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Sponsor Update: Ideal Life Advisers

We’re proud to announce that ongoing sponsor Ideal Life Advisers has renewed its commitment to Drummoyne Power.

Ideal Life Advisers have been bronze supporters of Drummoyne Power for a while, and their ongoing support of the club contributes to keeping registration fees down, and providing the equipment and resources we need to operate effectively.

Support the businesses that support your club. If you are interested in reviewing your financial position, give David Garrick or Gavin Chapple a call… and tell them you’re from Drummoyne Power!



Club MVP: Round 9

Our Club MVP this week is Michelle Hauschild

Many of you may have seen Michelle walking around with a Drummoyne Power Hoodie and a Canon Camera taking many of the great action shots that appear on Facebook and our web page.  Michelle also puts in many hours over the week organising and publishing communications on the web, Facebook and Twitter to keep the club informed – always good fun during wet weather days!!!

Whilst we are extremely appreciative of Michelle’s efforts with communication, it is for an extraordinarily huge effort that Michelle made with our club photos and ensuring we are compliant with “Working With Children Check” that the DPJAFL Board have nominated her for MVP this week.

Michelle not only organised the photographer, facilitated managers distributing photo ordering instructions, organised the roster for the 3 days of photos, organised the team lists for each team, Michelle also spent roughly 20 hours over the 3 days and night watching kids have their photos taken.

Michelle was always on hand to get clean socks, Managers DPJAFL appropriate gear for the photo and she also ensured no stray footballs ended up in the back of the photos!!

Michelle has also been working on ensuring the DPJAFL is compliant with Working With Children Check (WWCC) for a majority of active volunteers and Board. The WWCC is one way we ensure volunteers who are cleared to work with our kids at AFL. Her diligence in getting our Board engaged and policy signed off in 2014, and her efforts in chasing active volunteers this year means we are ahead of most Sydney clubs in achieving WWCC compliance for 30 June 2015.

Overall it was an outstanding effort to get this both team photos and WWCC compliance organised and run in such a smooth manner – Great effort and we really do appreciate your efforts Michelle.

The Sydney Swans have asked each junior Club to nominate a weekly MVP – it could be a player, an official or volunteer around the grounds. If our entry is selected, the nominee wins four tickets to a Swans game. Michelle. Good luck and thanks for a super effort!

Under11 Black v Newtown Red, Round 8

Under 11 Black v Newtown Red

Round 8, 13 June: Alan Davidson Oval

Another slow start cost us.

We let Newtown sneak out to a 120 point lead in the first three and a half quarters, only to find the gap too much to haul in when our game clicked in the final seven minutes.

But, boy were we on fire in those seven minutes!

James G had tried hard all day under duress and it was fitting he set up our minute of dominance. He won the ball in the middle, delivered a nice pass to Charlie who marked strongly and sent the ball to the goal square where Manfred roved brilliantly off the back of the pack to kick our opening goal. And the crowd erupted.

With the crowd on their feet, we won the ball straight from the ensuing bounce and in no time, it was back in the goal square where Manfred was on the spot again and could have had two goals in a minute but his shot was touched on the line.

There were strings of handballs, some good passes and solid marking in those hot final few minutes.

Everyone did something good during the day but, alas, we were just outclassed by a very good team.

Will was competitive, combative and determined all day and was never going to let anyone beat him and, mostly, they didn’t.

Sammy, as usual, was fierce at the footy all day and the more Thea became involved in the second half, the more competitive we became.

But the most exhausted man on the ground was goal umpire Dwyer who was so busy, his pen ran out of ink and he had to call for back-up. Unfortunately, not much of the ink was used on us.

Footy has its tough days and this was certainly one of those.

But then there’s other days that we can influence. Let’s make sure the next day we play, we are the ones who determine how we play and we don’t let the opposition dictate what happens.

Two weeks earlier against Moore Park we were brilliant. They’re the sort of days we want.


U9 Black v Western Suburbs Magpies – 13 June 2015

Saturday 13th June

Drummoyne Power Vs West Magpies

From the moment the whistle blew Maggies were on the attack and if it were not for some amazing intercepts and marks by Luke and Lochlan D it may have been a different story. All our players were being smothered by the hovering flock of Magpies, Will M and Denver both feeling the full force of their pack. Then came our first break with Denver escaping down the left wing with a few bounces and punches out and amazing kick to Damien who accelerated away to kick our first goal. The quarter was tight and happy to be heading to the second quarter only 1 point down.

