saw Zachary continue his fantastic running and obtain plenty of ball. Zachary was able to link up with Russell to move the ball providing our forwards with plenty of ball. Lachlan C took a superb mark in the forwards, a nice shot at goal just missing a major, but keeping the scoreboard moving. William M also had a shot at goal along with Denver and Damien who were peppering the goals but unable to find the line.

Luke was playing well supporting his team along with Toby who is becoming a strong tackler and is prepared to take the opposition on.
The second quarter also saw our courageous captain come from the field with a bleeding nose, only to return moments later to continue leading the team.
Q2 Score:
Drummoyne: 1-4-10
Concord: 1-1-7

Quarter 3
The third quarter saw fantastic handpassing from the backline through Damien and Zachary finding Luke in the forwards, who was awarded a free kick from a high tackle, Luke kicked truly, for the teams second goal.
Lucas, Lochlan D, Cooper, William M and Zachary continued their tremendous tackling Lachlan C, Damien and Denver were solid in defence reducing the opposition to a point in the quarter.
Russell was providing options in the forward line with an attempt at goal unfortunately missing however he was determined to keep the ball down in the forward line.
Q3 Score:
Drummoyne: 2-4-16
Concord: 1-2-8

Quarter 4
The two Williams continued their consistency with great team work along with Toby and Duke. Lucas, Zachary, Lachlan C were providing options across the ground and Lachlan C as always was taking marks against taller opposition and putting his body on the line.
Denver suffered a head clash in the last quarter but was able to continue his strong performance.
A highlight of the fourth quarter was Lochlan D’s strong defence in the backline, with many marks and strong kick outs from the goal square.
Q4 Score:
Drummoyne: 2-6-18
Concord: 1-3-9
Goal Scorers: Lucas (1), Luke (1)
A very entertaining game of football with a facet of skills on display, a great performance by the entire team lead by Cooper this week with strong performances by Lachlan C, Lochlan D, Denver, Lucas, Zachary and Damien.

Congratulations to Russell for being awarded the Coach’s encouragement award this week.

Thank you to all the volunteers on canteen, BBQ, goal umpiring and assistance provided to coach Warwick with the team warm-up.
A big thank you to Lucas B and Zachary N who played for the U9 Black team this week.