U9 Silver v Western Suburbs White – Goddard Oval

U9 Silver v Western Suburbs White, Round 5

Goddard Oval, Concord, 23 May 2015

A lovely sunny day out on the paddock. A bit wet under foot but pretty good conditions all round.

First Quarter

  • Frantic & quick kicking out of the centres
  • Many forward forays resulted in quick goals
  • Jacob starred with 3 goals for the 1st quarter

Second Quarter

  • Angus showed awesome defence on the backline to deny several goals to WS White
  • Miles Emdin applied great tackling and perseverance in following up with kicks
  • Fionn & Jacob got some great kicks and ball movement forward into Silvers forward line
  • Fionn also popped a neat little goal

Third Quarter

  • Good ball movement out of the centres into the foward line
  • String tackling by all the boys

Final Quarter

  • Great defending by Gabe denied WS White at the last line
  • Jasper V applied some spirited tackling and follow through handballs to Xabi who kicked well all quarter

Outstanding Players/Special Mentions

Angus was a star in defence for Silver. Showed lots of guts in the face of the onslaught of shots on goal particularly in the second quarter. Well done Angus

Goal kickers

Jacob x 3, Fin x 1


Thanks to the Vincent family for covering the goal umpiring for the day.

U18 Youth Girls - Sissy (with ball)

Club MVP: Sissy U18YG

Club MVP: Sissy U18YG

Our nomination for this week’s Most Valuable Player is U18 YG Vice Captain, Frances (better known as Sissy).

Our girls scored a hard fought victory over the 2014 Premiers Queenwood on Sunday at Middle Head Oval. But victory came at a cost, with Sissy taken to hospital with a broken leg.

Sissy showed enormous courage after her injury and now has her leg in plaster.

Sissy is a key part of the team. She played a solid game this week and was one of the best on ground last week at Drummoyne Oval against Mosman.

We’d like to nominate Sissy as our Most Valuable Player this week. We’ll be entering Sissy in the Sydney Swans weekly Club MVP competition. The Swans are asking each junior Club to nominate a weekly MVP – it could be a player, an official or volunteer around the grounds. If our entry is selected, the nominee wins four tickets to a Swans game.

Sissy, everyone at Drummoyne Power wishes you a speedy recovery!

U18 Youth Girls - Sissy (with ball)

U18 Youth Girls – Sissy (with ball)

U7 Teal Round 4

U7 Teal vs Western Suburbs Magpies

Round 4, Picken Oval

Sunny morning after overnight rain.  Teal played against Silver given a lack of Magpie numbers.

8 Excellent straight kicking for goal
Otto Away
Lachlan 9 Strong defence and rebounding run, great running goal
Angus 12 Good hassling defence in midfield, strong kick out of the backline
Caleb Played for Silver
William 7 Good run & kick from midfield, marked well, stopped the ball from crossing the goal line, strong kick out of the backline
Dylan 1 Great kick & goal, good ruck clearance work and a mark
Samuel 4 Shared the ball with his teammates via handball, good hassling & blocking in midfield
Matthew Played for Black


Teal did well despite the distraction of playing against their training mates from Silver.  The boys showed good skills and hunger for the ball – well done!


Under 12/2 Cannons vs Willoughby 17th May

The Willoughby side came out hard scoring two quick goals to get a flying start before the cannons fought back through hard work and a couple of long range bombs to end the first quarter within range of the Willoughby side.

The 2nd qtr started similar to the first with Willoughby again scoring quickly before the cannon’s through accurate goal kicking of 4 straight had the sides going goal for goal seeing Willoughby take a small lead into half time.

The 3rd quarter had the cannons under attack from Willoughby with Cannons pushing hard out of defence to repel the Willoughby forwards .

Despite the determined effort of cannons the opposition had gained too much momentum and we were unable to pull back their lead before the final siren with Willoughby running out winners 13:9 to the cannons 7:5.

Even though the boys were defeated they showed their grit by fighting hard all the way to the final siren and were right in the game until late in the 3rd qtr.

Under 11s Black v Easts Blue

Under 11 Black Round 5 v Easts Blue

Trumper Park

Grass! At Trumper! When we got over the shock, we were grateful for the cushioning as we ended up on the lush turf a fair bit. It turned out to be a bruising day, both on the field and the scoreboard.

No-one loves it tough as much as Sammy. Once again, he climbed out of his sick bed, defied his mother’s pleas to take it easy and ends up Best on Ground. Among his many highlights was every footballer’s dream: a left foot goal!

But even better than the left foot was the fact it came at the end of his third effort in the one passage of play. He smothered, then tackled, then attacked the footy on the ground and didn’t hesitate when on his left foot to use it for the ultimate result.

It was a classic example of always staying in the contest, keeping your feet, wanting the ball and using that thing on the end of your left leg.