After a quick motivational chat by Coach Warwick we were off and running in the second quarter. Was it the chat, the rehydration or had someone slipped energy drinks in the drinks tray. I was trying to take notes, but the ball was changing hands too fast, what teamwork. Cooper slipped a great kick to Harrison who dodged a swooping magpie to pass to Will M who passed to Jackson who kicked to Denver, intercepted by a Maggie, but Lochlan D shut down the play with a great tackle. We were on the attack again and Luke was going for goal, but there was Magpies everywhere and again we were shut down. Then from nowhere a kick like a Japanese Bullet Train went firing down the throat of Will M right in front of goal, Will was in shock, there was a ball in his hands and he didn’t know where it came from (well done to whoever kicked it). Will M finished the deal with a kick just out of reach of the Magpies to add 6 points to the tally. The quarter was cemented with some awesome defensive play by Denver, Duke and Indiana, it sounded like an American Football pack and defended the same. We walked off at half time 1 point ahead.

Coach Warwick could see the Magpies were shocked they were behind and knew they would hit the third quarter hard. He called on the POWER to tackle, tackle, tackle. Lachlan D was back from helping the maggies and was able to shut down a string of plays. The Magpies were hungry and they went for glory, but Cooper saved the day, diving, deflecting the ball – sorry Maggies you’ll only earn one point, nice try. We were off, here we go Damien to Indiana to Toby to Lochlan D to Luke to Damien again to Russell to William to Jackson, I thought the half time Teflon spray had worked, but we were shut down yet again. The third quarter was tough, but it was owned by Lochlan D, he had obviously listened at half time, he ripped, he marked and yes he tackled. The 3rd was done and we were only 1 down.

Coach Warwick commended the tackling, but the stats said we were down on possession, passes and kicks. Yes the team agreed, they told coach the ball was faulty, they all agreed it felt like bricks. The coach acknowledged their concerns, but assured them do not be scared of the brick, remember team use the FORCE. We were off and William I could see the light the ball was not a brick, he held strong at the struggle running free from the pack passing to the other Will who passed to Luke, but we were shut down again. Maggies broke free and scored. This was enough to put fire back in our bellies. Cooper won the bounce, punching the ball to William who passed to Jackson, we almost scored, but the Maggies defense was seamless in the last. Luke made a great Maggies tackle, hey ref, Magpie 15 was not happy with Luke’s great defensive play repaying him with an unsportsmanlike push. We were caught off guard and Magpies No16 pocket rocket was off again, we will remember that number for our next encounter. The 4th quarter hurt, but we held our heads high, our result was much improved and still deserved our team song. Win or lose its always a great way to finish.

A great first game of AFL by Indi and great sportsmanship shown by Toby, Duke, Harrison and Russell who played a quarter each for the opposition.

Wet weather update 17 June

Drummoyne Oval has closed, but we have alternatives for some teams for training tonight, Wednesday 17 June.

Here’s the plan (but if anything here conflicts with what your team manager says, go with your team manager.)

U5, U7 and U8: Five Dock Indoor Cricket Centre from 4.30-5.15. We can actually use the courts from 4pm, but coaches may not be there at that time.

U6: Training cancelled as your coaches can’t make it. (Desperate U6s who need a run can join in with U5s or U7s.)

U9: Five Dock Indoor Cricket Centre from 5.30pm.

U10 and up: the oval is closed and we can’t use passive areas of Taplin, but we can use hard surface areas and the middle grandstand, so it will be up to teams to make the call. Watch out for emails from your manager or coach.

U14 Cannons: training has been cancelled

U9 white round 1

July School Holiday AFL Clinics

July School Holiday AFL Clinics

Yikes! School holidays are just around the corner. Looking for some footy clinics?

Fairplay Sports have places in their AFL camps from 6-10 July at Balmain High School (there are 2, 3 and 5 days options). Contact Rich Watkins:

ASC’s winter camps are for kids to the age of 16, and there’s a 20% discount if you’re from Drummoyne Power and use this link:

There are two AFL NSW/ACT holiday camps – the first is at Glover Street Leichhardt on 1-2 July and you can book here:

There’s a second AFL NSW/ACT camp at Alan Davidson Oval on 7-8 July. The booking link for the ADO camp is here: Holiday Clinic flyer



St John Volunteers

Club MVP: St John First Aid Volunteers

Club MVP: St John First Aid Volunteers

This week’s MVP is not just one person but a group of people. You love to know they are there, but you never want to need them: the volunteers from St John.

Drummoyne Power’s association with St John goes back about six years, and it is a partnership we value.

It’s a requirement (and obviously common sense) to have qualified first aid on standby when our kids play AFL. So, at home games, St. John sends along between 2 and 4 people (who are all volunteers, by the way) to watch our kids play footy, and to be there in case of injury.

On a good day, they’ll watch the footy (or get through a good book). But, we are grateful they are there when we need them, with their medical kits and first aid skills.

