2015 Round 11 Match Report – U9 Teal

Drummoyne Power v Moore Park Tigers

Drummoyne Oval, Drummoyne

Well the boys have very quickly found out who is who and how to move the ball around the park at phenomenal speed together with some seriously solid defence kicked off what was a cracker of a game under clear blue winter skies.

By the last quarter it was looking like a training drill on how to get from the centre to the goals in 3 possessions. Alex P to Max K to – ‘I have the ball on a string’, Harry C who appeared to be jumping over opponents and tapping the ball from side to side as he motored down the ground.

Some of the play makers for the day were Nicholas C, Jonty G, Lucas J, ‘my foot is getting sore again’ Matty D, ‘who should I tap it to this time’, Luke T, ‘I’ll give this impossible goal a go’ Oliver H & ‘I like the feel of the ball up high in the air’, Joseph H.

The ground was loaded with such unselfish players who looked out for each other and protected each other and the ball. The results speak for themselves!

The play was not just in the forward line the whole game. As I was positioned on the ground I saw first hand how tough the backline was on Hugo any time the ball went near their goals. They must have been very frustrated, as I witnessed a couple of times just how close you can get to the line and still be thwarted one centimetre from it!

Our defence did not stop all day even though the game was well and truly over. Relentless comes to mind. It appeared as the game continued the boys just became more efficient and faster.

For special mentions just refer to the players list. It was a game of all in, all good.

We pack up and head to the Goddard Oval next week for who knows what. We shall wait and see!

Boys, train harder, work faster, and always help the bloke next to you.

As usual, thanks to Coach Brad & Joe, your work & dedication is always appreciated.

Cheers to the great Teal Team & a great club!

Go Power!