But it was our only goal of the third quarter which proved to be the term that got away from us.

The first half was pretty tight, with Charlie hitting the ball hard and Will emerging from the rolling maul that seemed to occupy much of the first quarter to kick the opening goal of the day.

We had several chances in the second quarter that just fell short as Thea dominated the middle, taking brave marks and sending the ball forward where James A’s silky skills deserved greater reward.

Archie again stepped up from Teal and was courageous in defence in what was a tight and tough second term.

We went into the main break only two goals behind the top team and were right in the contest, but one sleepy quarter cost us the game. Easts ran away with it in the third term, leaving us with a tough job in the final quarter.

Paddy was brave and smart in the middle in that final term, reading the centre bounces and winning many clearances. He deserved his goal after a trademark burst through the pack.

Ben and Manfred provided strong marking contests and although the game was beyond reach, the kids never stopped shepherding, tackling and trying their best.

If we keep doing that, the elusive win will come.

Goal kickers

Will, Sammy (with his left foot), Paddy.


Thanks to Jeff in the goals, Mike for his oranges and snakes and Lisa and Duncan for the very flash looking jumpers.


U7 Black v Concord West

Drummoyne Power U7 Black v Concord West

Saturday May 16, 2015 at Picken Oval

Crisp morning with a slight dew coverage just enough to make the ball a little slippery in the early stages. Both sides warning up with the usual exercises and players running everywhere. Respective coaches reminding both teams of what was covered in the training sessions the week before. As the sun rose higher in the sky it was clear the dew would not last and players and spectaters alike started to get ready for a close and competitive game.

Drummoyne Power started the game slowly but soon found their stride with the focus on team work and listening to their coach ensuring an otherwise defensive position was turned into attack with many goals being scored as a result.

Oscar No 1: Oscar demonstrated great team work with his hand balling and “kick passing” this lead to several goals being scored that would not have been possible had he chosen to run himself. Oscar also demonstrated great defensive skills in blocking the ball. Fortunately his right arm remains in one piece!!

Henry No 51: Henry’s defensive plays were outstanding. His ability to jump into the middle of the play and block the opposition is fantastic. Henry also demonstrated great skill in running the ball as well as great teamwork in passing.

Daniel No 9: Goal goal goal! Every time Daniel touched the ball in the early play it turned into a goal. Like his fellow teammates, Daniel demonstrated excellent teamwork through passing the ball as well as great running skilss and blocking in defence.

Benjamin No 5:  Benjamin took several great marks and was able to demonstrate a great affinity for kicking the ball. His defence work in goal was excellent and demonstrated great blocking skills that limited the opposition’s ability to score.

Riley No 55: Hand balling and great passing were the main feature of Riley’s game today. Yet another great demonstration of teamwork. This style of play by Riley led to several great goals including assisting in many more.

Peter No 7: Great defence work in goal. Peter was able to save several goals with the assistance of team mates again demonstrating great teamwork. His kicking out of the goal enabled play to successfully move from defence to attack.

Callum No 39: Great defence early in the game. Callum was everywhere! His persistence paid off with the scoring of yet another goal. Despite some unintended falls from clashes with the opposition Callum was able to take several great marks and assist the team in moving forward.

Ashton No 64: Excellent “going round the man” which was exactly what the coach had instructed the team to do. This resulted in Ashton being able to make several great runs and kicks while on the offensive. His defensive work in goal was also exceptional.

Zachary No 31: Excellent running up the sideline and great defensive work in goal with Peter. This again is a great example of teamwork and listening to the coach’s instructions. This resulted in several great plays for the team.

Matt No 43: Again, listening to the coach resulted in great running around the opposition player that enabled Matt to kick the ball to team mates. He also demonstrated great ability in “crumbing” the ball from an otherwise messy situation. Matt’s defensive work also resulted in several great passes to the team.

Harry No 66: Geat smothering work by Harry meant he was able to get several good kicks away from the play. Possibly some of the biggest kicks of the game. His work in defence  blocking the opposition also led to his ability to kick the ball up field.


A great team effort this Saturday clearly demonstrating that if you share and pass the ball around you stand a much greater chance of advancing the play. In addition to this, listening to the coach does pay dividends in the form of great play momentum and goal scoring. Well done to the entire team for another great game.

Outstanding Players/Special Mentions

Peter was the recipient of the coach’s award this Saturday for his great defensive work in goal and the saving of several goals. As the coach mentioned, every goal saved is one less that you have to score.


As always a special vote of thanks to the coach and manager. If it was not for their efforts the team would not enjoy the experience anywhere near as much as they do. Many thanks.