St John Operation Manager – Western Suburbs Cadet Division, Saskia Hunt, says St John volunteers meet weekly for compulsory courses, and training. Qualifications are frequently updated for both adults and cadets.

Cadets are required to put in at least 30 volunteer hours a year, while adults volunteers do twice that.

Saskia says all St John volunteers participate in local events – like providing first aid Drummoyne Power footy games – and bigger state events.

Pictured are two St John volunteers, Melanie and Maggie, who gave up one of their Sundays recently, to supervise our youth teams at Drummoyne Oval. Thanks Melanie and Maggie – we’re nominating you as Club MVPs for this week, representing all the St John volunteers who help out Drummoyne Power.

Of course, we’ll be entering you both in the Swans Club Friendly MVP competition. The Sydney Swans are holding a weekly Club MVP competition, asking each junior Club to nominate a weekly MVP for our Club. The MVP could be a player, an official or volunteer around the grounds. If our entry is selected, the nominee wins four tickets to a Swans game.

Learn First Aid

Been thinking you “must do a first aid or CPR course some time”? Details are here.

Interested in becoming either an adult volunteer, or becoming a St John Cadet?  Their cadet programs cater for kids from eight years old.



U7 Teal v Concord Giants

U7 Teal v Concord Giants

30 May 2015, Drummoyne Oval

Lovely Winter’s Day.  Two of the boys played for the opposition to help even up numbers.

2 Excellent hand passing first third and terrific goal second third.
Otto 10 Overall a great game – good defensive “hustling” play – consistently looking for teammates to pass the ball to, a great mark final third off Lachie’s boot, plus a few goals!
Lachlan 14 Great running and looking for teammates. Was getting out into the wings and calling out for the ball.
Angus 9 Fabulous mark first third and great kicking!
Caleb 13 Excellent defensive play throughout the match
William Volunteered to play for the Giants
Dylan Volunteered to play for the Giants
Samuel 8 Great defensive play second third.
Matthew 7 Great use of space and actively looking for teammates last third as per coach’s instructions.
Toby 3 Great bootwork and a solid mark towards the end of the game.
John 5 Good attacking play – with a great goal first third. Actively looking for space to play into.



Overall another solid effort by U7 Teal. Boys were reminded that overall they are playing to have fun, but they should also remember to try and look for space to run into and to think, and not rush into, kicks. Team should try and focus on keeping possession of the ball and to look to their teammates for opportunities to keep hold of the ball. Last third saw the team working well to get into space and keep hold of the ball.

Outstanding Players/Special Mentions

Encouragement Award: Samuel

Future Champion award: John

U7 Teal Match Report Round 7

U7 Teal v Easts Bulldogs

Trumper Oval. Round 7

Great weather for some great footy!

Otto – Great mark in the 2nd Qtr and good weaving down the field avoiding the opposition

Lachlan – Great Intercepts, popped up everywhere around the field and finished the day with 3 goals

Caleb – Couple of great runs and kick in the 2nd Qtr. Fantastic mark in the 3rd and followed through with a Goal

William – Great clearance out of the centre and handballs in the 2nd qtr. Also marked his men well

Dylan – Great side steps and tap outs from the centre. Some big long kicks all game.

Samuel – Hit in the nose, recovered quickly and got straight back out there! Hard running and good support.

Matthew – Good mark in the forward 50 in the 1st Qtr. Solid handball in the 3rd Qtr.

Outstanding Players/Special Mentions

Sam & Dylan

Goal kickers

Lachlan & Caleb


Thanks to the Bulldog players who made up our numbers and as always thanks to our Coach & Manager for another great day.

U9 White v Easts

U9 White vs East Sydney White

U9 White v East Sydney White

Round 7, Trumper Oval

The sun was shining at Trumper Park as the boys took on the Bulldogs in full force.

The first quarter was challenging as the Bulldogs attacked hard.

The Power fought valiantly in defence.  Luke and Harry both made good clearing kicks.

Finn worked hard.  Archie was heavily involved in the play.

In the second quarter Hugo defended and tackled well.   Luke got his hands on the ball. Oscar S cleared well in defence.

In the third quarter the boys kept the Bulldogs to 2 goals.  Harry kicked to Oscar D who took a cracking mark, Oscar D kicked to Luke who took another great mark.  It was a champagne passage of play.

In the fourth quarter Toby made a focused contribution.  Isaac tackled well.  Oliver kept his work rate high.

Thanks to Ethan for helping us out


All in all it was a tough day at the office for the boys who showed great team spirit in keeping their chins up and trying right up until full time.

Outstanding Players/Special Mentions

Luke was awarded best on ground for his continued effort throughout the Game


Thanks to Anthony for coaching what was a challenging game