U9 Silver v Newtown Gold

U9 Silver v Newtown Gold

16 May 2015, Picken Oval

A tough game – but one that got better as it went on! The fields at Picken Oval were very long and it was hard to get the ball from one end to the other. The defence was under siege in the first half, but the game evened up in the second with a high intensity last quarter.
Q1: The defence of Miles E, Hamish, Jasper V and Xabi were kept under a lot of pressure but laid some good tackles.
Q2: This time it was the turn of Gabriel, Jacob, Jasper C, Alex T and Alex C to feel the heat in defence, but they weathered it well.
Q3: The team started to win more ball; notable plays by Miles M, Angus and Gabriel.
Q4: An exciting quarter for the spectators, as the team piled on and kept up the pressure throughout. Excellent contributions by every single player on the field – so consider yourselves each named here! A standout quarter by Fionn. Well done Sam for winning some ball.

Our trip to Picken…

Under 10 Teal v Western Suburbs Magpies

Round 5, Picken Oval

Once again the weather gods smile on us and we were greeted by sunny conditions on the morning of the big game against our old foes, The Western Suburbs Magpies. The broad expanses of Picken Oval, probably the largest ground we play upon, suit the fast-running rebound style of the players of Teal Under 10. Super coach Brian and his trusty whiteboard appeared around 12.30 and the kids gathered round to soak up some wisdom………..

Quarter one

This was a tight and close affair with both teams trying to start on top. Defence was the order of the day and our boys more than matched the physicality of the opposition. Early on Jackson, Zac and Benjamin all got their stats rolling with multiple touches and kicks. Tom spent some time in the rucks and delivered a number of clean hit outs. William got his hands on the ball and Tom C (who came across from Silver for a hit out) made a number of tough tackles. Jack G was tight around the stoppages throughout. Our forward line was kept quite but our backs were brilliant and the quarter ended without the scoreboard attendants having to get out of their seats.

Quarter two

A few positional changes and some words from the coaching staff and boy what a difference in the second quarter. Ethan missed a simple shot on goal (by his high standards) then recalibrated and slotted home the first major of the afternoon. Benjamin switched to the centres and started rack up the clearances. Tom C continued to harass the opposition and was rewarded with a few turnovers. Bill started running off the half-back flank, linking up with Jackson and Josh W wide out on the wing. Josh G chipped in with some solid overhead marking under heavy pressure and we headed to the long break with a clear lead.

Quarter three

In what seemed like a carbon copy of the second quarter an early goal to Ethan got the boys on the right track. He was kicking fluently now and obviously sage words from the runner earlier had been well received. Jackson started using the wings to full advantage and Zac followed suit, running wide into the open spaces Picken is loved for. Big Josh and William N combined to keep the ball coming out of the centre of the ground and worked hard at the stoppages. In the backline Lucian and Bill worked hard and made sure West’s did not score. Late in the quarter Bill smothered what would have been a certain goal off the foot of their renown goal sneak. The ball spilled out onto the wing and was rapidly transferred onto the goal line where Tom scored his first major for the club.

Quarter four

The boys lifted for the final quarter, urged by Supercoach Peter to keep going. All boys made an effort and we were unlucky not to see more goals. Ethan added another long range effort to bring his tally up to three for the day. Lucian was switched onto the forward line and made an impact there, using his skills with the ball on the ground to cause nightmares for the defence. The run out of halfback by Zac and Benjamin kept the forwards well supplied. A late conciliatory goal from Wests opened their scoring for the day but as the siren sounded it was clear to all who had one


A great team game. All of Supercoach Brian’s instructions and tasks were completed. The song was sung with gusto and much burgers and Powerade were consumed in the post-game feasting.

Outstanding Players/Special Mentions

Special mention to the couple of West’s players who wore number 30 and filled in well

Goal kickers

Ethan and Tom

It was hard to do the match report and take pictures at same time so for the real story check out the pictures below
































UPDATED Ground Closures: 23 May

Updated 9.10am on Saturday 23 May

Heffron Oval Maroubra has been CLOSED.

Bat and Ball Oval at Moore Park has been CLOSED. 

Games at both these ovals have been cancelled.

Goddard Oval at Concord is OPEN and games there are proceeding.

Alan Davidson Oval is still listed as OPEN and games are going ahead.

If there are any further updates, we will let you know. Sunday teams, all ovals will be reassessed and we’ll let you know if there are any ground closures.

Assume all games are going ahead, unless you are specifically told otherwise by the Club.

Five Dock Volkswagen logo - Platinum Sponsor

Announcing our new Platinum Level Sponsor: Five Dock Volkswagen

Welcome to the Club, Five Dock Volkswagen

We’re excited to announce that Five Dock Volkswagen has come on board as a Platinum level sponsor for Drummoyne Power Junior AFL for 2015 and 2016!

This is really good news for Drummoyne Power as this commitment cements our position as a healthy, sustainable club.

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